Tuesday, December 28, 2010


There is a great deal of frost outside on the grounds, a lovely misty cloud hangs all round me.  Pete (the neighbor) is building yet another structure and I can hear the crew through the double pained windows pounding out a beat.   My trees are all bare and ready for their long winters nap... which is relatively short seeing as we are in the mountains in So. Cal.  :-)

Not sure exactly what it is about designing but I have loved it my entire life.  Everything from drawing to sewing to landscape architecture.  In college I took a life placement type test which showed that was to be my forte'.  Never delved into it but the design aspect is still there not to mention the fact that I did the point and plant for the family to put in most of our trees and roses.  I used to love taking up fabric without a pattern and making it into quilts and aprons.  I love to design PERIOD! 

That said, it should come as no surprise that with the New Year upon me you find me surrounded by all my inspiring items and ready to dig into two new knit patterns!!!  When I sewed a great deal, it never failed to amaze me that a bolt of fabric turned into a lovely ruffled apron.  Or that I could draw something on paper, make up a pattern for it and I would have a lovely head covering.  I can "see" the item in the materials long before it comes to life.  My materials will SCREAM to be heard and will not be satiated until all is said and done.  Only then, with the finished product, are my hands and my mind,,,, happy.

So once again I'm surrounded by all the items that indulge my creativity, my notes, beads, needles, hand spun yarn, silk, rayon, buttons, stitch dictionaries and stitch markers.  All at the ready for the items in my head.  There are two of them bouncing around DYING to be set free!  Both are under a deadline... I need to have sketches and swatches all ready by the end of January.  I thought that with my surgery and Christmas that I'd never have time to crank on them but crank I will.... and today is the day.  I'm back on my bed able to close the door should the natives get restless... my Boo at my side warming my thigh.  It's a good day to be alive.

Well, before it gets too far away from me, let me just recap our Holidays for you.  We are all spread out from one coast to the other.  I enjoy my BestF's company more then most people so she's got an open invitation to my home day or night.  It was just my very immediate family who were invited in for the party on the 23rd.  Our eldest, my BF and her Clan of four, both our Moms and MIL's spouse for a total of 13. 

As you all know I went into the party with the surgery hanging over me.  Even though it was outpatient it was still considered major surgery, I was out and they hauled the dead gall bladder out (what a story that was! It was so engorged he had to siphon some off!!!).    In a few words, I was hurting!  DH gave strict instructions that I wasn't to lift a finger and I wholeheartedly agreed with him, so I enjoyed my guests.

DD and DS had a list of what to put into the oven when and the ingredients that needed to be in which pot.  Somehow they pulled it off, turkey, ham and all the fixings down through two home made pumpkin pies.  My BF was put on gravy boat duty which included making the nummy stuff.  My eldest was put in charge of DaBird! He got it into the oven and FIL carved it up.  I'm not sure who did the ham but the pineapples were run through with the cloves and it was done to a turn.  Everything was wonderful and as we all know, many hands make light work. 

DH had bought me some lovely poinsettia plates that went with the napkins that DD had run up.  The plates are red poinsettias and the napkins are white ones on a black and green background.  It was all so very pretty.  Mom had bought some real "silver" ware at a garage sale and DD had cleaned it up really well.  She wanted to use all the good crystal and silver... it's a higgety piggety bit of stuff but she enjoys it. BF had brought a table that sat 6 and somehow we all manage to sit together.  After dinner there was a work duty and I kept hearing,,, "There's more!"  HAHA (love ya babe!! sorry there was so much work to do).

After an hour or so the children were itching for desert.  LOL at least SHANE was!  HAHA he was pinning for it.  My only requirement was that he make up a big punch bowl of hand made eggnog.  I tell you... it's nothing like the canned stuff and if you haven't had it... try it!  The boys were occupied with some sort of hand held device and yet they were let loose on the eggnog... can you imagine what the first result was?  All they had to do was whip cream... I have a Kitchen Aide and they were at the table... YUP BUTTER!  HAHA but it was fun!  They made butter from the first of the cream!  What a riot, it was so fun seeing their faces.  Yes, you walked away from the cream... something one never does.  Unlike the watched pot that never boils... this stuff will go from whip to butter in a hot minute.  We saved it of course and are using it up... nothing like butter you make yourself.  The second attempt was much more successful and the resulting eggnog supreme!  I think it's safe to say that a good time was had by all.

Speaking of which, fast forward to the end of the day on the 25th.  The children were talking over the past few days and everyone agreed that it was the best time we'd ever had.  They agreed that the presents had nothing to do with it but that they'd just had so much fun with all of the people and doings that they'd never had as good a time.  I have to agree with them.  Even though I was in severe pain (had to clutch my guts to keep them from falling out every time I got up) I wouldn't have changed a thing.  Mom started to cry when she opened her last gift from us... isn't that precious!  I love you Mom!

Fast forward to the evening of the 26th... my mother hugged me good by after her little vacation with us and she said that she'd never had such a good time either!  WOW what a happy little family unit.  I think that's the best praise, remark, whatever that anyone can give... that they had the best time.

Off to designing oooooooo how I enjoy this stuff!  This is going to be a GREAT day!  I only hope you are having half as good a time.  "God Bless us Everyone"!

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  1. I LOVE the scarf you are wearing in the header picture. Is that lace? I have a book of lace patterns (A Gathering of Lace) but am having the worst time with the charts (although I did cross stitch for years??).....I tried once and it failed miserably and then the last 2 babies came and I just haven't had the time to give it the undivided attention it needs. I think it is beautiful though and maybe someday I will figure it out. It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. Happy knitting!!!