Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yes! I wacked the Neibling!

Some of my friends couldn't believe I was knitting a Neibling, said he was difficult.  I found this shawl really simple once I got going and understood the different symbols.  So if that has held you back in the past, I highly recommend you try one now.  I go way back with Peacocks so the pattern was a no brainer for me.
  Most of his patterns were for doily's but I wanted a shawl.  So I knit the circular and I don't like double layered shawls so I HAD to chop it up!  First I sewed up the center and around the neck and back down the center.
   Then I CHOPPED IT!  yup, I chopped lace.  :-) LOL so long as your stitch length is on the smallest it can go without stopping all is well. 

It just looks scary.  At some points I'd wished I'd have gone with a black thread so that I could see it better but I just chopped away merrily thankful that it was going to be done soon.
 So here it is blocking.  The quilts show through which isn't helping you to see the pattern but I love this thing.  The bed it's on is a Cal King XL... tell you anything about the size???  :-)  The yarn is from ColourMart.... 100% baby merino.  It seems as if it had never been washed as there was a TON of dirt coming out.  Yes DIRT! It wasn't just the spinning oil which I expected.  Before washing and conditioning the yarn was harsh on the hands.  Now it is very soft and has a lovely. My conditioner leaves Pixy Dust behind too... gentle little shimmer.  LOVE IT.

See the peacock feather?  
SO ME!!!  It's massive.  DD measured from the neck down the front and it will hang well below my knees.  It's a nice,,, come here and snuggle me shawl.  I love that the eyelet areas are so sturdy and well defined.   Needless to say I have another OTN and will be working my way through the blue book I have of his patterns.  The new one is done in #30 cotton thread, pink and ecru strips.  No I can't just knit something simply, they all have to be difficult.  LOL as you can see from the black peeping through the bottom of the above photo.  I did a bit of color work in there to have the black start where I wanted it to.  
  Shortly I will be sharing one that DD is making in silk.  LOVELY!!  I love them both and I highly recommend you knit one.


  1. It looks great, boy scary to cut, but it sure turned out nice!

  2. You did it!!! Amazing :)
    <3 Anick

  3. oh, wendy, completely gorgeous!!!