Thursday, August 12, 2010

Glorious Day

What a wonderful day.  Normally I don't get to do too much due to my ailments but today was different as my Mom's coming for a visit this weekend.  I want us to be able to spend as much time together as possible. What with one thing and another I feel like I have been very productive.  Perhaps not as much as my old Type A self was but we accomplished a great deal today. 

The Three Musketeers,,, Me, Katie (13) and Shane (14) make a GREAT team.  I really don't understand all of that talk about teenagers being terrible.  I have an adult child as well and I have always had a great time with my children.  I have always treated them with respect and as adults perhaps that changes it?  Perhaps the fact that I have to rely on them for all my physical needs?  The Lord knew I was going to need a lot of care and I trained them up from babies to be self reliant.  How funny, this isn't what I wanted to write about but I guess it's what I need to say, eh?   Used to be that I hit the floor running after a good nights sleep.  I still dress to the shoes and try to straighten out the bed at least but there the resemblance to my old life ends.  I don't like to dwell on the bad stuff but rather look for things that I'm still able to do and try to maintain a good outlook.  The children are great, without them I'm not sure I'd be able to get out of bed.

This is such a lovely spot.  I'm out in the front yard on the swing.  The sky is impossibly blue and the sun is just heading to set behind the mountains.  There's two different birds chirping.  One has a complete song to sing.  The other sounds like a blackbird churrip churriping.  A dog at my feet and hummers zooming on me.  What a grand place I live in.  It's 80 degrees and there's a gentle breeze, perfect weather.

Shane came out of his room today holding an gigantic dust bunnie... the largest I have ever seen.  About the size of a large honeydew melon!!!  He said, "Do you think this might be the cause of my allergies?"  HAHA I had a good chuckle over that.  I have repeatedly told him to clean his room... now he knows why and might just get it done,,, ya think?  :-)  He tore the place apart... pulled all the furniture away from the walls and even made his sister help him move the legal size bookcase (6 foot) to the opposite corner.  Rearranged the whole room and cleaned from top to bottom.  Dumped some stuff for the recycling and it's so nice now.  I'm so happy for him as I know he will sneeze less and has learned a valuable lesson, with very little trouble to me.

Peaches... what a harvest this year!  It's the second year we have harvested this peach tree.  It's a white peach so they are very sweet.  The children pulled them all off over a 3 day period as there were so very many of them.  They ended up with about the equivalent of 2 large brown grocery bags!  We didn't bother with the thinning out this year as I figure God made the tree to grow this way,,, I wanted to see what it could do.  The peaches were all about the size of a silver dollar, organic and home grown is unbelievable.

Of course with that many peaches,,, all organic there's a problem right?  There's only four of us... you do the math... NO WAY we could consume all those peaches.  So today was Preservation of the Peach Day, of course no one else knew of this National Holiday, so we took advantage of the fact.  :-)The children washed them all and I had a cookie sheet and a paring knife.  I slit them round and then twisted one half off... the pit popped out with a thumb nail at the point and holding the stem area.... POP... out into the trash can.  It was cathartic... good thing too as there were plenty to be had.  About 100 halves fit onto each cookie sheet.  I only had two sheets and they are now safely going into stasis (yup, Trekkies!)  Then the children got to talking about Peach Cobbler.  I got the recipe from the Fanny Farmer cook book and it's cooling on top of the oven.  From years back I have been into canning so you know I had to put up some preserves.  Uncooked and frozen to preserve some of the vitamins, rather then cooked and loosing them all.  We had a good bit left and have been into fruit pops so up they went,,, into the blender and out into ice cube trays with a toothpick.  SOOOOOOOOO refreshing!  AHHHHH the pleasure of seeing so much accomplished.  I don't get to see this often so this is some kind of milestone or other.

I never tasted produce till we switched to organic.  I had NO idea what I was missing.  I will never forget the first time I had organic broccoli it was a taste explosion in my mouth.  Lightly steamed to bright green with a touch of steak type seasoning and it's grand.  We will never go back to poisoned foods if I have any way of preventing it... including growing all our own food.

.......Just heard what sounds like canon shot?!!!  Weird but rural so it's totally possible.......

Then there's Racky Cacky, he's watching me type... WHO?  WHAT?  HUH?  Yeah, all of the above and then some.  When I was 13 my parents gave me Racky Cacky.  He's a stuffed raccoon who has now seen better days.....

.......Gun shot?  closer, ok we are going inside now... better safe then sorry......

Shane found my raccoon in his room someplace.  Covered in dust!  He vaccummed him off for me... Sprayed him with an air freshener I make from essential oils and water and put him outside in the sun to dry and air out.  I haven't seen him in years so this was a pleasant re-acquaintance.  This is the animal that I slept with for five years until I got BearBear... who took over his place.  BearBear WAS a white bear, he's now an off grayish color, just large enough to go into the crook of my arm and stay there all night.  BearBear has been with me these many, many years... almost 30 years and I never put him away once.  It shows... all his fur is rubbed off where he sets snuggled up next to me.  I can't tell you how many times I have sewn up his neck and tail... and other parts which keep trying to migrate heaven only knows where.  He has been camping, to the hospital, on my Wedding and Anniversary... any time you see a photo of my bed, there's BearBear tucked up by the pillows... course the latest photo's I believe he's been in hiding.

The children washed the floors and cleaned the bathrooms.  We are all spic N span and ready for Mom.  I wanted to make soaps for her but I have a feeling I might just be flat out due to how much I did today.  It doesn't seem like much... back in the day I would have made four batches of preserves and would have done the water bath.  Then instead of just the 8 x 8 peach cobbler it woulc have been peach bread, slow and quick... peach juice, peach this that and the other... not to mention all of the cleaning!  LOL I'm a bit slower now and they say I will only get slower yet.

There is one other note of progress today.... my ILS ... I'm now marching up the Glacier wall!  How well I remember not doing this very well the first time.  I didn't know how to read my knitting and I can't tell you how much more secure I am now, three years later.  It's coming out perfect and I LOVE IT!  I'm using a lightly varigated light blue with hints of purple, it's very nice.  Katie is thinking that she needs to make a skirt of the chervon and purl hole part... just those two pattern areas repeated.  Then she can wear her's as a set so church in the winter.  Me... I couldn't wait to cast on the next thing and have FINALLY cast on for my Autumn Rose pullover colorwork sweater by Eunny Jang.   Of course I have changed all the colors but MAN is it gorgeous.  Not to mention that the directions don't come in my size.  I just went with the largest and upped the needle size.  :-)  I need it a good 2 inches larger so this should be just fine.  I need to buy a lovely shirt with ruffles at the chest as that part is open and I don't like that.  I will have to get you photos' when there are photos to be getting.  What with 320 stitches on size 3's it might take a good bit of time before that happens.  :-)

Ya'll have a great night.  I'm going to sleep well tonight.

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  1. Wendy, those peaches sound heavenly! We got a few of the white ones the other day from Tom's boss. They were good, but tiny! I looked in all my yarns suitable for an ILS and believe it or not, don't have quite enough colors...LOL! That is really funny! I will let the pattern and yarns set a bit and stew and see what I think later on.