Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Recover Process

Ok so how much is TMI?  I know you don't want to hear all the gore so I will skip that.  How about that I look 9 months PG and before I went in I had a waist?  That I'd lost 6 pounds in the week prior even though I just sit about being a pretty "in-valid" all day and night?  >blink<  >blink>  ;-)  Somehow my butterfly in the button (belly button that is) wants outta here.  I had to clean up a mess today as I'm coughing up the stuff that wants to re-collapse my lung again.  So I'm working really hard trying to keep that puppy open as I so DO NOT want to spend my Christmas in the hospital!  NO NOT GOING TO HAPPEN (Please Lord!)  Been taking my temperature as on day three last time I woke to 109 and the collapsed lung (in 2000).  So... this is why all the gore today... you should see me trying to hug all of them in (4 wounds) and suck this little ball up the tube... HYSTERICAL!  I probably should have someone at least listen to my lungs tomorrow as they are cruuudyy!!  No... they will want to give me steroids WHOOHOO!  Can you just see it?  I can't sleep now... WOWSERS I'd be hanging upside down knitting a cover drape for the ceiling and you'd have to scrap me off of it!  HAHA Anywhooo  don't stop praying... we aren't out of the woods yet.

My children have been wonderful through all of this, as usual.  They have been quiet so I could get a bit of a nap since I didn't sleep at all last night due to the meds all keep me awake.  Today I didn't need too many and I'm doing good pain wise.  They are GREAT children.  They are picking up the house for the cleaning lady who comes in tomorrow.  I can't clean and Kev's never home, children are always schooling or cooking or doing laundry you get the drill.  DD made this nummy egg thing with sausage and smoked Gouda... right up my alley and the first solid in two days.  BUT OUCH once it got down in there.  I can feeeel it... it's over by the liver trying to get past and man is that thing telling me so!  LOL So they are making me a Turkey Frame soup with all organic goodness and root veggies.  I asked DD to chop it all fine and cook it all down good and smoothe as my throats not liking any of this either.  Then she's going to make me my Aarti Party Earl Grey Kulfi Pops that I ADORE!  I can't think of anything more appetizing then those two items right now.  No chewing,,, soft on the raw throat and nothing to block up behind that liver OUCH!  HAHA


Here's the flip side.  I get to play a ton with my gamer friends... really enjoying that as there was so much to do to prepare for this "real" down time.  I had that two day photo shoot which literally drained me.  

I went to see my lovely daughter sing her first mostly solo since her duet friend got a cold.  Here they are before taking off to the dinner.  I had to opt out as it was just too much to sit through the entire program.  I went for the good stuff.  Singing and DESERT!  :-)

Prior to her singing she needed a quick A-line black skirt whipped out.  I just happened to have a lovely bolt of Crepe De Chine in black so that didn't take any time at all and it was so much nicer then the cotton one that she couldn't walk in.  She's got some long legs, already!! she's almost taller then me!  My Dear, DEAR sweet Connie stood up to sing with her and helped her over the rough spots bless her heart!  Love me that girl!  If you have ever known a living saint here's one!  
 BUT I WENT OUT!  For the first time in 2 years...  I went OUT for a social occasion it was nice even if I had to only get to half of it.  I got the best half!   Look I have proof... see me out!  Run Spot Run! HAHA
 Here we are - the three generations of girls.

Of course a flaming red face ... but she loves to sing so more power to her!  See that wee bit of black velvet chocker on her neck?  It's a special little silver elephant covered in what's probably red and white crystals.  I've had it since I was a small child and she wanted to wear it with a little rhinestone heart broach at her neck.  The scarf was made by a friend and we've had it for years.  Bet she never thought they'd get so much use but DD finds a use for so many items!

Here you can see Connie helping her out.  So thankful for my dear sweet sister. 

 The trio after all's said and done... relief I'm sure all the way round.

Back to my rambles...I also got 2 PJ's sewn up and a Swiffer cover made for the Cleaning woman coming tomorrow to see if she'd rather purchase towels and have me make some.  I don't think I want to though cause well, "I'm in-valid" don'cha know.  Actually I just really don't like sewing much any more.  Special occasions, quilts and needs are fine, sewing on my old Singers are great... but must needs are something else.  Oh and get this... the maid is the daughter of James P. Hogan for all you Sci Fi freaks out there.  :-)  Cool beans eh?  I bought all his books and have reading material for a good time yet to come.

Also have a pair of neat gloves OTN for Shane.  I told you right?  I'm doing black brown, brown grey and beige,,, 6 rows of each... they are sock yarn.  I started at the cuff and I'm half way through the thumb they will be fingerless convertible to mitts.  I need to work on them and get them done tonight if I can't sleep so that I "can" work on them as he's always lurking some place close by.  Then there are the other one, (those ones I can't talk about) I haven't been able to work on them, need them done by the 23rd so I really have to get cranking.  Oh and DD just brought me two balls of WW for 2 more pair of quick gloves for my BFriend's girls.  I got the youngest earlier in the month.  She's getting a Facinator as she LIVES In headbands.  I crocheted some flowers onto a headband and it's so cute.  Gee, I really OWE ya'll a ton of photos. After all of that I'm done.  The hard thing is it's all got to be done by the 23 so I really need to get knitting like the wind Bullseye (Toy Story reference).  Why the 23rd?  We are having a party!  It will include our eldest from LA, Mom who's getting picked up on the 22nd and staying for a time.  Kev's Mom and her DH. My BF and her 4 children!  How many's that make?  We are having a ham and a turkey for sure.  The rest is still up in the air but will settle as I do.

Oooooooooooo almost forgot but saved the bestest for lastest!  LOL I found this great place that sells nothing but undyed yarn.  Ya'll KNOW how much I love to dye.  Recently I'd gotten my hands on a skein of Dream in Color Starry... well I FOUND THE BASE!!!!  I bought 10 skeins!  Are you drooling!  Then I found a lovely 2 ply merino lace put up in 1330 yard which I have been looking for for YEARS so I bought 10 skeins of that!  I have long had 880 and 1760 but really wanted something between that was a NICE soft yarn.  So are you drooling now?!!?!  You will be soon cause then I found the base for BUGGA by Sanguine Gryphon!   Now you ARE drooling.  For the few peeps out there who don't know it's a cash/merino/nylon yarn that's all the rage.   AHHHHH I love that I can dye all these up to my own needs now.  I mean I could before but now I have some real stash power!  :-)  HAHA ok so I'm nuts!  I'm also chair bound and in the sticks so shopping off line doesn't happen.  Sigh, the simple things in life are what thrill me right?  So easy to please.  Turkey Frame Soup, Aarti Parti's Earl Grey Kulfi Pops and YARN!  What could be better!  Nothing in these eyes but my perhaps seeing my waist line again might just thrill me!  :-) 

Well, this is getting too long the photo couldn't wait any longer as they are backing up, I still owe you cardis... they will have to wait till next time.  Sorry peeps... only so much time in the day and I don't want to take up ALL your time after all!             Ya'll have a great night, see ya in the funny pages! Or online!


  1. Wonderful pictures! Katie is beautiful! So happy to see you OUT and enjoying something so special! You look great...especially after all that's been going on!

  2. Katie looks like an angel! I'm happy you're doing good things, and that the recovery process, while it sounds, ah, entertaining, is still moving forward. And I am lusting after the yarn you found, especially after you dye it! Love you bunches!!!!

  3. Yes, I agree...Katie does look so lovely in the photos! And your little man is all grown up, too! Isn't it amazing how fast children grow? Feel better soon, Wendy!
    Have a very blessed Christmas!