Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to knitting finally and Finishing!

What fun.  We have a saying around here about four letter words.  Not only are they good but the first is LOVE the second best four letter word is DONE!!

We have been on a finishing streak which I LOVE SOOOOOOOOO much!!

In the order that they came off of the needles.

This is MS18 which is 3/4ths of a square.  It was supposed to have beads but at this point I was beaded out so I skipped them.  Otherwise it's just as Renee intended it to be.

This is the yarn I dyed last year for the WMS09 I loved the colors so I saved one of each for my personal use.  Don't you love this shawl.  As you can see in the photo up above there's plenty to wrap up in on a cold morning.  This is my first red one and it's 100% merino,,, nummy!!!

This one is DD's first ILS shawl, yup she knit the entire thing, she's 13 and I'm real proud of her.  Come join us we are KALing this 10-1-10 on Yahoo Groups in the group IcelandicLaceShawl.  This is my version of the shawl as we used sock yarns size 6 and 8 needles as well as adding tons more pattern repeats to it as well as an entirely different ruffled border.  You can see the ruffle better in my shawl.  We both wanted really large winter shawls so they are great for snuggling times this winter.  They are made from fine Merino, Cashmere and Bamboo.  We weren't even picky about the weights of the yarn so long as it fell into the sock category.  There are some Malabrigo in them which is a fairly light sock yarn. 

This next photo doesn't need explaining but explain I must.  See I'd long been dreaming of having an Iced Carmel Macchiato and well... the dogs ended up with the dregs!  They LOVED it and couldn't get enough of it ... just as we couldn't either.  This was a real treat for us as we rarely indulge in this manner.  Barkie may have "liked" it but Boopie.... he "LOVED IT!"

HAHA isn't this just the living end!!!  I thought this was funny but then this happened when Boopie took over and I didn't know the half of it!


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