Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Party

Hi Kiddies, I hope you are all doing REALLY well today.

For Christmas we are have a few family members over and we have been having fun getting ready.  The children did a bang up job on the house decorations and I ADORE all the lights.

KNIT SIBS!!!  I MADE IT!  I am on the very last item and I'm almost to the end of the ball.  It's the 2up socks,,, I figure when I'm outta yarn,,, I'm done.... not till then.  Oh I have a photo of squishy finally for you.
Squishy was a bright rainbow yarn that I would never have used (too much orange) so I added the dark purple and deeper green which both now read black.  The reason it's called Squishy is that I have a snail in my tank on Happy Aqua that I adore who's these exact colors.  I can't figure out how to get the photo up here but it's on my FaceBook photos, Happy Aqua,,, 3rd from the left.  Squishy is front and center at the top.  He's adorable and I now wear him daily.  You can't see it but there's a shawl collar and I put something like a short scarf on it.  The scarf twirled and I use it as a tie to keep it all snuggled up.

Ya'll know how much I LOVE to dye right?  WELL!  I found the base for Dream in Color STARRY!!!!!  as if that's not enough I found the base for Sanguin Gryphons Bugga!!!!  LOL I have a bunch coming in as well as a dozen skeins of a lovely 2 ply merino lace in 1300 yards, FINALLY!  I have looked high and low for something in between 880 and 1760 so this is GREAT to have access to.  In the spring I'm looking forward to buying some like Starry but the thread is GOLD instead!  What fun! The gal does wholesale and was trying to convince me to get into the dye biz.  LOL been there done that... couldn't handle the masses... but I adore dyeing in small amounts.  Like for books! 

Yes books!!!!  I'm getting published soon here and I can't wait! I hope ya'll are going to buy my book.  Like it's all "my" doing right HAHA! Don't forget to get your  Gift Tags  I have been writing up washing instructions for my hand knits and I'm going to use a safety pin to attach it to the items.  Hopefully there wont be any felting this year.  :-)  Ya know... if you hole punched the corner and then tied them with a ribbon it would be really smashing too.

We planted amarylis and paper whites this year.  The one Mom got for me has 3 flowers on the main stalk and then another bud coming up too!  LOVE IT!  The children used an old metal bin to plant the other one and they planted the paper white around it.  Get this!... I used to water the sheep in this bin HAHA, it's pretty big, they added garlands and it's really cute.  The poinsettia are still holding their own and I'm glad we got them.  They are all such cheery flowers.

What with the party being only 2 days away and some of the gifts still being in transit I'm getting a little bit antsy.  UGH!!   The only thing I regret is that I tried to buy dishes and the order was canceled.  Here's the menu for you.  :-)

Christmas Party Menu

Carrot Sticks, Celery sticks, dip and all those goodies
Roast Chestnuts!!!!
Beef Stick, crackers and cheeses
Brach's ribbon candy

Main Course
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet potato casserole
Pearl onions and peas
Cranberry Sauce
Kings Hawaiian rolls
Waldorf Salad

Christmas pudding & and clotted cream
Walkers shortbread
Petit fours
Walkers Strathspey Rich Fruit Cake and Devon cream
Fresh pumpkin pie

Home made Eggnog sans alcohol
Pineapple fizz ala DD
Hot mulled cider

So all of this is for a small family party of 13 on the 23rd.  Then on Christmas we prepare breakfast in advance and do this casserole every year.  It's just popped into the oven with the rolls which are a new addition... and NO we don't eat like this all the time.  This is a very rare treat which is why ya'll are getting a menu! :-)

McDonnells Christmas Morning Feast
All prepared in advance

Cinnamon Rolls Homemade with sweet dough and raisens in half only!  LOL
My’s Breakfast Casserole YUM

Coffee & Tea
Hot Mexican chocolate with whip and and choc sprinkles and nutmeg

WHAT FUN!  I only hope and pray that I'm physically able to do all this as my lungs are pooping out on me.  I'm on antibiotics but 10 years ago after anesthesia I had a collapsed lung and Pneumonia... my body is not happy with me but I'm so NOT spending the Holidays in the hospital so don't worry, I will keep working on them.

 A snap of our tree from my chair.

It's a lame photo ok, I took it during the day so you can't see the lights on the swags at the top of the drapes and bookcase but they are there.

OOOOOOOOOOO I can't believe this is coming in here at the very last BUT I have to tell you what DD did for lunch.  I am so blessed.  I keep saying that... it's backwards... my children are supposed to rise up and call me blessed but we are all totaly backwards here anyway.  So today DD yell's out... Mom you want tacquitos for lunch?  I am always happy to eat whatever she wants to make as it's my sole meal of the day.  Since she know's that she normally tries to make it good.  I hate that she's got to wait on me so I don't like to ask for additions... or anything special... normally I will ask for something simple and quick like fresh fruits and veggies which is how my stomach likes me to eat.   Not today!  Today she went overboard and I LOVED IT!!!
Can you believe this!  Front center is a taco salad, left we have a can of kidney beans she mashed and seasoned then coated with cheese and scallions.  Finally we get the tacquitos and fresh pico de gallo.  I tell you I AM THE MOST BLESSED of mothers!  I LOVE MY CHILDREN!  So then DS decided to get in on the action and we got fresh cranberry muffins.  MY FAVORITE!  YUM I love my children.

This is really long but I HAVE to tell you what happened.  My beloved Connie (talked about her before remember) teaches Sunday School for the little ones at church.  WELL!  She had them each draw me a picture and sent it as a get well card.  I have never had one so touching.

It made me cry! LIKE A BABY! but cry I did.  I was so overwhelmed.  I'm still trying to understand why?... was it the golden haired girl in the bed?...  Or perhaps it was the Auntie Wendy?  I dunno but I love these children.  As if that's not enough... on Sunday I got a call from the class!  They all sang to me!  So sweet and adorable and then they each said their names so that I knew who it was who'd called.  How cool is that!  I wanted to answer it but I also wanted to keep the recording... so I didn't pick up... if only I could figure out how to get it off of the machine now. :-)

This is really long so I'm going to close now.  I hope you all have a blessed Christmas, enjoy your family in the Lord and treasure each day you wake up.  God's Blessings on you all.

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