Saturday, August 28, 2010

BBB or my "Busy Bee Baby"

The fires are finally over and the skies are so blue.  There's the constant winds and it's only 70 today.  It's so nice!! What a glorious day.  This is great weather.  I'm glad we live in a place in California where we get the seasons.... but still have nice California weather.  I'm covered in dogs to keep warm and I have my new ILS shawl on.  LOVE IT!!!  I love that it got cool so that I can wear it and have my lap dogs keeping me warm instead of overheating me and having to put the a/c on.
What with all the running around we had to do during the evacuation I'm really sick now.  It takes a few days after over doing it for them to hit and now they are in full effect.  So I will be literally unable to do more then move from the bed to the front for the next week.  Hopefully I will be better by the time my mother comes over for Labor Day weekend.  So I'm focusing on everything but myself today and will continue to do so until I have my body back again.  It's on loan.  :-)
I have the BEST family EVER!!! Right now they are out trying to revive a dying squiggly tree, what's a squiggly tree, well I'll tell ya.  See years back DH brought me home some flowers for Valentines Day I believe it was V-Day.  In the bouquet was this green stuff.  Well by the time I was ready to dump the flowers this twig had roots!!!  I figured that's cool and popped them into a pot.  That summer we planted them in the ground and we now have two large weeping squiggly trees.  We call them that due to the curling of the branches and the leaves.  VERY COOL so we have taken to making more and more of them as they are a fast growing tree which propagates rapidly.  We have given them to friends as well as made a natural screen on one side of the house.  One day they will surround us.  :-)  That will be so nice, I look forward to it.
 My darling daughter has gone nuts over here with here own type of finishitupitis!  She has been so very industrious, you wont believe it so I have photos for PROOF!!
She just redid this stationary type desk, isn't it gorgeous!  It had white out on it and black stamped stuff as it was from a post office originally.  She sanded it and stained and oiled it.  LOVELY now she works at her Spencerian Penmanship with her good ink pens here, the real kind.  She can do her homeschooling when she would like as this is in the front room and she has another desk in her room.  She did these first two projects over this past week or so.
Next up is my desk.  The desk I had been using went to DD and this is the one that had been in the office which is becoming Mom's room.  The children both worked on this one.  I had originally sanded this down back in the ;ate 1980's and the stain on top and edges had worn off completely.  So they sanded it down and stained it back up again.  Looks swell... they just have to find the handle that fell off years back.  Hopefully it's someplace in the depths of the desk and not tossed.  I have been known to do some stupid stuff but that would be the icing on the cake.

This photo is DD's hope chest that we got off of the local Freecycle.  The lady had accumulated many lovely pieces and there were just too many for her to redo.  DD chipped away at it till the lovely wood came through on the top.  She's only been at it for a day now.  Evidently it had been exposed to the weather once upon a time and the result was a bad top.  The lady had started chipping at a small part of it so DD just had to finish the job.  Now she's sanding it down to re-finish it.  I wonder if she will paint it white?  The rest of it is in good condition.  It's a Lane,,, we really scored on this as we'd been wanting one for her for YEARS!!  Now as she learns various types of hand work etc she's putting them into the chest.  Remarkable for a 13 year old.  I just don't understand how teenagers have such a bad name.  Yeah they are moody as the hormones kick in but aren't we all!  

Lastly we let Coco out pony out into the yard yesterday.  He had a field day with the bird seed... totally fell head over heals in love with it.  So saying of course being that big,,, Coco accidentally trashed the bird feeder!  It was second hand and had seen better days.  It was a really cool one but will have to be replaced eventually when we get back on our feet again.  Meanwhile DD popped (or should I say nailed) a pie tin onto the bar and VIOLA, bird feeder.  We are getting FIERCE gusts of wind today and somehow that seed stayed put.  Good on ya girly girl!!  I'm so happy for her learning all this stuff. 
MS19 clue 1 came out today from Goddess Knits.  I'm constantly working on one of her KAL's as I love her patterns.  I can actually knit these!!  Some designers make lace so difficult that it makes you not want to knit lace.  Not so with Renee!  She's wonderfully understandable and I highly recommend her.  I'm soooooo enjoying the new KAL knit.  I'm using a lovely Helens lace from Lorna's Laces it's a 50/50 silk/merino variegated called Black Watch. looks JUST like the woven kilt fabric in the ball, I know cause we are Scottish games fanatics (past tense - for me only) and we were thinking about getting Shane into the Black Watch group.  I believe this is my first stole?? not sure but I'm really enjoying it.  I will have photo's after I get something big enough to get a photo of.
We are going to design a shawl on my Knit the Classics group at Yahoo Groups.  I can't wait it's a  Miss Marple shawl and I have some nummy idears already.  We are just in the brainstorming sessions so that everybody gets their two cents in.  
I posted the pattern for my ILS in the ILS group, that's all done and the border charted.  So now I'm all free to knit on my Bronte shawl and crocheting black hats for the funeral when but not until I'm done with the KAL clue.  LOVE IT!!!
DH shopped last night for food.  GLORY BE!!! We have organic produce again!  That's my primary food intake and when he couldn't shop (due to finances) then I had to eat cooked, dead food.  Nothing wrong with it if it's your bag, just not my thing.  It makes me feel even sicker to eat dead food... and who needs sicker... I have enough of that already.... no need to self inflict more.   ;-)  
 There are some things that we all wanted to try as treats so he got all the fixens for my favorite new chef Aarti Parti.  I think I wrote about her before if not here's a URL for you Aarti Paarti you can find her hand made show on You Tube.  I just can't recommend her enough.  We all love watching the old shows and enjoying their antics.  The children are making her lovely Kulfi pops, here are the pistacho's all shelled and chopped up waiting to decorate the finished product.
Which is in popsicle form and cups as you can see in the freezer waiting for an after dinner treat.  YES I will so eat one of them!  Freshy person or not!  I'm having a pop!!!! NOM NOM NOM as Cafe World says.

Another treat... YUM YUM  Here is the dough from early this morning.  They are out there right now kneading, rolling and twisting and salting.  They had to have their pretzels. ;-)  I believe they wanted cinnamon sugar ones.  Time will out.
For their dinner, they are making soup from a turkey breast bone that DH brought home last night for dinner. This will simmer all day and I will tell them to add stuff to it as the day goes on till they have a lovely "stewp"... my version of stew and soup.  Can't call it either so it's both.  Not a very appetizing photo but hey it will taste great and you gotta give them credit for all of their efforts.
Lastly, probably tomorrow,,, they are making a Lentil baby spinach Indian dish from Aarti... can't recommend her enough.  Go check her out.  
Till next time... go have an adventure for me!!  :-)

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