Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Another Day

Well kiddies... all day long I have been trying to steer clear of blogging and well... here I am.  I just couldn't do it.  I'm in a great deal of pain from all the activity over the weekend and I expect that will be gone by next Tuesday, meanwhile I'm laying low and trying to stay put in bed.  I had a nice relaxing day.

You know what that means for me though.  I couldn't take the scraggly thin ends of my hair any longer and so I chopped them off and cut a bit of bangs in too.  Seems it will grow for a year and come down to a single strand and I will have to whack it off again in hopes that it will get more healthy.  I really need to take some hair supplements which I will begin to research here shortly.  The hair is much easier to take care of and still falls below my shoulders which is good.

After that I took a long hot shower on my shower chair and relished the shorter... less tangly hair.  What with wacking off all of the fizzy parts it was just WONDERFUL to wash.  Then I picked out one of my favorite outfits which is a lovely old fashioned, vertically striped skirt.  It's gored so the stripes come together in points.  Of course I had to have my favorite top which is a silk one that I knit... it has floophy lace sleeves, velvet ribbon at the wrist and lace that hangs over my hands... so feminine.  I love this outfit.

During my bed rest I listened to a book on my Ipod and knit on my KAL... MS19 clue 3, clue 4 comes out on Saturday but I can guess what it is so I will probably have it done by then.  This to be able to get back to my Tibetan Clouds which I'm sorely missing!!!

Not at all like the days when I used to say I'd washed the house down inside and out... made shopping runs and 40 loaves of bread!  HAHA but I'm happy to have at least gotten a shower in today.  It's been a good day.  I have to look at the positive and not dwell on the pain and being bed ridden and all.  If I focus on the good ... good will be found. 

Something that made me smile today... at one point, after I had dressed... I had the windows open and the breeze was wafting through my hair.  I found myself completely and utterly content.  No need to dwell on the pain and hurt.... rather to look for the good is best I can do some days.   

So, I have been in bed all day and I look forward to being in bed all day tomorrow.  BUT I hope to sleep all day long tomorrow.  I have all this stuff I take (protein energizer, etc) to make me stay awake in the day.  Well today I didn't take anything and I'm a hoping and a praying that I will be able to sleep all day long (off and on).  So that come Friday I will be well enough to see my eldest and his girl.

 Come to realize that I need to look into supplements that will help me with my frizzy, thin "I'm not going to grow and you can't make me" hair!  :-)  In my searching I came across something I LOVE and I just have to share it with you.  Recipe software  I used it and my virus scan didn't come up with anything.  I LOVE this program.  It's a shareware and so free to use.  Then there's a database full of great homemade recipes of wonderful looking and sounding body care products.  I LOVE THIS!  I all all of the ingredients needed for a great many items and have been saving lip balm containers for a long time.  For fun I put a body spray recipe card into the file and sure enough it popped right in there!  Some of the stuff might be a bit off, I didn't have enough time to go through all of it but you are discerning and shouldn't have any trouble with that.

Another thing I love was this Jacquie Lawrence card that I got.  Not sure if you will be able to see this or not but it's all 50 states flowers made up into a bouquet.  How COOL is that!!

Mom and her girls after Dad's service.... nuff said.    Have a great week.

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  1. What a beautiful picture! Your outfit is so pretty!