Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A New blog???

Well I surely didn't think I'd end up using this blog as I have had it forever!  Years I believe and never made a post.... well, here I am.
Yesterday we went outside.  Normally I can't do heat over 80 degrees but it was only 82 and the children turned on the misters.  The sunflowers above were planted by the birds... then we took over and planted a zillion more!
See how blue our sky is?

DD lured the hummingbirds here this year.  I have tried and failed for the last 6 years!   :-(  It's so nice to have them here.  She's got three feeders going and learned early on that you have to separate them.  So now there's one in the back yard and two in the front... one being a window feeder so that I can see them from my chair.  I LOVE the hummers.  She's adores them.  I ended up buying her a few books off of to get her studying them.  Then had her construct a life note book which she carries around and can write down all the important things in life.  :-)  She wants to be an Ornithology Major so I'm helping her out with what she needs... but we will have to see what life hands her and God wants of her.

It's great in my yard, my DH built a small bird bath into the ground right next to the bird feeder, so they are kept happy.  The bees, wasps, hummers and bumblebees LOVE our place.  It's so nice setting on the chair just under the mister with my face turned towards the sun and hearing all the insects and hummers buzzing around me.  There's just nothing like it.

This is where we spend our time outside.  This was my mothers day gift this year.  They did a lot of work on the barren ground to get here.  My family is the best.

I love my little haven of rest.  There's a 2 person covered swing to the left that you can't see.  There are two outdoor wicker rockers on the porch and two benches under the trees to the left.   Many places to sit depending on where the sun is.

If you look closely you can see my little Yorkie Boopie in the shadows there by the flowers.  He's my constant companion and takes good care of his ailing Mum.  :-)

If you look really closedly you can see next years veggie garden.  See that box just by the trees there on the right?  Kevin tore up my old garden as the boxes were very close to the ground and built this one up for me.  Next year he's going to fill it chock full of potting soil (it's 3/4's full now) and I will be able to set out there and garden a bit from my wheelchair.  :-)  Can't wait!!!!

Well here's a bit of what I have on my needles at present.

 From Goddess Knits by Renee Leverington
This is MS 18, through clue 3. I love this red!  I dyed this last year (100% merino 2 ply) when I was still able to walk about a bit.  The camera washed it out it's a much deeper, more lovely red.  I have had no problem keeping up with this KAL getting it done by the night after the clue comes out... even though it's 3/4ths of a square.

This is MS 17 which is a heavily beaded tencel thread in royal blue.  I'm down to the very last few rows.  I try to pick it up and my mind will scramble and I wont be able to knit on it.  (ailments again)  It will get done eventually.  I don't consider this a UFO yet... it's just a WIP as it's not been put away.

We knit this one at:
come join us.
This is the ILShawl redux as this is the second time around for me.  I did my first one from a kit I bought from Sarah's Yarns.  She gives our group a discount which you can get too if you sign up.  This KAL will be officially open on 10-1-10

Bell Pattern Shawl

This is another KAL with my ILS group, we are currently knitting this one.  The pattern is readily available on the net.  I love this shawl as it's a fast one.  ONLY ONE skein of Noro sock  yarn and VIOLA fini!  Can't get any better then that!!!

 Well that's enough for a first post I think.  :-)  Been saving it all up for a long time now.  Have a super dee dooper day!!!


  1. Just lovely, Wendy! (And how lucky are you to have those great mountains just out your back door!)

  2. Very nice, Wendy! I love your garden spot and really like the ILS in different colors like you are doing. I did my first one close to the original pattern colors. I would like to experiment with other colors on the next one. Barb H., NM

  3. Love all the pics! What a haven you have there. The shawls look fabulous!

  4. Wendy, Katie is getting so grown up and you haven is so beautiful. Your shawls look so pretty. I am sending you (((((hugs)))))
    Linda in WI