Thursday, December 9, 2010

The best four letter word is DONE!

Yup, that's one of the best four letter words... right up there with love in my book.  For the last two days we did photo shoots of the knit item that's going into the book.  No you can't see yet, LOL that's coming though.  In the meantime there's something that I would like to share with you and that's the URL to the site which houses a bit of a preview of what's to come in the book.  The book is called What Would Madame Defarge Knit?   WWMDK?   Heather Ordover of Craft Lit is the most unbelievable organizer I have ever had the pleasure to met.  She has coraled all the designers and is rapidly getting the book into a publishable format as the editor.  Jen Minnis is the books artist and she has generously offered up some cards which I can think of a number of uses for.  First as gift tags, 2nd printed on cardstock and folded for a larger mailable type of card, 3rd for my knit sibs, print washing instructions on the back of the card and it would be a swell end to your lovingly hand knit items.  You can find them here.  Cards    That's about all I can say at this point, more to come.  I hope you all go hit the site and have a look see at the little sneak peaks which are loaded there.  Tell me what you think in the comments below.
Well, so for the last two days we have been exceedingly busy.  I needed to get everything done before the surgery on Monday as everything is due on the 20th and come the 13th I will be out of commission for at least a week with a possibility of spending 7-10 days in the hospital depending on what they find when they get inside.  Please pray that it's the simple cut and not the major one.  I'd like to be home and better by Christmas.

You know how you have a tired point in your night?  This is the time normal people turn out their lights, roll over and sleep for a good 8-10 hours.  Not me, I have to make hay while all is quiet and just the air purifiers are humming.  I have to tell you that I did try, must have laid there for at least 2 hours but my "sweet spot" of a time slot had past and here I be. ;-) 

Taking advantage of the fact that I can't sleep I was able to finish up the shawl collar cardigan that I have had OTN for the past YEAR!!!!  This is for my beloved daughter who is the best model I have ever known.  <VBG>  I believe I wanted to finish it for her birthday last year.  It languished as I had a bunch of work at the beginning of the year and her birthday came and went.  I could only work on it when she wasn't around or on the days I spent with doctors and doing tests.  DONE!  Such a wonderful word.  I washed it and it's blocking.  Need to get the fans on it later when everyone wakes up.

The other gift I need to finish is a pair of socks.  Toe up, two at a time, I learned to knit them and turn the heal, then turn them inside out at the ankle so the purl side is on the right side of the sock.  The leg is K2P2, total movie time knitting!  I will go up a needle at the ankle and then again where the calf starts so I'm really on the home stretch with these.  Not to mention that I can work on them during the day.  I learned that I can lay down a full 450 yards of sock yarn in TWO DAYS!  It's nuts but true so these can and should be OffTN's shortly.

Then we get to the sewing.  I have 2-3 PJ bottoms... I have 2 cut but I'm thinking of making a 3rd. DD's skirt needs an elastic casing, that's it for the gifts.  You know those Swiffer mops that you have a terry cover with elastic edging?  The one you use by spraying the floor, running the mop over and then you change the terry cover frequently?  Well I need to pattern that and whip out a few of them as well.  Then I will be all caught up and will only have to pack up some new knitting projects... or old ones to work on in the hospital. 

Other then the knitting and sewing I'm designing another special "hush, hush" project for a possible submission.  Not sure I want to submit it but I'm having fun with it.  I washed a kid mohair fleece, dyed it turquoise and spun it to a lace weight.  This was done some time ago, several months or even a year back.  Tonight I plied it back with a thread, wound it off onto a skein winder and washed it.  It's LOVELY!  I can't believe I got 200 yards but I counted it up and yeah that little bit is so large.  I love the halo you get from mohair.  It's a lovely fine laceweight and I'm thinking of using this for the new pattern.  I ordered beads (turqoise, light and medium, silver lined AB) and I have the pearl buttons.  I can't wait to get started but I'm still just researching and doodling with this one.  I love the design process.  This is something I have long wanted to do so I just need to mess with swatches till I'm satisfied.  Then we will see.  You will be one of the first ones to know if I do end up submitting it for publication.

The children have been at it again.  Our home is so festive... we all love it.  Dad was very pleased when he came home tonight.

Above are the icicles and below ... well they aren't all blue... these are on the inside and the are circular faceted covered bulbs.  They are so much fun, I had never seen them before but then I don't get out much LOL.  There are lights and swags throughout the entire front rooms of the house.  Our home has a large open area for living, dining and kitchen... so you can see front to back.
Not the best photo's but my son's just learning.

Just HAD to share this one.  My much loved Boop had just woke from a nap, isn't he just the living end!
The other item which has me agog of late is the cover of Verena, have you seen the latest?
This sweater is so lovely.  They used many embroidery technics and it's just awesome.  I have plenty of green and TONS of scraps so I'm sure I could decorate like this.  I would omit the bobbles though... just not my cupaT.

Well, I hope you are all happy and peaceful in the Lord.  Blessings! Wen

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