Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Neibling on DD

Just dawned on me that ya'll didn't get to see the finished product off the bed.  Here she be.

 It's massive and I adore it. I haven't stopped wearing it since I got it off of the bed!!!

Tea for Two

What could be better after the first snow of the year then Tea for Two?

  The only thing I can think of is adding in Dickens a Christmas Carol!  The book you see is from the mid 1800's and somehow it made it into my library.  It's so GRAND! with all the tissue covered ink drawings.  I ADORE books as my groaning bookcases throughout our home will testify.  If you look behind our tea party you will see a bit of a 15' long, 10' high book case in the dining area.  There are plenty more bookcases strewn throughout the house as well. 

I have two great friends who always remember me on my birthday.  They are much beloved and know who they are so I wont name them here.  I can only thank them for being so diligent and keeping on with their tradition of tea.  The photo here was tea for my beloved daughter and I.  You can see a couple of my birthday presents there... the orange tea which has lovely spices in it.  Then on the right you can see the mulling spices... which will be used tomorrow in cider.  I normally make my own and will probably add cinnamon sticks and orange spices to float on the top.  This will simmer and smell the house up real good.  Then it will be the drink to go along with the pies for desert.

I'm glad someone can sleep tonight.  He hopped right into those pj's quickly as he'd just come in from his last potty run and it's all wet and dizzily out there.  The temperature is only 37 so unless it drops a good bit the children will have to wait for snow. 
My mother is coming up to share Thanksgiving with us and I had so wanted it to snow for her.  Hubby was able to get us a few turkeys so we are set till summer,,, perhaps till next November if I'm really good about it.  I believe we have 4 of them.  Such a boon!  
The Menu
  •    I make a moist, juicy wonderful bird!  We cook it breast down in a bag so that it's always done to perfection.  I believe he's 24 pounds?
  •    The stuffing is very moist, just the way we like it.  
  •    The gravy is made from simmering the giblets while the turkey cooks to make a stock.  This stuff's unbelievable!  I can't remember how I learned to cook it but it's so worth the extra work. 
  •    Dinner drinks are Martinelli's of course and my son makes a sparkling punch.  
  •    Mashies are a must here as well as King's Hawaiian rolls to go with the gravy.  :-)  
  •    Lightly steamed broccoli with a touch of butter and steak seasoning... you can not believe how stupendous organic broccoli is when done this way! 
  •   Corn on the cob which we do up with mayo, butter, Parmesan cheese and a touch of chili powder, NUM!  Totally from L.A.
  •   Baby carrots done in butter and brown sugar.  
  •   Hum, did he get the yams?  If so I will do up a yam, spiced, pineapple covered with marshmallows type of thing. 
  •   I believe mom's bringing up some cranberry's or we will slice the canned kind.  
  •   Then for desert we have the mulled cider, home made apple and pumpkin pies with whip cream, YUM! 
Just need to make sure Mr. Bird is totally defrosted today, make the pies and set up a time schedule so we don't forget anything.

What fun!  I don't get to cook often but when I do... LOOK OUT!!!!  This will give us food for weeks to come.  What a pleasure that will be... heat and eat.  I hope you all enjoy the time off, enjoy your family and good food, and are thankful for another day here.  Be thankful.  If you aren't and your are grousing... take a few minutes and write some things you are grateful for.  Here I will get you started, post them in the comments if you'd like.  I'd love to see that you actually did it.  ;-)  Not that I believe you'd shirk... after all it is Thanksgiving.
  1) I woke up this morning
  2) The sun was shining and everything was as it's supposed to be.
  3) .... now your turn.... through 10!,,, no shirking here! 

"God bless you everyone!"

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yes! I wacked the Neibling!

Some of my friends couldn't believe I was knitting a Neibling, said he was difficult.  I found this shawl really simple once I got going and understood the different symbols.  So if that has held you back in the past, I highly recommend you try one now.  I go way back with Peacocks so the pattern was a no brainer for me.
  Most of his patterns were for doily's but I wanted a shawl.  So I knit the circular and I don't like double layered shawls so I HAD to chop it up!  First I sewed up the center and around the neck and back down the center.
   Then I CHOPPED IT!  yup, I chopped lace.  :-) LOL so long as your stitch length is on the smallest it can go without stopping all is well. 

It just looks scary.  At some points I'd wished I'd have gone with a black thread so that I could see it better but I just chopped away merrily thankful that it was going to be done soon.
 So here it is blocking.  The quilts show through which isn't helping you to see the pattern but I love this thing.  The bed it's on is a Cal King XL... tell you anything about the size???  :-)  The yarn is from ColourMart.... 100% baby merino.  It seems as if it had never been washed as there was a TON of dirt coming out.  Yes DIRT! It wasn't just the spinning oil which I expected.  Before washing and conditioning the yarn was harsh on the hands.  Now it is very soft and has a lovely. My conditioner leaves Pixy Dust behind too... gentle little shimmer.  LOVE IT.

See the peacock feather?  
SO ME!!!  It's massive.  DD measured from the neck down the front and it will hang well below my knees.  It's a nice,,, come here and snuggle me shawl.  I love that the eyelet areas are so sturdy and well defined.   Needless to say I have another OTN and will be working my way through the blue book I have of his patterns.  The new one is done in #30 cotton thread, pink and ecru strips.  No I can't just knit something simply, they all have to be difficult.  LOL as you can see from the black peeping through the bottom of the above photo.  I did a bit of color work in there to have the black start where I wanted it to.  
  Shortly I will be sharing one that DD is making in silk.  LOVELY!!  I love them both and I highly recommend you knit one.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What a Happy Day

It takes very little to satisfy me and make me happy I realize.  Today was one of those days that it just hit me like a ton of bricks that I was happy.  This is an unusual occurrence what with all the pain of my ailments and various items which could be considered worrisome.

Not today though.  Today my little world was full of enjoyment.  Right out the gate I had a pot of orange tea (a birthday gift from a dear friend) that started the day in my lovely little holly pot.  The top of the pot is so much fun, there's a mini tea service on the top... too endearing.

Later I realized that one of the annoying little hindrances in FarmVille had been undone and the bushels were back.  This makes baking much easier as you can purchase the bushels in FV instead of having to get them externally.  I told you they were little things that made me happy.

Come to find that my new favorite game has gotten beyond FaceBooks requirements and gifting and live streaming were now allowed again.  The game is Ravenwood Fair, you clear a spooky forest and create a ReinFaire type of place for your guests, much like Frontierville.  Too cute, lots of fun, very addictive and I highly recommend it if you have the time for that sort of thing.  Ah the little things in life.

So then the big item came... I FINISHED MY WORK!  Yuppers,,, my colorwork sweater that I have been sweating over big time for the last month is finished!  A month in advance!!  It's a lovely forest of its own, all brown and greens... really lovely.  No, you can't see it till it's published.   It's not totally finished as I have it on the floor blocking.  Tomorrow I will set in the sleeves and make neck and front bands.  It just "feels" finished as the bulk of the knitting is complete,  YEAH!  Weird to not have to stay up late knitting tonight.  What fun!

Back to Christmas knitting, I have something like a pair of lined MuckLuk's going on.  Not sure how much like MuckLuks they will look like but they are in the works.  Then there's the new Neibling... and the old one.  Now that I have black dye I can get back to finishing that shawl, can't wait to see this one as it's still wrinkled and you can't really get a good look at it.

The next "work" project is love project.  It's a test knit of love for a book which will be published next year and a project for a friend.  Another project which can't be shown but will be very much enjoyed.  I'm thinking of using some left over brown from the Winter Goddess KAL yarn that I have still.  Or just cream which will show off the lace and then I can dip dye it,,, or not,,,, after the photo shoot.  

AHHHHHHH what a life.

Lastly I had fun with a Dickens of a Christmas.  For months I have been thinking that I have to make this Christmas really special for the family.  This is going to help me immensely.  Check out the link to my favorite podcaster, she links a few others as well.  MamaO and Craft Lit  Enjoy this one kiddies... you can get lost in those links and all those lovely recipes.  Be sure to check out the 21st Century Housewife's recipe for Christmas pudding.  I have LONGED to do this but it's so labor intensive and seems like it would be rather pricey so I will be looking for a canned version online.  :-)

Regarding the last paragraph I learned about RSS feed FINALLY today.  I think I must be the very LAST person on the planet to learn what it means and more importantly "how" to utilize it.  I now have a ticker at the bottom of my screen which show's the "Dickens" blogs and their updates.  How cool is that?  A bit distracting but I bet I get used to it.  I love that I will now be able to follow my favorites immediately.  TOO COOL!

Also for Christmas this year, I made DD a lovely green and blue tartan, taffeta skirt which has a gold beaded velvet belt and a black top to complete the outfit.  It's just gorgeous on her!,,, yes there will be photos this time.  She will be able to wear it for the Holidays and any parties she will be attending.  She's singing with a mixed adult and childrens choir this year and wanted to wear it for the singing but they are having outfits so that didn't fly.

YUP, really easy to please.  Really simple to make me happy.  It literally doesn't take much.  The day ended with my beloved walking through the door with Shane's present I had ordered (his b-day's tomorrow not a moment too soon) and CHOCOLATE!  Is that not a day from heaven?  If not I don't know what would be!

Have a lovely evening all!  Blessings all round.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The MASSIVE stash overhaul

Yesterday I organized all my yarn and roving, no make that more like my children did all the hauling.  I just orchestrated from the chair with my laptop and camera.   GET THIS!  We had breakfast then dug in and it took us ALL DAY LONG to finish it, we didn't even stop for lunch.  I had to call DH and beg for him to bring home dinner... not something I ever do but I just could NOT even lift a finger once I collapsed. 

My Stash (of course with a capital S) is massive.  It's SABLE, Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy.  Has been since I got hooked on knitting, crocheting and spinning.  I went NUTS!  Now I don't have to buy yarn I just have to find it!  Which was the challenge.  Then too I would buy something that I loved dearly and forget I bought it and buy it again!  NO MORE!  Now we have a grid, photos, lists and soon will have a notebook full of all this totally organized, lovely information. 

We use the large Rubbermaid type of tote to contain the little beauties which keeps all critters, moths and other undesirables from the stash.  Now it's all gridded and photographed and described.  The roving and crochet thread are on the left and the wool is on the right.  The acrylic (little that's left) is under the recycling!  I actually got a massive gardening garbage bag full of 2 totes of the acrylic to give to some friends who have gone crazy over crocheting and knitting hats on looms.

Today I'm going to binder the photo's and put all the photos by their descriptions.  Which I will grab next time we are evacuated for a fire.  :-)  We are talking a great deal of money here so this will be a great help to replace it should it ever go up in smoke.  

Now whenever I need sweater or sock yarn I can look through the book, find it and then ask the children for it.  I will be able to say ok... go get these 2 skeins of Fleece Artist which are in B4, back row, right side.  HAHA WHAT FUN!!!!  I can't believe it actually happened.  I have been wanting to do this for years.  I still have one tote in the house and 2 underbed storage boxes but they will be simple enough to put into the grid as they just need to be photographed now.  Although one of them's full of patterns that go with the yarn... kits that I purchased.  I will have to figure that one out.  Or the patterns could go into the back of the binder.  

I ache everywhere,,, I ache in places that I didn't know I had muscles.  You should have seen me last night, what a wreak.  Even with the children doing most of the work I still moved a great deal more then normal.

My birthday passed.  I don't want to say much more then that as it went down as possibly the worst one in my long history due to various and sundry events surrounding the day.  My friends came over unexpectedly with cake and presents which was swell.  They are wonderful balm.  I love my friends.... they are good people.

Almost finished with my work knitting.  It's a color work sweater in greens and browns on size 3's.  I finished the body and have about 3" of the sleeves done.  I'm doing them 2 at a time so that all the increases hit correctly and all that.  Plus once they are done they are done.  :-)  Which is always a good thing.

Well speaking of it, I really should be working.