Friday, August 27, 2010

ILS revisited and sunflowers

Well, things are settling down into a routine again.  In a few days I should know if I'm going to have a flare from this week or if all will be well.
Really been itching to show you all these photo's.  Here's my second Icelandic Lace Shawl... LOVE IT!  Here it is on DD.  Below you can see it on the chair out on the front porch.

It's super humongous and so I needed to give you a bit of the scale of things.  It measures over the straight edge almost 3 yards. From neck straight down the middle to bottom 4’1”. Yup massive,,, snuggly.... wonderful shawl! I’m big and I love my shawls big.  The points curl round themselves and there's a bit of a wave border but not a ruffle as I didn't want quite that much fluff there.  Just a subtle hint of fluff.  :-)

This morning I was working on my Bronte shawl.  This is the center square which I will then pick up and knit on my own design for the leaf border.  I just can't see knitting a border then sewing it on forever... all that back and forth makes me a bit nuts too.  I love knitting in the round.

 This afternoon I worked on this cap.  It's going to be very 60's looking with a flat brim coming straight out of it.  Least that's the plan.  We cover and I'm going to Dad's funeral so I'm making several hats from black cotton hoping one of them will do for the LA heat.

The birds planted some sunflowers for us in the spring.  We countered and planted them in various times and places throughout the summer so we always have a fresh crop.  It's so nice to see some peeping up here and there continuously.

I took this photo to get a better shot of AMS10.  Found out that I missed SMS10!!!  Here I thought Renee had taken a break.  This was at the time my hard drive crashed so I'm not surprised I missed it.

Seems I have been recommending some of my favorite things so here's another one.  B. J. Harrison of Classic Tales Podcast is doing the Scarlett Pimpernel.  He's got this real smooth voice... easy to listen to.  I have been listening to the Pimpernel and knitting on my "YOL08" called Birches it's made out of 100% cashmere.... LOVE IT!!!!

Well, I'm off again.  DH is shopping for food (fruits and veggies!!! YEAH) and DS is cooking brownies.  DD is making the flower arrangement much fuller with more roses and sunflowers.  I love my family!!!  I hope you have a great weekend.

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