Thursday, September 9, 2010

An Update

Sorry it's been so long but I haven't recovered from Dad's passing and keep having to go out (doctors) which makes me have a week in bed so here I am, finally!  Not up to snuff but there's so much to show you that I'm forgetting what the names of the patterns were!

I actually forgot that this is Birches! DUH  it's a 100% cashmere shawl which is real warm and snuggly.  I used up all but INCHES of the yarn!!!! It's that good.  I left it hanging to remind me that it's lovely yarn and to be good to it.  I did more pattern repeats, border and edging to use it all up and man is it soooooo worth it NUM!!

Here are 2 different black hats I made up a week or so ago.  Not sure if we will be wearing them to the funeral or not but they are there if we want them and black is so versatile that I'm sure they will get good mileage.  Since it's in LA I thought cotton hats would be nice... but the weather has taken a turn into Fall in these last few days.  It was actually in the 60's this morning when I finally dragged my carcass from bed at 10.  That tells me that Fall is just around the corner.  I will miss all the leaves but it's fun to have seasons.  The children will revel in the snow and me with our wood burning stove!

This is a crochet scarf that I just had to start.  The  yarn is a lovely Fleece Artist with silk in it.  They don't feel great till after the first wash.  I love the way this is coming together.  It's in my head not written any place.

Here we have my Lizard Ridge afghan.  I decided to make it up in stripes rather then in blocks as you have to sew them all together at the end.  To that I say PHOEY!  I'd much rather be done when I'm done.  This is the first strip... been pulling out my UFO's of late and wanting this for the winter so it's a must do but lately I got derailed from it with this next item....
Is it not sooooooooo worth it!!!  I adore this pattern.  As soon as it was posted in ILS I knew I was going to HAVE to make it.  So I went stash diving and immediately had Shane cake up the yarn.  DD found me 11 ounces of this lovely unnamed fingering that feels like it might have some cashmere in it  LOVE IT!  I started on Sunday.  This is the center square and then you work the sides.  I'm almost finished with the first side already!  YUP addicting and I can't recommend it enough.  It's Tibetan Clouds by Silva Harding and was published recently in Womans Day.  You can find it through a search or on

This is clue one of MS19, I'm currently almost finished with clue 2... these photos' should have been posted last week... I'm a little slow on the uptake here.  Sorry about that but I'm sure you all understand as my ailments have been severe with me and I haven't been able to do much more then get up knit and go back to bed.  I will have to get you more photo's next week.  Well no, that might not happen as we will be going to the Memorial service for Dad on Saturday which will put me in bed for a week so you might not here from me for another week.  Hang in there,,, I'm told it get's better.

On to family.  :-)

When Mom was up last weekend Kev took them on a drive to show Mom the local haunts.  One of the places he took her was deep into the mountains.

DD loved this shot.  Can't say as I know why but it was one of her favorites.  She likes to photo everything while they are away from me to show me when they get home.  I love her!  She's always thinking of me and tending to me.  What a joy my dear daughter is.


They then got out of the car and got very undignified!!!  but had so much fun doing it.  :-)  Mom turned into a little girl again and actually picked up sticks and stones and turned them into other then... a crystalline rock became marble and a stick became a gun.  Another became a rod!  LOL I think we have poisoned her for good and all.

The tossed rocked down the hill... got too close to the edge too as you can see.

Then they became hunter, gatherers and brought home a good many pine cones.

On the way home they stopped in for a pizza!

I can safely say that a good time was had by all.

Lastly I have to share my Fur with ya'll.  Furball is LittleMan's son and he is very shy and retiring.  Rarely comes out... for us let alone for company.

So he surprised Mom with a visit.  Mom sits just to the right in a chair there by the window when she comes over.   You can see the pill holder (butter colored saucer shaped thingy) I gave her and a wee bit of her blue water glass.  The plant is the cats "Nip".  :-)  They don't just eat it but here as you can well see Fur likes to put his face into it and LAY IN IT!!!!  Crazy cat!  The stuff stinks to high heaven!!!

No accounting for taste is what I have heard.  Seems very true in this case.

Now on to an item that I dearly love... we call them squiggly trees and one day I will have to get their real name for you.  Years back DH bought me some flowers for V-day... there were these sticks in the bouquet.  Once the flowers were gone I noticed that the sticks now had ROOTS!!  LOL never had that happened in a cutting bouquet before so I decided I wanted the gift that keeps on giving and rooted them well.  Then I transferred them to a pot with good potting soil in it and they just kept growing.  In the Spring of that year we planted the two in the back yard.  They are about as high as the house now and they are called squiggly due to the leaves being curly as well as the trunks!!!  WEIRD trees!  They are willow like and just lovely!  So now when we want a fast growing tree to form a natural privacy screen we just take cuttings and root them!  We have 4 more on the side of the house now and I have 2 in a pot and 2 in the sill rooting!  I think that they make grand presents,,, they are the gift that keeps on giving.

Have a great day and enjoy yourself... where you are,,, regardless of your condition in life!

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  1. Wow, Wendy, the projects look beautiful. You sure have been busy! Enjoyed the pics of your family's outing. Looks like they had lots of fun!