Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fire in the Canyon

Sing it with me....

We knew the job was dangerous when we took it.
But we decided we would over look it.

Baaakk baakkkk bak bak  Super Chicken

Yup really good (bad) fire going here in our canyon.  The heat keeps climbing at 93 marching upwards.  The winds aren't helping any.  It started at the road probably from carelessness and has swept through the canyon to the south of us and has now hit our canyon.  We are socked in with smoke as the wind just blows it up the canyon.  The fires just 2 houses away up the hill a bit.  Prayerfully it wont hit the multitude of homes in the back of the canyon.
Local News

This is the view from inside our house.

Here's the view from my back porch.

 And finally a close up of the flames.... which you can't see for all the smoke.

I'm actually glad it's burning as we haven't had that side of our home burn in recent years.  Seem's it always the canyon to the North that's burning so that one is somewhat safer now.  

Some of you know we don't have a car,,, just want to tell you that I have neighbors who will help if we need to evacuate.  I sure hope it doesn't come to that as I'm high maintenance with my wheel chair, 2 children, 4 pets and a pony!!!  I think we are safe though.  Funny, a guy from church just came over and was totally down, said that he thinks all the houses will burn! WHAT!  Not with our great fire department all over this thing.  AIN'T NO WAY!!! There are about 2 homes which are close enough that I would think that they are threatened.  I'm sure we will be fine, do pray for the houses in the back of the canyon, on that side,,, close to the fire.

While I have been typing things have changed.

As you can see the winds have dyed down and when they blow they are actually blowing in the OPPOSITE direction!!!  I'm so pleased.  There's nothing left to burn there and the houses should all be fine.

We are fine, drinking tea and watching History as the children are done with their homeschooling which they started on yesterday.  For Bible they are doing the Westminster Catechism, which they LOVE.  Kate just told me that she loves that and her History as they make her THINK!  too CUTE!!!

Will post again soon to tell you of all the finished knitting I have done.  :-)

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  1. Wow, that's a bit scary! I'm glad the wind is blowing the other way, now and that your FD will put it out.