Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to make Arthritis Gloves

If you have arthritis and use the pepper cream you know how much of a problem it can be.... it crumbles and flakes and then you touch some sensitive skin or burns your eyes.  Well, I was up working late the other night, tired and all worn out… touched my eyes and BAM!  YUP Emeril ain't got nuthin on me.  That’s some potent stuff!  LOL I just put the cream on the thumb pads of my hands and so thought I should make something to cover them.  Years back I had dyed some socks and lace while I was experimenting with dyeing cottons.  I had a lot of fun and just the right supplies on hand to make me some fingerless gloves to contain that hotchachachaHOT!   So here’s a little help for you to make your own gloves from old socks.  Remember, the 3 r’s, Repair, Recycle Reuse. We are relying on them heavily now.

Cut the ribbing part off of a pair of cotton socks, long enough to cover your hand and have the top of the sock ribbing land at your wrist.  Zig Zig around the top as it will unravel.  Find some lace that you like and sew it onto the top.  Put the glove on and pin where your thumb will be.  Sew up between the thumb and forefinger and VIOLA, the perfect thumb pad cover for pepper cream or any cream for that matter.  Beautiful, I'm such a Peacock!!!  :-)
 The foot side is used for a skein holder to keep that ball of yarn in neat and orderly condition.

Another area I have trouble in is sleep.  I have had to take tranquilizers and sleeping pills for years now as that’s what cures my Fibromyalgia.  Each person is different with this ailment and what works for one wont work for another, I have tried EVERYTHING so please do not write and tell me to try something else.  This DOES work when I can get my sleep.  I need 10-12 hours of sleep and then I have NO symptoms of FMS, great right!  Since there’s no cure I have felt very happy that I can be free of the pains of Fibro.  Anyway, you gain a tolerance for sleepers and they don’t always work so for a long time now I have wanted to make a "Sleep Tincture" and today was the day. 
This is a photo of the herbs in the pot.  From what I have read it sounds grand.  We used chamomile, peppermint, hops, catnip in a glycerin and water base.   This will “cook” for 3 days and on the third day it will be ready to be tried.  I will have to let you know how it comes out.  I want to try next time with the above and alfalfa and oat straw added to the mix.  Oh and my Passion flower… gives my throat a constriction… thinking I might just have a bad batch and want to purchase more of that and give that a try in the next batch too.  LOL always looking forward to whats coming right!

I’m sitting here in the back of the house with the window open listening to the rain.  DH is bundled up in the front room with the heater up at 70… funny how opposite we are where it comes to room temperatures.

Yesterday I crocheted this hat for DD.  She loves hats and wears them as a covering to church.  I’m glad she loves them cause I love to make them.  She wants a bucket next time but I can’t see how it will work in cotton????  Anyone know how to get the cotton to hold the shaping?  I miss working in wool but they are so hot and uncomfortable,,, there’s NO way I would subject her to that.  LOL

Been a sewing fiend of late which is really strange as I have been away from the sewing machine for months.  After dropping my Pod for the umpty hundredth time I sat down with fabric, Tink of course!!, cotton batting, lining and satin cording.  I think it’s cute don’t you?

This is DD’s Mp3 player cover… just had to add it cause it’s so cute.  I bought this from FMG
While I was in the sewing corner I cut out 2 new slips for me, they have to wait till I'm "feeling" it again though and I'm not so worn out.

Timed my work knitting and it should take me another 18 hours to just finish the backs of the pillows.  WOWSERS... specially since I'm sitting here and not knitting.  I need to fly.

HAHA GUESS WHAT!!!  I started on the dyes!  I reclaimed territory in my kitchen!  An ENTIRE drawer has been reclaimed.  After bleaching it's a multicolored thing but it's all mine now.  A neat aside is that there were two new, small, wind chimes crammed in the back of the drawer!  They are all untangled and hung now.

Normally when I'm designing I just use any old paper and mostly I was using lined paper.  After the presentation to Interweave I realized that this is probably a very bad habit so today DD helped me to put a design book together.  We got a royal blue binder, she punched up a pile of plain white paper and found me a pencil holder.  I got 10 pages of graph paper, small scissors and a glue stick as well as a few sharpened pencils, pens and the always needed eraser.  I'm all set to go gunho.  Now if Casey and Jess could just get me outta the "crapper".  Yes, Rav has put me there.  YES that's their word and not mine.  It was kinda funny in the beginning but now that I've been waiting there for a week it's not so funny.  As soon as they get me going I want to learn how to load my patterns for purchase from the site and then I will design more cause I will have a place to put them.  They are there now but you have to send funds outside via paypal and it's just so inconvenient.

Lastly let me leave you with a photo.   

Aren’t they adorable!  She’s so tired and he missed her today and just loves her so much.  My little dog has changed sides the little traitor!  I miss him so much.  He will run through the house looking for DH and I will say HI! Hoping to lure him in but no such luck.  Ah the fickleness of my little lovey.  How I miss him.   He’s so cute.  Late at night when I can’t sleep I hold his paw and he kinda grumblegroans.  He’s so neat… I'm glad he will at least hold hands.
 WANTED: One Lap Dog

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  1. did my last post go through? if not I have the same sleep issues - meds etc. please let me know how the mix works. - Briana