Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What a Happy Day

It takes very little to satisfy me and make me happy I realize.  Today was one of those days that it just hit me like a ton of bricks that I was happy.  This is an unusual occurrence what with all the pain of my ailments and various items which could be considered worrisome.

Not today though.  Today my little world was full of enjoyment.  Right out the gate I had a pot of orange tea (a birthday gift from a dear friend) that started the day in my lovely little holly pot.  The top of the pot is so much fun, there's a mini tea service on the top... too endearing.

Later I realized that one of the annoying little hindrances in FarmVille had been undone and the bushels were back.  This makes baking much easier as you can purchase the bushels in FV instead of having to get them externally.  I told you they were little things that made me happy.

Come to find that my new favorite game has gotten beyond FaceBooks requirements and gifting and live streaming were now allowed again.  The game is Ravenwood Fair, you clear a spooky forest and create a ReinFaire type of place for your guests, much like Frontierville.  Too cute, lots of fun, very addictive and I highly recommend it if you have the time for that sort of thing.  Ah the little things in life.

So then the big item came... I FINISHED MY WORK!  Yuppers,,, my colorwork sweater that I have been sweating over big time for the last month is finished!  A month in advance!!  It's a lovely forest of its own, all brown and greens... really lovely.  No, you can't see it till it's published.   It's not totally finished as I have it on the floor blocking.  Tomorrow I will set in the sleeves and make neck and front bands.  It just "feels" finished as the bulk of the knitting is complete,  YEAH!  Weird to not have to stay up late knitting tonight.  What fun!

Back to Christmas knitting, I have something like a pair of lined MuckLuk's going on.  Not sure how much like MuckLuks they will look like but they are in the works.  Then there's the new Neibling... and the old one.  Now that I have black dye I can get back to finishing that shawl, can't wait to see this one as it's still wrinkled and you can't really get a good look at it.

The next "work" project is love project.  It's a test knit of love for a book which will be published next year and a project for a friend.  Another project which can't be shown but will be very much enjoyed.  I'm thinking of using some left over brown from the Winter Goddess KAL yarn that I have still.  Or just cream which will show off the lace and then I can dip dye it,,, or not,,,, after the photo shoot.  

AHHHHHHH what a life.

Lastly I had fun with a Dickens of a Christmas.  For months I have been thinking that I have to make this Christmas really special for the family.  This is going to help me immensely.  Check out the link to my favorite podcaster, she links a few others as well.  MamaO and Craft Lit  Enjoy this one kiddies... you can get lost in those links and all those lovely recipes.  Be sure to check out the 21st Century Housewife's recipe for Christmas pudding.  I have LONGED to do this but it's so labor intensive and seems like it would be rather pricey so I will be looking for a canned version online.  :-)

Regarding the last paragraph I learned about RSS feed FINALLY today.  I think I must be the very LAST person on the planet to learn what it means and more importantly "how" to utilize it.  I now have a ticker at the bottom of my screen which show's the "Dickens" blogs and their updates.  How cool is that?  A bit distracting but I bet I get used to it.  I love that I will now be able to follow my favorites immediately.  TOO COOL!

Also for Christmas this year, I made DD a lovely green and blue tartan, taffeta skirt which has a gold beaded velvet belt and a black top to complete the outfit.  It's just gorgeous on her!,,, yes there will be photos this time.  She will be able to wear it for the Holidays and any parties she will be attending.  She's singing with a mixed adult and childrens choir this year and wanted to wear it for the singing but they are having outfits so that didn't fly.

YUP, really easy to please.  Really simple to make me happy.  It literally doesn't take much.  The day ended with my beloved walking through the door with Shane's present I had ordered (his b-day's tomorrow not a moment too soon) and CHOCOLATE!  Is that not a day from heaven?  If not I don't know what would be!

Have a lovely evening all!  Blessings all round.


  1. There is a saying that when you smile, you make those around you smile too. Thank you for making me smile today.

  2. Gorgeous! I can't believe you cut lace! Lots of work in there, my friend! Just beautiful!