Sunday, August 22, 2010

Finishitupitis and mourning

Life must go on right?  I keep crying randomly... so does Mom.  Fortunately she calls and we can talk about Dad.   All these memories have been flooding me.    Knowing he's probably in heaven does help,,, but still.  It's so painful it's been much more difficult then I thought it might be.

We are cleaning out the office so that Mom can have a room here.  She loves coming up for the weekend and we love having her here.  Kev picks her up on a Friday after work, she's only 20 minutes from him and then can drop her off on Monday in the morning so that it's no bother at all to get her.  I'm so glad as we all want her here.  I'm glad to be able to hold her while she cries and even though my voice doesn't work we can talk on the phone, she does most of the talking thankfully so that's good.  She knows my voice doesn't work too long.  I'm looking forward to Labor Day weekend as we can have her for three full days!  :-)
I just didn't expect it to hurt THIS much. I'm blessed with a great man though... he held me for about an hour last night and let me cry and mutter.
One thing you could pray for it you think about it.  My heart has been having more pain then normal.  Part of me wonders if He's not moving Mom here to have her to be able to be here for the children if He wants to take me Home, I'm all for it.  I would be very happy for it as I'm in so much daily pain that it would be a total blessing.  I can't do much more then sit here and knit... pray... write... everyone has to take care of me.  Sad all the way round.  They are doing well though... children are very resilient and never complain.  I'm very blessed with some GREAT family,  I love them all so much.
DD and I love listening to audio books while we knit... we are all listening to books from a GREAT author who I can't recommend highly enough.  We get our books off of for free. What with finances being behaving badly this is a blessing. The current author for us is Wilkie Collins.  WOW what a writer!  Some of his stuff you may have heard of is "The Woman in White" which was made into a movie... black and white.  Totally crazy cause you never really know how it's going to end and you can't guess the right path until it's upon you and there's always a twist at the end.  The other thing I love about him is how long all of his stuff is,,, major listening time required.  We listened to the "Haunted Hotel" recently and are now listening to "No Name".  DD and I love this author!  I razed her one day and told her that I didn't want to listen to anything else and I was going to listen to him at night when I knit after the family is asleep... if looks could kill!  HAHA she's soooooooo hooked, we both are.

On to the knitting and finishitupitis I have going on...
A long time ago I was part of the Cyber Fyber retreat on my Icelandic Lace Shawl group at Yahoo  I have this yarn I have long been wanting to design a real Icelandic Lace Shawl from.  You know,,, the ones that they used to stretch the shawls on those massive square frames.  That type with all the different colors.  BUT instead of the traditional colors I have this lovely baby alpaca lace that I have bought and dyed in shades of pink from light to hot... then light to dark grey.  The Cyber Fyber gift I won was for some of this yarn.  I LOVE it!!!  The winning yarn was medium/dark gray baby alpaca, so soft and wonderful.  So I have had this yarn bought and dyed for like, what, a year at least and started gathering it like 2 years ago.  I was thinking that Barbara Walker book (4?) has all those lace diamonds, the traditional shawl was for squares in different colors... I'm thinking diamonds instead in a large diamond!  Gee has anyone ever made a diamond shaped shawl?  WHAT FUN!  So I would have all these mini diamonds of different colors and different lace within the larger one.  I think it would be SMASHING! 
I have been doing a ton of knitting and have had FINISHITUPITIS going like MAD!!  I finished AMS10
and MS17 which I changed so much that it really can't be called that any more officially.

 The 5th and last clue for MS18 came out yesterday... I'm half way with it and WOWSERS it's the LAST clue so I should finish by tomorrow.  I will then finish mt second ILS (purple and green posted previously) which is in the last half of the border!!! YIPEEEE SKIPPPPPPPE!  These shawls are all from KAL's that I do from Renee Leverington who can be found here.
Then Evenstar (did you know I have two patterns at Earthfaire?) has beads on the border so I will need a break from it and I will work on the Bronte which is in the UFO bin so this is GREAT.  All of this sets me up to the first clue of MS19!... which comes out on Saturday.  Normally I finish the first clue on the same day so I should be back at the Bronte by night fall.  WHOHOOOOOOOOOO!  After all of that I want to design the diamond shawl from the baby alpaca noted above.  GREAT expectations, what! (said in my best English voice).
Lastly I have one other item that I highly recommendation.  The Shake Weight .  It's a bar bell shaped weight which gives more bang for the buck using inertia.   For people who are chair bound this is a great way to exercise.  It seems to be the only thing I'm capable of so I'm well pleased.  It really works.  I know some have looked and thought... ok another useless item but I keep it right here close at hand and try to do it daily.  I need my arms as my legs are fried so this is a total God send as I can't imagine doing a "real" workout with normal weights.  
ENOUGH from me.  Ya'll have a great day!


  1. That lace work is amazing. Very beautiful.

    Sorry to hear about your Dad, I'm sure he is in heaven or as my 4yo said when my Mum passed he has 'gone to God's house'.

  2. Wendy darlin' So glad to 'catch up' with you. Sorry to hear things are sad for you right now. LOVE LOVE LOVE the knitting! You do such amazing work. Hugs hugs hugs.

    Sam Ray