Monday, December 13, 2010

Post Op

Well, Kiddies I'm home, PRAISE THE LORD!   Ya know, there's always a chance that you might not come up from being put under.  I figure I had enough peeps praying for me that it didn't matter, I can't thank you enough.
There are 4 holes but the one below my sternum which hurts the worst as they had to go through the muscle there and it's stitched up.  The doctor said that there were gravel like rocks in my gallbladder, no make that gizzard!  That there was white muck around it from bile that had leaked out.  Also that this had been a chronic problem as the gallbladder was DEAD which is what has been causing me all this pain.  The thing was the size of a goose egg!!! (should be more the size of a guinea hen egg!!!) and there was scar tissue all around it.  BUT my stomach is looking 6 months PG from all the gas UGH this is going to KILL to get out since I can't walk.  I'm taking ALL my meds and ON schedule.

Since this thing was SO VERY messed up I surely hope that this is something which will resolve a few thing.  Wouldn't that be wonderful if somehow this allowed me to walk again!  Wouldn't that be wonderful.  Well, just wanted to let you know that I'm home safe and sound.

Have a great day!


  1. I'm glad you're home and on the mend!! Keeping you in my prayers, my friend!

  2. Thanks for letting us know - maybe this *will* solve other problems for you - Bless you!

  3. Blessings, blessings, and more blessings, all wrapped up in huge great hugs!

  4. Praising the Lord that your safe and the doctors were able to repair you. Now, snuggle with those wonderful children and your wonderful husband. I'm so glad to hear that things went well. I'll give you a couple of days and then give you a call. Praying your health and spirits continue to grow! Love Misty Chamalbide