Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Catching Up

Well kiddies, it's been too long as usual and now I have a ton of photo's for ya'll.
I went on a Herbert Neibling freak out and ended up HAVING to cast on as soon as the book came in.  This is from page 72 of the blue book of his patterns.  It's just the beginning and of course it's double the size now as I took this last week.  It's a peacock eye pattern.  I'm doing it in baby merino and will likely whack up the center to make it into a shawl as it's a round and I don't like round shawls so much so if I end up wanting to wear it ... must needs whack it!  It was supposed to be a table cover but I like wearable more.  Since working on this I realize how very simple his patterns are and will probably make this oval pattern for my coffee table next.  Or possibly a #30 crochet thread and a standard  doily. Haven't decided but will surely work my way through this book as it's wonderful. I bought it from

 This is a present... it's just a K2P2 ribbed hat but the fun part is the yarn... I wound it up into a ball and tossed it into a dye pot ages back.  It's pure merino and sooooooo soft.  I think that the special little boy will enjoy it.  The pom pom is likely to be really colorful.

Another special present.  I worked on these while spending the day in the ER for chest pain... came out with possible gallstones so we are waiting for a doctor to scan me next.  Anyway these are a two ply with the softest merino hand dyed inside (you can't see all the different colors in the black) for the foot.  The leg will get the teal and then the brown is for the outside, cream for the top... complete with no skid bottoms.  Should be a real hit come Christmas time.

My Knit The Classics list on Yahoo Groups is doing a Miss Marple knit a long and I designed this sweet ascot for my item for our KAL.  The KAL's fun... totally open, any pattern, any start day so long as it's Miss Marple.  I found a similar looking ascot when I googled her.  I guess one of her movie/TV characters wore one at some point.  So I cast on my hand spun 50/50 cashmere silk that I'd already spun and cranked this lovely ascot out in a day.  I am wearing it.... I have arthritis in my neck and this is just going to get SO much wear time this year.  It keeps my neck and chest real snuggly warm.  Later we are going to make a neck/back rice bag thingy for this bump that's growing at the base of my neck and the arthritis.  I thought just a neck thingy with ties that has a bit of a bulge out the back side, horseshoe shapped.  I will get you photos after sewing that one up.  I think I have to wash the flannel so it might be a bit longer then I'd like it to be.

Meanwhile I'm still cranking away as MS19, about half way through clue 4 now.  Clue 5 comes out in 2.5 days and I hope to be done with 4 when it hits.  

DD finished a sweater with some lovely teal/green/blue yarn that we dyed ages ago.  She loves it!  She made a shawl collar for it.  This sweater was knit in the round VERTICALLY!  Fun eh!  More photo's to come.

I have been wanting to spin like mad of late but haven't been feeling at all up to it.  I didn't recover from Dad dieing and then one thing after another seems to keep coming up for me to deal with... the latest a possible gall bladder surgery... which I don't understand at all cause this is what we eat.  :-)  Just had to share... I love my children!!!  This was an awesome meal.
LOL you can see MS19 just there on the right of the photo... always in view.  Well kiddies, I'm exhausted  so no real chit chat from me.  I hope you are having a grand day and are peaceful in the Lord.


  1. Your ascot is so pretty. You are so talented to design it yourself! Love the colors in the ribbed hat, too!

  2. Hi Wendy from Briana. I think that meal looks delicious! You are blessed!- Briana

  3. OK, so you think Niebling patterns are easy??? Wow, I must adjust my concept of hard! How do you whack it up the center without it unraveling? I mean, it's not like it has a steek and facings, right?

    Also, I am in love with the ascot, want the pattern, of course, and am wondering if Mom would like it.

    Sorry for gallstones, arthritis, and other miscellaneous nasties.... Love, K

  4. Well I got new for you.... DD is only 13 and she's doing a Niebling in silk... she says it's easy too! :-) So have you tried it? You might want to try it.

    YES I'm going to whack it! I'm going to sew up the front... circle the center and back down... then I can grosgrain or just finish it and VIOLA a shawl.

    Still aint sent you the skunk. :-)