Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fire in Lebec headed for Fraiser Park

What a night!  Guess I outta start back a ways.  Late yesterday after I posted the winds kicked back up and the fire raged on.  I was trying to keep a cool head... operative word... TRYING. 

By about 2pm the children were agitated out in the front yard, I heard a shriek and went out as they are normally pretty calm too.  There we stood holding onto each other mouths hanging agog staring at a wall of flames.  They were at least 30-40 feet wide and a got 20 feet high!  I shushed the children and we listened.  THE ROAR OF IT I will never forget it.  The colors can't be described, it's not red, not orange, nor yellow... it's ALIVE!!!  wild and dancing.   The hill to the left of our home was ablaze!  The terror and magnanimity almost brought tears to my eyes.  It ignited me into action and we started to pack we were hauling outta here!!  I only regret that I didn't get a photo of it, AMAZING I will not soon forget this close brush!

My neighbors had been calling ever since the blaze had started, they all know I'm immobile and without a car.  The problem is I can't do heat over 80 degrees as I get really sick, stupid and into so much pain.  I'm not an easy evac with my immobility, 2 teenagers, 2 dogs, 2 cats, food for all and my laptop.  :-)  NO way I was leaving Delilah here!  Not to mention my knitting! The neighbors were great though.  So many called and wanted to know if we were ok and if we had transportation.  I got more phone numbers and e-mail addy's yesterday then I have gotten in all the time we have lived here.  I also found out that one of our neighbors has a new born baby!  I tell you what... all the petty differences DISSOLVE in the face of a major calamity.

So we got all packed into cars and headed out.  We waited at the mouth of the canyon with a bunch of other people who had either just come out or just come home and couldn't get in to feed their animals and remove them.  How sad is that!  BUT it was a horrible fire and with winds made it a living thing.  Raging about us... never safe as just when you think it's gone is flares up into and angry menacing raging living thing.   YIKES! I will never forget.  Anyway... My poor Yorkie was at my feet and he can't sweat.  He was in a bag, good thing I pulled him out and watered him down when I did as he was just shaken and it was so very hot.

Kev finally made it up from LA and we transferred over to him.  He's so funny, he was like a host at a party.  A friend called him a social butterfly... I said YUP, flitting from branch to branch!  The one thing that we couldn't get out that I really needed was my scooter.  There was just not room in any of the vehicles.  So we put it into another neighbors truck.  He had stayed in the canyon and so could then bring the scooter out to the road when Kev slipped through the barrier to get into another neighbors truck to fly up to get it.  Once we got the scooter it was smooth sailing.  I was a mess and was ready to pass out from heat, smoke, etc so Kev checked us into the new Holiday Inn that was just built.  Really nice place, can't recommend it highly enough.  We all got showers and were able to breathe clean air again.  What a relief to be on a bed and out of the furnace. HAHA out of the furnace and into the shower with you!  :-) It was swell.  We all just kicked it till about 9pm and then we were given the all clear and came back home. 

It was so strange... when I got back into the house I went into each room... flipped on the light,,, looked around, smiled, turned off the light and went to the next room.  What was I looking for?  Got me!  Somehow I found peace of mind with that small act.

So, while we are home and Kev is here the fire is only 30% contained.  The winds are non-existent right now and this would be the best time to have the air strike but the skies are free from the copters (weird double blades!) and retardant planes.  In about an hour the winds will pick up and it will be totally out of control again raging for Fraizer Park as we have really hard daily winds.  I can only pray that they have cut enough breaks and that no homes are in danger there.

Here... well, there's lots of smoke, the really thick kind that hangs on the ground.  When I woke it was still dark and looking at the hill that went up in a blaze yesterday, there were a number of hot spots that were glowing red.  So time and the Lord will out. 

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  1. Wow! Glad you and your family are safe and praying for a quick containment to the rest of the fire!