Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to make Arthritis Gloves

If you have arthritis and use the pepper cream you know how much of a problem it can be.... it crumbles and flakes and then you touch some sensitive skin or burns your eyes.  Well, I was up working late the other night, tired and all worn out… touched my eyes and BAM!  YUP Emeril ain't got nuthin on me.  That’s some potent stuff!  LOL I just put the cream on the thumb pads of my hands and so thought I should make something to cover them.  Years back I had dyed some socks and lace while I was experimenting with dyeing cottons.  I had a lot of fun and just the right supplies on hand to make me some fingerless gloves to contain that hotchachachaHOT!   So here’s a little help for you to make your own gloves from old socks.  Remember, the 3 r’s, Repair, Recycle Reuse. We are relying on them heavily now.

Cut the ribbing part off of a pair of cotton socks, long enough to cover your hand and have the top of the sock ribbing land at your wrist.  Zig Zig around the top as it will unravel.  Find some lace that you like and sew it onto the top.  Put the glove on and pin where your thumb will be.  Sew up between the thumb and forefinger and VIOLA, the perfect thumb pad cover for pepper cream or any cream for that matter.  Beautiful, I'm such a Peacock!!!  :-)
 The foot side is used for a skein holder to keep that ball of yarn in neat and orderly condition.

Another area I have trouble in is sleep.  I have had to take tranquilizers and sleeping pills for years now as that’s what cures my Fibromyalgia.  Each person is different with this ailment and what works for one wont work for another, I have tried EVERYTHING so please do not write and tell me to try something else.  This DOES work when I can get my sleep.  I need 10-12 hours of sleep and then I have NO symptoms of FMS, great right!  Since there’s no cure I have felt very happy that I can be free of the pains of Fibro.  Anyway, you gain a tolerance for sleepers and they don’t always work so for a long time now I have wanted to make a "Sleep Tincture" and today was the day. 
This is a photo of the herbs in the pot.  From what I have read it sounds grand.  We used chamomile, peppermint, hops, catnip in a glycerin and water base.   This will “cook” for 3 days and on the third day it will be ready to be tried.  I will have to let you know how it comes out.  I want to try next time with the above and alfalfa and oat straw added to the mix.  Oh and my Passion flower… gives my throat a constriction… thinking I might just have a bad batch and want to purchase more of that and give that a try in the next batch too.  LOL always looking forward to whats coming right!

I’m sitting here in the back of the house with the window open listening to the rain.  DH is bundled up in the front room with the heater up at 70… funny how opposite we are where it comes to room temperatures.

Yesterday I crocheted this hat for DD.  She loves hats and wears them as a covering to church.  I’m glad she loves them cause I love to make them.  She wants a bucket next time but I can’t see how it will work in cotton????  Anyone know how to get the cotton to hold the shaping?  I miss working in wool but they are so hot and uncomfortable,,, there’s NO way I would subject her to that.  LOL

Been a sewing fiend of late which is really strange as I have been away from the sewing machine for months.  After dropping my Pod for the umpty hundredth time I sat down with fabric, Tink of course!!, cotton batting, lining and satin cording.  I think it’s cute don’t you?

This is DD’s Mp3 player cover… just had to add it cause it’s so cute.  I bought this from FMG
While I was in the sewing corner I cut out 2 new slips for me, they have to wait till I'm "feeling" it again though and I'm not so worn out.

Timed my work knitting and it should take me another 18 hours to just finish the backs of the pillows.  WOWSERS... specially since I'm sitting here and not knitting.  I need to fly.

HAHA GUESS WHAT!!!  I started on the dyes!  I reclaimed territory in my kitchen!  An ENTIRE drawer has been reclaimed.  After bleaching it's a multicolored thing but it's all mine now.  A neat aside is that there were two new, small, wind chimes crammed in the back of the drawer!  They are all untangled and hung now.

Normally when I'm designing I just use any old paper and mostly I was using lined paper.  After the presentation to Interweave I realized that this is probably a very bad habit so today DD helped me to put a design book together.  We got a royal blue binder, she punched up a pile of plain white paper and found me a pencil holder.  I got 10 pages of graph paper, small scissors and a glue stick as well as a few sharpened pencils, pens and the always needed eraser.  I'm all set to go gunho.  Now if Casey and Jess could just get me outta the "crapper".  Yes, Rav has put me there.  YES that's their word and not mine.  It was kinda funny in the beginning but now that I've been waiting there for a week it's not so funny.  As soon as they get me going I want to learn how to load my patterns for purchase from the site and then I will design more cause I will have a place to put them.  They are there now but you have to send funds outside via paypal and it's just so inconvenient.

Lastly let me leave you with a photo.   

Aren’t they adorable!  She’s so tired and he missed her today and just loves her so much.  My little dog has changed sides the little traitor!  I miss him so much.  He will run through the house looking for DH and I will say HI! Hoping to lure him in but no such luck.  Ah the fickleness of my little lovey.  How I miss him.   He’s so cute.  Late at night when I can’t sleep I hold his paw and he kinda grumblegroans.  He’s so neat… I'm glad he will at least hold hands.
 WANTED: One Lap Dog

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pink Abalone Sweater and Organizing

 This is my Pink Abalone Sweater, say hello to the nice people,,, "smoshelllooosmosh".  :-)  I didn't bother blocking it as it's bulky in the middle and WW on the edges.  Would take forever to dry and I'm wearing it now so that's not cool.  I made this a coons age ago and only just steeked it.  I had done all the ribbing, just needed the button bands.  Fun eh?  Different but ya'll know me... from Mars or something. Oh, it's called Pink Abalone as I have lovely abalone buttons on it.  A long time ago I purchased a bunch of different buttons from a place in LA.

OOOOOOOOO I have been having fun organizing stuff.  I LOVE to organize when I have the correct supplies at hand to do it.  Like containers, so important to have the supplies.  :-)  My closet knit wear is all wool and has to be protected against:
{insert drum roll and evil music}
                  my mortal ENEMY  
                                  The Moth!!!
 {and now back to your regularly scheduled program} 

Yes I know I told you before but now there's MORE.... and  PHOTOS! YIPEEEE  DD ran round and took these for me as I haven't been doing so well physically but you get the gist of it from the photos.

So yesterday I needed a spice and they were in the cupboard, on the counter in a rack, on the wall in another rack and in the pantry in bags.... lots of little bags.  I wrote a template up for the children in Microsoft and set them on it.  They did a wonderful job, cleaning decluttering, reorganizing, labeling and finally listing them all as a .doc so we know what we have.  There was so much wasted space before and now they have condensed them all down and put the bags into a box... simple, effective and now we can find our spices!  They are still in the two spice racks but now they are full and labeled.  LOL there was one interesting time when I was chewing on something green,,, finally figured out that it was Marjoram.  I have mint and pounds of the herbs needed to make a sleep tincture that's so needed.

Next I would like to get to work on organizing the tea and all my dye supplies and powders.  See we are creeping up on the BIG ONE!  This massive 12' long closet that's up to the ceiling with yarn, roving, papers, home school stuff, paints, craft stuff... you name it it's in there!  We really need to get everything out of the closet, sort, trash, recycle, Thrift Store and put all the fibery stuff into my main stash. I can't wait as I know alot of goodies will be found... those who have been missing in action and needed for so long... will be FOUND! FUN!! So we are creeping up on that major work day.  Soon though there's not going to be anything to do around here!  HAHA like that would EVER happen.  

This post is long and just going to get longer :-( sorry, I will try to keep it short.  I got my auto harp and it needs all new strings so I ordered them and will take it all to shreds and learn all about it by putting it back together and tuning it.  :-)  What better way to learn about something?

While I knit I either watch movies or listen to my Ipod.  I have books loaded on there from Librivox and for the longest time I have wanted to read for them to help them out as I'm so grateful.  So I have this headset with a boom mic and a clip on one, downloaded Audacity and made a small sampling OH ME!  It's so funny to hear your own voice and I get the giggles and before you know it I have to edit.  Learning how to edit is another matter though.  I'm so very puter illiterate these days that I'm putting it off.  The other reason I haven't done it is that I have what DH lovingly refers to as my Froggie.  Having Froggy around 75% of the time it's really hit and miss as to when I could record. Lastly I can't remember stuff any more.  My short term memory is flat out gone and I do all the voices.  I think I can fix that by just listening to a sample of the voices before I go back to record after a break.  Right?  Good idear?  I have promised myself though and some day soon I'm going to make a good sample, learn how to edit and then put in a request to read.

OH one more thing... some day here when I have some time... HAHA you just saw all that I want to do above right?  But some day I would like to get out my Bobbin Lace kit and learn how to do it.  I have wanted to learn for YEARS so this is something I HAVE to do. 

My presentation that I worked so hard on all through January is off in the mail to Interweave Press!  This is the 6 patterns I designed for the book What Would Jane Austen Knit.  It ended up being a book on it's own!  I had a 1" binder packed with information, swatches, stories, explainations and parts of the information needed for patterns.  I even sewed on bows of yarn that I wanted to use for one of them.  LOL and I have contacted a distributor of super fine hand painted silk to see if I can use her stuff.  I'm so glad it's finally off and I can't make any more changes... DH WILL be reading through it much sooner next time as at the 11th hour he found some errors.  We don't find out if they will be taking any of my patterns on for the book until the middle of March.

Meanwhile.... I have knitting work.  I have a 60x60 afghan that's due to be mailed 2-25 at the latest AND two colorwork pillows.  Get this... I got the wrong yarn for the afghan AND found out last night as I was 1/4 up the pillow front that I hadn't received 2 skeins of yarn for that pattern... UGH LOL it wouldn't be a problem normally but with such a short turn around and us needing funds so desperately well... it might become a problem.  I'm really grateful to have the work right now as it's keeping my head on my work and out of the future and the middle of March!  :-)  Which is a very good thing.

So!  I'm staying really busy and plan to continue to until I DIE!  Work seems to be my solution to depression.  Being needed, having purpose and drive.  Also sitting out in the sun daily!  LOL :-)  

Vitamin D  
               makes for a      
                                      Happy Me

Hope you are all well and happy in the Lord.  Blessings upon you and yours.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Organizing and Cleaning

Not two works that I'm able to say very often due to my in"valid"/chair bound status BUT today I get to say them.

Organized and Cleaned!  YES caps cause that's what it feels like.

BUT WAIT first I HAVE GOT to tell you what happened.  For years and years... a realllly long time I have wanted to get into the Loopy Ewe Sock Club.  Well I have been stalking them like crazy on their site and the Groupies!/theloopyewe hoping that I could finally get into the club for monthly shipments of kits.  WELL!!!  today when I was writing my blog... (OPPS two in one day what will they think! I know "Chatty Patty" just like they called me in Kindergarten! HAHA)  I had to go search for a URL and hit the short link to the Rav group accidentally,,, while I was there I thought... oh go ahead... so I scrolled down and SHAZAM!!!!  21 seconds ago Sheri had posted that the club was open!  OH ME I thought I'd have heart failure just trying to get the thing into the cart and checked out!  HAHA you should have heard me.  YIPPPIEEEEEEEEEE SKIPPPIEEEEEE  YEAHOOOOOOOOOO I was way into my -- go tell it on the mountain screaming meamie me.  :-)  HAHA  oh but it's fun.  I got all checked out and I wasn't the last PHEW so happy to finally have a spot in the club.  WHAT FUN!  Sheri had blogged about it and showed a photo of the bags that are coming in the club and I'm soooo the Bag Lady so this will be GRAND!!
then too on FB

Back to your regularly scheduled programing....

We had purchased 6 totes for my finished shawls and sweaters to use in my closet.  I had measured and was very careful to get just the right size which would fit with 2 stacked atop.  They have been here since Saturday but today was THEE day.  You see,,, prior to the totes we had clear bags, the kind that are sewn with real zippers and all.  The only problem was I'd  go in to grab a shawl and the entire SHELF full of them would fall ontop of me.  HAHA yeah what a sight.

So what with today being THEE day, I had DD carry them back and gather up some 3 x 5's and markers.  Then we went to town.  How I wish I'd have taken a before photo.  Our XL California King bed was MOUNDED with knitwear!!!!  What a sight to see.  It was just amazing so it made me smile.

The afterward looks something like this,,, 6 totes, 2 extra large bags and 4 smaller bags and it works.  Least it should work.  All my beaded shawls are in one, another has plain lace shawls, another heavy ones, you get the picture.  Then the bags are loaded with large things like long coats and most of my sweaters.  BUT now they are separated by the boxes which should keep them from coming down on me again.  HAHA well, one can hope right?  The boxes are a little too long for the shelf.  I think somewhere I have seen shelf extenders?  White wire thingys?  If anyone remembers anything like that please leave a comment.

So then there were a few exception items which are going to become gifts.  One I have never worn and will never get the opportunity to wear.  Another I realized was for the much smaller version of me with arms hanging down to the knees.  That one got whacked off and redone up and it's now a 3/4 length cardi for DD.  It's all hand spun and hand dyed... so gorgeous.  I will try to get a photo some day.  I can so see her in the black crepe de chene skirt I made and a lovely top with a silk scarf so pretty.

One of the items which is out needing fixing ... again another that has never been worn.  I just needed to steek it and make it into a cardi... thinking I will add some afterthought pockets as well.  It's a really pretty pink sweater... Pretty in Pink!!!  There's large (long) ribbing at the waist and elbow to hand.  So that shouldn't take too long.  Check with me tomorrow.  :-)   

Someone out there is saying ok... so what about the cleaning!  :-)  I got to clean a bit today!!!!  WHAT FUN!  Well, I wont tell you what the mess was lets just say I got to clean 6 large tiles of floor today down with a rag.  Your thinking I'm nuts right?  Well, I have never been able to clean for as long as we have lived here so when I "can" do it I'm very please to.  After I was finished with the floor I realized that I was very close to the cat tree house and that it was really hairy.  Well the rag that I had (after rinsing) was perfect.  It scooped up that hair real nice and I was even able to scrub at some stains a bit.

Now Daddy's home and it's time for hot Italian (sausage, pepper and onion, smothered in cheese on french bread) sandwiches!  The sauce has been cooking all day and it's smelling really good in here.

Pains low + energy is high = It's a GREAT DAY.  Hope you had a great one too!

Knitting and Winter

It's been very much Spring like here with temperatures in the 70's.  We still have a bit of snow on tops but it's nice and dry here.

Here is the much promised Knit Sibs catchup day.  First of course I'm working on projects for my attempt at getting into another book.  Those are all hush hush and on the QT.  The rest are all fair game.  Course go to find my MS 19 and I can't ... does that mean you have already seen it?  Hum...

 COSMIC!  These are the stocking I have been telling you about.  I knit them 2 at a time, toe up off of a sock blank that I had dyed.  It is all space and aurora and the cosmos for me.  I really enjoyed it.  I needed these (and many more to come) to cover my knees for the Arthritis.  I find that when my knees are completely covered the pain lessens.  Course what with it being 70 out it's really not the time for them.  The last bit of black there is where I added another ball of yarn to get the length I needed.  On the top there is a bit of a garter.  I took some lovely butterflies on black ribbon... made a crochet thread cage for it and ran elastic through the back.

Since these are done
This is my day time knit...  it's a top.  Remember the Ruca yarn that I had wanted forever!!! FOREVER!!!!  Well this is it!  LOVE IT!  It's so soft and nnnnnnnnnnnnummmmm!!!!  My words escape me.  I need to make some sleeves and then just knit up the top. I'm wanting to add an opening or something to jazz up all that solid a bit.  It's a tad on the dull side for me.  As you will see when we get down into my sewing later.  Momma bought me my Tinkerbell doll.  My first plushy.  Well, first real one.  I need somethings more plush and cuddly.... as her wings "will shoot your eyes out."
 Then at night I have been knitting on the next two projects off and on while I read.   I have a book stand and some elastic to keep the book open and a book light.  All set up.

This is Sonnet... Sonnet say hello to the nice people... smoshhellosmoshy.  HAHA All it needs is the sleeves which I'm totally not following protocall for.  The pattern has them flat and one at a time.  For me they are 2 at a time and I'm designing this extended cuff to have a button there too.  Going to edge the button band in groosgrain ribbon and then will edge the entire thing in something not sure what.  Hey I could even do a biaz type tape outta fabric.  Dunno yet.

So, then, when I'm not working on Sonnett I'm doing a K2P2 on my stockings.  I have learned alot about gradiation since I started these... only wish I knew half of what I needed to know when I was only just in the dye process.  You can see I nailed it in the turquoise to green.

 Next in line is probably out of one of these bags. The 2 cones are enough for 2 lovely cobweb shawls!There's cream cashmere as I want to knit DD a lovely ensemble of hat, scarf/shawl and mitts for next year. 
Beaded, cream,,, lovely.  Simple, lace with a bit of ruffling.  I can get more of the cashmere any time but it's a bit pricey so I can't buy much at a time and what with the project being cream,,, hey,,, good to go as theres NO dye lot.

See the bottom bag?  Those are long strand color changes. REALLY need to make a shawl from them.

What you see on the right is a photo of my two new skirts.  The one on the right is my Tink skirt!  YUP finally got me 5 yards of fabric and went TINK!  I love my little winged friend.  She and I have been on many a jaunt together.  The other photo on the left is the pillows I whipped up on Christmas morning as I really wanted a Tink plushy.  Mom ended up calling when she got home and bought me the one up above by the Ruca top.

So here's our nutzo weather... This is the early morning frost on an oak, left... and on our squiggly tree's right.
 I really ADORE our squiggly trees.  DD wanted a stick to prop up a flower... the "stick" ROOTED!  So now we have some twigs in water and in dirt all with roots and leaves... ready for the "real Spring" and planting all the way round the house.  Can't wait.  It will be a total block out privacy screen.  should keep the dust down too as we have all dirt and high winds here.  They are fast growers too as the one in the photo is about 5 years old.

Lastly a bit of animal love time.  Here you can see Spanky has adjusted and settled in real well.  He's very happy with Coco and the children.  Needless to say the children are very happy with Coco and Spanky too.  Much love all round.

Hope you are having a great winter, enjoying the day, staying in the present and not lurking where you shouldn't be... in the past or in the future.  Live for today.  Carpe Diem!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


HEY YOU GGGUUUUUUUUUUUUUUYS!!!!!  I have been bidding on AutoHarps on EBay this week and I FINALLY GOT ONE!  I'm so excited I feel like I'm gonna burst! You all who know me well will understand when I say that I searched for them today and found this one that was SCREAMING TAKE ME HOME!  It's in great condition and it has all the bells and whistles, accessories and a case.  Well, the inside of the case is HOT PINK!!!!  I know, so me!  I can't wait to show you photo's but I'm trying to get them from the current owner.  She doesn't have to send them to me so I'm not holding my breath.  

It's all paid for and the 2 strings that were missing are on order along with a pitch key, auto tuner thingy.  The tool for tuning comes with the harp.  Then I just "had" to get me some picks.  

Then there's the books off of I ordered those last week though so they should be here shortly.  Beginning on the Autoharp, Hymns for the Autoharp and Celtic for DH of course!  Now I just need the music for Scarborough Fair and Greensleeves and we are all set to go!  YIPEEEEEEEEEE SKIPPPPY

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mini Blizzard

First I have to show you our lovely lunch!  I love my family, DH for bringing all these lovely organics home and my chitlins for chopping most of them up.  Fresh dressing, the most lovely apple, cranberries, cause I love them and they are good for me and NUMMY Pignolas!  YUM, we have a local  area named after them, Pinon Pines... and yes there are tons of Pinon tree's all over up there.  We actually have a few of the pinecones here in the back yard.  The very last of the Honey Baked Ham is in my lunch too.  While I love the Holidays I'm REALLY glad to be back to my normal fresh raw eating,,, we all are.  I hope we can sustain it, it's hard getting and keeping fresh organic food so far from the city so I never take it for granted when we do get nummies in.


Promised Ya'll a snow day and... READY!!! here we goooooooooo!     The sillies.... all ready to go out and do some damage!  This is while it was still coming down... they sled on the driveway.  DH above is using a ruler on the white stuff after it had stopped.

Here's Coco and Spanky out in the back... it's not good for him but Coco WILL eat the snow!  Stands out in it even though we have this perfectly good shelter for him.  Silly Willy!


 What an engineering idea this 
was.  It's incredible to me that people can actually cut blocks from the ice and live in these things.  DH bought the children this teal thing and they pack it full of snow.   DS and DD started this thing after they tired of sledding.  Next time I think they will make the base smaller... if there ever is a next time.  It's a great deal of hard labor.  Had they known that going into it I don't think they would have tried it.

So then DH goes out.  DD wanted him to come help for a long time... finally he helped build another layer.  If only he would have thought a bit I'm sure he would have seen the disaster coming... can you see it there?  Yup they built it one ontop another instead of staggered as in a brick building.  My poor Dear lovely Daughter.... she got so discouraged as DH and Shane both gave up on her to do other things. :-( She was in tears!  So sad and said that "If you start something you should finish it!" and "If you have no intention of finishing you should never have started in the first place!"  WOW where did she get that?  Me? You think!!!  HAHA ok so I'm a stickler for seeing the job through to the end.  It's a good thing right?

 It was fun while it lasted but it never got higher then this.  The sides toppled in as soon as the temp got over 40 the next day.  So sad. 
Back to SNOWDAY!!!
Just wanted to share a bit more of the snow on the property.  This was in the beginning when the snow was still falling.  We always feed the birds.  When we were first married DH thought I was a total nutter for feeding the birds as we had so little back then but they have long given me great pleasure.  Since I have gotten too sick to manage the birds he has taken up the gauntlet and has been doing a great job of it.  Here you can see the bird feeder he set up.  It's about a foot tall... the roof comes off for easy access and the sides have the American flag on them.  An ode to the day he gets his lighted flag pole out in the front yard.  Actually I think Coco might like the seeds better then the birds as every time we have let him out of his side of the acreage he runs -- flies -- straight for the feeder!  Yeah, we are all a little mixed up here. ;-)

The view off of our back porch... it's so lovely here... we all at different times have just sat looking around,,, day dreaming.  Guess the older you get the more you appreciate views like this as DH and I probably do it more then the children.  They do love all the various wild life though.  DS has become an avid bird watcher... no surprise there, just like me... she feels she HAS to ID the birds.  Cool though.  We have bought her a number of books on the local birds.

DH in the pristine snow.

Now for the trick shot... DH and DD trying to fool you as to how high the snow actually got.  I think we got something like half a foot!  HAHA they are standing in the shut off hole for the water hydrant!  DH the kidder.... LOVE ME THAT MAN!

A fitting end.... me saying no don't take a picture, I'm in too much pain!!! It really shows on my face... but COVERED IN CRITTERS!!!!  There's only one indoor animal who's missing from this photo.  Little Mans... the grey cat... has a black and white long hair who's his son.  He got this coloring from his mother and the long hair?  Who know's... we really have to keep at that stuff... keeps the bunnies down and the hair ball congestion at bay.

Now I owe ya'll a knitting update.  Need to get me some photos of the ones that I CAN show.  Until then, ya'll have a super de dooper day!!!!  GOD BLESS!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Photo Time!

Thought it time to share a few photo's with you.  Just a quickie, ENJOY!

Here's a pair of gloves I made and their recipients.  Cute huh?  No I meant the girls!
I threw pillows down on the floor and told the children to climb under and look up,,, have you ever done that before?  It's AMAZING!  I don't care how old you are... toss a pillow under the tree next time and give a look up.

Here's Mom in her black pearls... she's always loved them. 
Katie in her robe that I made from a bit of machine knit mohair shot threw with gold.
That same night of the party... Lil Mr. here got so tired that he was falling asleep at the table!  Everyone ends up holding his head up for him at one time or another.  He SO reminds me of a toddler,,, sure that he will miss something really important and totally fun should he fall asleep.
Lastly DH took this one cloudy day.  INCREDIBLE!  I love the way the colors sort of roll through the clouds.

Really have to get you a bunch of other photos as I have tons of the snow that fell and closed the I-5, then there are tons of new knitting projects that I've been cranking out too.   Believe it or not our decorations and tree still stand! needles intact--- to see yet another day.  T-t-t-that's all for now folks, just wanted to pop in real quick and share a bit of the Holidays with you.   Hope you are all and happy.