Monday, December 6, 2010

Where have I been?

So are you wondering what I have got up to?  I am into some REALLY fabulous stuff.  It's all hush hush of course so I can't chat about it but suffice to say I'm making an alternate ending to a knit item which is being published in a book!  HOW COOL IS THAT!  I love it!  Not just the ending but the Yarn Fairy is coming out to do a special dye job and that will be in there too!  LOVE IT!  I will be able to tell you more as the days pass by.  The book will be published and should hit the shelves by 2/17/11 so not much longer to be hushed up.

We are so blessed.  Our eldest is getting married, he proposed on 11/26 and we  have been pulling out the old projects which have to be done BEFORE the wedding so I'm really glad there's no date set yet as I need about a year to hand sew and hand quilt something VERY special.  Then there's Evenstar from Sunflower designs which just needed clear beads for the edging.  This can be a veil with a little tweaking as it's a full circle or folded in half to be used as a shawl.

I owe you photos of some stuff I have finished.  My Squishy sweater has been getting lots of use as has my Niebling shawl. Ooooooooo I got some Dream in Color Starry, bling  bling... LOVE IT!   This is my first skein, it's a light lime with blue and that silver thread throughout.  I hope it's not a pain to knit with as some places look a bit loose but I can't wait to dive into those.  First I have to finish the book project and then I need to finish a shawl collar on a fingering weight sweater I made for DD.  I was making something for Mum but she ended up buying the equivalent just recently so I'm not sure what I'm doing there.

Lots of stuff going out in the mail today.  There was a small dish cloth swap that I did with a few friends (ya'll know who you are!) and they each got a cloth and a scrap soap holder to match.  So cute.  Then there's some contracts, gee sure felt like more so I know I'm missing someone.  Seems like there was a parcel but I'm blond and clueless.

19 Days Until Christmas.... the children did a fantastic job with some decorating here.  We have lights up thanks to Daddy and his helpers and a few poinsettia's (one from my dear friend Anick) which I ADORE! 

We had a wonderful dinner last night, roast beast complete with Yorkshire pudding, pearl onions and peas!  WHAT fun eh!

The surgery is slotted for next Monday and we are on our way down the hill today for the blood work and pre-op.  Oh joy.  After this I don't want to see, speak to or have any other connection with any tests UGH!  I'm so through with all the tests that only come up not showing what they need to see.  Oh for a Tricorder!

Well, just wanted to pop in and LYK that I'm still here.  Just mightly busy.  I might be chair/house bound but I'm a very happy and contented California MooCow!  LOL when was the last time you heard a gal call herself a cow!  :-)  Till next time... give thanks and LOVE your family big time.


  1. Hey Sis,
    I will be thinking about you next Monday hope all gos well

  2. Wendy, you know we are all praying for you.

  3. Praying for you Wendy