Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lebec Fire Day 2

We just came back from driving to the back of the canyon.  The air strike started at about 7:30 but didn't get into full swing till about 8:30.  The fire is still smoldering all over and now the winds are back in full effect.  It's very windy here on a daily basis and they normally start up at 10am.  The photos that follow were taken early,,, before the winds kicked up again.

Fire units have been called in from far and near.  The furthest away that I saw was Big Bear Hot Spots.  We have Kern, LA, Cal and a few others that I didn't get close enough to see.  The firemen are all so friendly, stopping to chat and all waved at us.  The neatest thing I have seen so far is the Omnithopter, that's what I like to call it anyway.  :-)  It's a red helicopter with 2 sets of blades.  How futuristic is that for you?  Very Avatar eh?  Hey, did you see it's hitting theaters again?  With more scenes (like there wasn't enough to start with LOL) and it's in IMAX.

This is the fire in front of our home as of yesterday.  You can just see the top of the shed across the street.  Once we saw this we were outta here.  :-)

Another one from yesterday.  The house on the right is our home.  The next door neighbors is front and center... just to the left of their home is where we saw the wall of flames.

Ok, back to this morning... can you see the fireman on the left?  He's shooting foam into an oak that got gutted!  The foam was going into the top and coming out of a hole at the base of the tree.  The firefighters are doing a great job at cleaning up the hot spots.  I hope none get out of their control as there are many homes back in the back of the canyon yet. 

This is the spot where the fire started... possibly from knuckleheads stupidity?  :-(  I thought perhaps someone tossed a lite cigarette from a car?

This is our friend Mikes home.  You can see how close it got there on the left... right up to his tree!  Way too close for comfort.  He was out there on his tractor messing with the dirt yesterday.  A fireman told him that he had done a great job on weed control and his neighbor had not.  That they would do everything necessary  to save Mikes home whereas someone who didn't do weed clearance would be a lower priority.  Not quite in those words, I sweetened it up for you but you get the gist.

This photos just for fun, it's a lovely Hacienda at the back of the canyon which comes complete with FOUR addresses!!!  Takes up a good bit of land and is just as lovely as this gate.  I only wish I'd thought to take more photo's of it for you.  This home sprawls and is just lovely.  Complete with bell tower, exterior fire pots many other architectural detailing and lovely mural tiling.  The guy on the right is made of metal!

This is one of the service garages associated with the hacienda and the only out building which isn't covered with the lovely Spanish tile roof.  From here you can see how close the fire got to them.  When we passed there were people digging to get rid of more weeds around the property.

Tired of all the fire information?  :-)  The good Lord willing and the creek don't rise and I will have more knitting photo's for you next time.  We have two finished that I need to share with ya'll.  Have a blessed day.

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