Tuesday, December 28, 2010


There is a great deal of frost outside on the grounds, a lovely misty cloud hangs all round me.  Pete (the neighbor) is building yet another structure and I can hear the crew through the double pained windows pounding out a beat.   My trees are all bare and ready for their long winters nap... which is relatively short seeing as we are in the mountains in So. Cal.  :-)

Not sure exactly what it is about designing but I have loved it my entire life.  Everything from drawing to sewing to landscape architecture.  In college I took a life placement type test which showed that was to be my forte'.  Never delved into it but the design aspect is still there not to mention the fact that I did the point and plant for the family to put in most of our trees and roses.  I used to love taking up fabric without a pattern and making it into quilts and aprons.  I love to design PERIOD! 

That said, it should come as no surprise that with the New Year upon me you find me surrounded by all my inspiring items and ready to dig into two new knit patterns!!!  When I sewed a great deal, it never failed to amaze me that a bolt of fabric turned into a lovely ruffled apron.  Or that I could draw something on paper, make up a pattern for it and I would have a lovely head covering.  I can "see" the item in the materials long before it comes to life.  My materials will SCREAM to be heard and will not be satiated until all is said and done.  Only then, with the finished product, are my hands and my mind,,,, happy.

So once again I'm surrounded by all the items that indulge my creativity, my notes, beads, needles, hand spun yarn, silk, rayon, buttons, stitch dictionaries and stitch markers.  All at the ready for the items in my head.  There are two of them bouncing around DYING to be set free!  Both are under a deadline... I need to have sketches and swatches all ready by the end of January.  I thought that with my surgery and Christmas that I'd never have time to crank on them but crank I will.... and today is the day.  I'm back on my bed able to close the door should the natives get restless... my Boo at my side warming my thigh.  It's a good day to be alive.

Well, before it gets too far away from me, let me just recap our Holidays for you.  We are all spread out from one coast to the other.  I enjoy my BestF's company more then most people so she's got an open invitation to my home day or night.  It was just my very immediate family who were invited in for the party on the 23rd.  Our eldest, my BF and her Clan of four, both our Moms and MIL's spouse for a total of 13. 

As you all know I went into the party with the surgery hanging over me.  Even though it was outpatient it was still considered major surgery, I was out and they hauled the dead gall bladder out (what a story that was! It was so engorged he had to siphon some off!!!).    In a few words, I was hurting!  DH gave strict instructions that I wasn't to lift a finger and I wholeheartedly agreed with him, so I enjoyed my guests.

DD and DS had a list of what to put into the oven when and the ingredients that needed to be in which pot.  Somehow they pulled it off, turkey, ham and all the fixings down through two home made pumpkin pies.  My BF was put on gravy boat duty which included making the nummy stuff.  My eldest was put in charge of DaBird! He got it into the oven and FIL carved it up.  I'm not sure who did the ham but the pineapples were run through with the cloves and it was done to a turn.  Everything was wonderful and as we all know, many hands make light work. 

DH had bought me some lovely poinsettia plates that went with the napkins that DD had run up.  The plates are red poinsettias and the napkins are white ones on a black and green background.  It was all so very pretty.  Mom had bought some real "silver" ware at a garage sale and DD had cleaned it up really well.  She wanted to use all the good crystal and silver... it's a higgety piggety bit of stuff but she enjoys it. BF had brought a table that sat 6 and somehow we all manage to sit together.  After dinner there was a work duty and I kept hearing,,, "There's more!"  HAHA (love ya babe!! sorry there was so much work to do).

After an hour or so the children were itching for desert.  LOL at least SHANE was!  HAHA he was pinning for it.  My only requirement was that he make up a big punch bowl of hand made eggnog.  I tell you... it's nothing like the canned stuff and if you haven't had it... try it!  The boys were occupied with some sort of hand held device and yet they were let loose on the eggnog... can you imagine what the first result was?  All they had to do was whip cream... I have a Kitchen Aide and they were at the table... YUP BUTTER!  HAHA but it was fun!  They made butter from the first of the cream!  What a riot, it was so fun seeing their faces.  Yes, you walked away from the cream... something one never does.  Unlike the watched pot that never boils... this stuff will go from whip to butter in a hot minute.  We saved it of course and are using it up... nothing like butter you make yourself.  The second attempt was much more successful and the resulting eggnog supreme!  I think it's safe to say that a good time was had by all.

Speaking of which, fast forward to the end of the day on the 25th.  The children were talking over the past few days and everyone agreed that it was the best time we'd ever had.  They agreed that the presents had nothing to do with it but that they'd just had so much fun with all of the people and doings that they'd never had as good a time.  I have to agree with them.  Even though I was in severe pain (had to clutch my guts to keep them from falling out every time I got up) I wouldn't have changed a thing.  Mom started to cry when she opened her last gift from us... isn't that precious!  I love you Mom!

Fast forward to the evening of the 26th... my mother hugged me good by after her little vacation with us and she said that she'd never had such a good time either!  WOW what a happy little family unit.  I think that's the best praise, remark, whatever that anyone can give... that they had the best time.

Off to designing oooooooo how I enjoy this stuff!  This is going to be a GREAT day!  I only hope you are having half as good a time.  "God Bless us Everyone"!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Party

Hi Kiddies, I hope you are all doing REALLY well today.

For Christmas we are have a few family members over and we have been having fun getting ready.  The children did a bang up job on the house decorations and I ADORE all the lights.

KNIT SIBS!!!  I MADE IT!  I am on the very last item and I'm almost to the end of the ball.  It's the 2up socks,,, I figure when I'm outta yarn,,, I'm done.... not till then.  Oh I have a photo of squishy finally for you.
Squishy was a bright rainbow yarn that I would never have used (too much orange) so I added the dark purple and deeper green which both now read black.  The reason it's called Squishy is that I have a snail in my tank on Happy Aqua that I adore who's these exact colors.  I can't figure out how to get the photo up here but it's on my FaceBook photos, Happy Aqua,,, 3rd from the left.  Squishy is front and center at the top.  He's adorable and I now wear him daily.  You can't see it but there's a shawl collar and I put something like a short scarf on it.  The scarf twirled and I use it as a tie to keep it all snuggled up.

Ya'll know how much I LOVE to dye right?  WELL!  I found the base for Dream in Color STARRY!!!!!  as if that's not enough I found the base for Sanguin Gryphons Bugga!!!!  LOL I have a bunch coming in as well as a dozen skeins of a lovely 2 ply merino lace in 1300 yards, FINALLY!  I have looked high and low for something in between 880 and 1760 so this is GREAT to have access to.  In the spring I'm looking forward to buying some like Starry but the thread is GOLD instead!  What fun! The gal does wholesale and was trying to convince me to get into the dye biz.  LOL been there done that... couldn't handle the masses... but I adore dyeing in small amounts.  Like for books! 

Yes books!!!!  I'm getting published soon here and I can't wait! I hope ya'll are going to buy my book.  Like it's all "my" doing right HAHA! Don't forget to get your  Gift Tags  I have been writing up washing instructions for my hand knits and I'm going to use a safety pin to attach it to the items.  Hopefully there wont be any felting this year.  :-)  Ya know... if you hole punched the corner and then tied them with a ribbon it would be really smashing too.

We planted amarylis and paper whites this year.  The one Mom got for me has 3 flowers on the main stalk and then another bud coming up too!  LOVE IT!  The children used an old metal bin to plant the other one and they planted the paper white around it.  Get this!... I used to water the sheep in this bin HAHA, it's pretty big, they added garlands and it's really cute.  The poinsettia are still holding their own and I'm glad we got them.  They are all such cheery flowers.

What with the party being only 2 days away and some of the gifts still being in transit I'm getting a little bit antsy.  UGH!!   The only thing I regret is that I tried to buy dishes and the order was canceled.  Here's the menu for you.  :-)

Christmas Party Menu

Carrot Sticks, Celery sticks, dip and all those goodies
Roast Chestnuts!!!!
Beef Stick, crackers and cheeses
Brach's ribbon candy

Main Course
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet potato casserole
Pearl onions and peas
Cranberry Sauce
Kings Hawaiian rolls
Waldorf Salad

Christmas pudding & and clotted cream
Walkers shortbread
Petit fours
Walkers Strathspey Rich Fruit Cake and Devon cream
Fresh pumpkin pie

Home made Eggnog sans alcohol
Pineapple fizz ala DD
Hot mulled cider

So all of this is for a small family party of 13 on the 23rd.  Then on Christmas we prepare breakfast in advance and do this casserole every year.  It's just popped into the oven with the rolls which are a new addition... and NO we don't eat like this all the time.  This is a very rare treat which is why ya'll are getting a menu! :-)

McDonnells Christmas Morning Feast
All prepared in advance

Cinnamon Rolls Homemade with sweet dough and raisens in half only!  LOL
My’s Breakfast Casserole YUM

Coffee & Tea
Hot Mexican chocolate with whip and and choc sprinkles and nutmeg

WHAT FUN!  I only hope and pray that I'm physically able to do all this as my lungs are pooping out on me.  I'm on antibiotics but 10 years ago after anesthesia I had a collapsed lung and Pneumonia... my body is not happy with me but I'm so NOT spending the Holidays in the hospital so don't worry, I will keep working on them.

 A snap of our tree from my chair.

It's a lame photo ok, I took it during the day so you can't see the lights on the swags at the top of the drapes and bookcase but they are there.

OOOOOOOOOOO I can't believe this is coming in here at the very last BUT I have to tell you what DD did for lunch.  I am so blessed.  I keep saying that... it's backwards... my children are supposed to rise up and call me blessed but we are all totaly backwards here anyway.  So today DD yell's out... Mom you want tacquitos for lunch?  I am always happy to eat whatever she wants to make as it's my sole meal of the day.  Since she know's that she normally tries to make it good.  I hate that she's got to wait on me so I don't like to ask for additions... or anything special... normally I will ask for something simple and quick like fresh fruits and veggies which is how my stomach likes me to eat.   Not today!  Today she went overboard and I LOVED IT!!!
Can you believe this!  Front center is a taco salad, left we have a can of kidney beans she mashed and seasoned then coated with cheese and scallions.  Finally we get the tacquitos and fresh pico de gallo.  I tell you I AM THE MOST BLESSED of mothers!  I LOVE MY CHILDREN!  So then DS decided to get in on the action and we got fresh cranberry muffins.  MY FAVORITE!  YUM I love my children.

This is really long but I HAVE to tell you what happened.  My beloved Connie (talked about her before remember) teaches Sunday School for the little ones at church.  WELL!  She had them each draw me a picture and sent it as a get well card.  I have never had one so touching.

It made me cry! LIKE A BABY! but cry I did.  I was so overwhelmed.  I'm still trying to understand why?... was it the golden haired girl in the bed?...  Or perhaps it was the Auntie Wendy?  I dunno but I love these children.  As if that's not enough... on Sunday I got a call from the class!  They all sang to me!  So sweet and adorable and then they each said their names so that I knew who it was who'd called.  How cool is that!  I wanted to answer it but I also wanted to keep the recording... so I didn't pick up... if only I could figure out how to get it off of the machine now. :-)

This is really long so I'm going to close now.  I hope you all have a blessed Christmas, enjoy your family in the Lord and treasure each day you wake up.  God's Blessings on you all.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Recover Process

Ok so how much is TMI?  I know you don't want to hear all the gore so I will skip that.  How about that I look 9 months PG and before I went in I had a waist?  That I'd lost 6 pounds in the week prior even though I just sit about being a pretty "in-valid" all day and night?  >blink<  >blink>  ;-)  Somehow my butterfly in the button (belly button that is) wants outta here.  I had to clean up a mess today as I'm coughing up the stuff that wants to re-collapse my lung again.  So I'm working really hard trying to keep that puppy open as I so DO NOT want to spend my Christmas in the hospital!  NO NOT GOING TO HAPPEN (Please Lord!)  Been taking my temperature as on day three last time I woke to 109 and the collapsed lung (in 2000).  So... this is why all the gore today... you should see me trying to hug all of them in (4 wounds) and suck this little ball up the tube... HYSTERICAL!  I probably should have someone at least listen to my lungs tomorrow as they are cruuudyy!!  No... they will want to give me steroids WHOOHOO!  Can you just see it?  I can't sleep now... WOWSERS I'd be hanging upside down knitting a cover drape for the ceiling and you'd have to scrap me off of it!  HAHA Anywhooo  don't stop praying... we aren't out of the woods yet.

My children have been wonderful through all of this, as usual.  They have been quiet so I could get a bit of a nap since I didn't sleep at all last night due to the meds all keep me awake.  Today I didn't need too many and I'm doing good pain wise.  They are GREAT children.  They are picking up the house for the cleaning lady who comes in tomorrow.  I can't clean and Kev's never home, children are always schooling or cooking or doing laundry you get the drill.  DD made this nummy egg thing with sausage and smoked Gouda... right up my alley and the first solid in two days.  BUT OUCH once it got down in there.  I can feeeel it... it's over by the liver trying to get past and man is that thing telling me so!  LOL So they are making me a Turkey Frame soup with all organic goodness and root veggies.  I asked DD to chop it all fine and cook it all down good and smoothe as my throats not liking any of this either.  Then she's going to make me my Aarti Party Earl Grey Kulfi Pops that I ADORE!  I can't think of anything more appetizing then those two items right now.  No chewing,,, soft on the raw throat and nothing to block up behind that liver OUCH!  HAHA


Here's the flip side.  I get to play a ton with my gamer friends... really enjoying that as there was so much to do to prepare for this "real" down time.  I had that two day photo shoot which literally drained me.  

I went to see my lovely daughter sing her first mostly solo since her duet friend got a cold.  Here they are before taking off to the dinner.  I had to opt out as it was just too much to sit through the entire program.  I went for the good stuff.  Singing and DESERT!  :-)

Prior to her singing she needed a quick A-line black skirt whipped out.  I just happened to have a lovely bolt of Crepe De Chine in black so that didn't take any time at all and it was so much nicer then the cotton one that she couldn't walk in.  She's got some long legs, already!! she's almost taller then me!  My Dear, DEAR sweet Connie stood up to sing with her and helped her over the rough spots bless her heart!  Love me that girl!  If you have ever known a living saint here's one!  
 BUT I WENT OUT!  For the first time in 2 years...  I went OUT for a social occasion it was nice even if I had to only get to half of it.  I got the best half!   Look I have proof... see me out!  Run Spot Run! HAHA
 Here we are - the three generations of girls.

Of course a flaming red face ... but she loves to sing so more power to her!  See that wee bit of black velvet chocker on her neck?  It's a special little silver elephant covered in what's probably red and white crystals.  I've had it since I was a small child and she wanted to wear it with a little rhinestone heart broach at her neck.  The scarf was made by a friend and we've had it for years.  Bet she never thought they'd get so much use but DD finds a use for so many items!

Here you can see Connie helping her out.  So thankful for my dear sweet sister. 

 The trio after all's said and done... relief I'm sure all the way round.

Back to my rambles...I also got 2 PJ's sewn up and a Swiffer cover made for the Cleaning woman coming tomorrow to see if she'd rather purchase towels and have me make some.  I don't think I want to though cause well, "I'm in-valid" don'cha know.  Actually I just really don't like sewing much any more.  Special occasions, quilts and needs are fine, sewing on my old Singers are great... but must needs are something else.  Oh and get this... the maid is the daughter of James P. Hogan for all you Sci Fi freaks out there.  :-)  Cool beans eh?  I bought all his books and have reading material for a good time yet to come.

Also have a pair of neat gloves OTN for Shane.  I told you right?  I'm doing black brown, brown grey and beige,,, 6 rows of each... they are sock yarn.  I started at the cuff and I'm half way through the thumb they will be fingerless convertible to mitts.  I need to work on them and get them done tonight if I can't sleep so that I "can" work on them as he's always lurking some place close by.  Then there are the other one, (those ones I can't talk about) I haven't been able to work on them, need them done by the 23rd so I really have to get cranking.  Oh and DD just brought me two balls of WW for 2 more pair of quick gloves for my BFriend's girls.  I got the youngest earlier in the month.  She's getting a Facinator as she LIVES In headbands.  I crocheted some flowers onto a headband and it's so cute.  Gee, I really OWE ya'll a ton of photos. After all of that I'm done.  The hard thing is it's all got to be done by the 23 so I really need to get knitting like the wind Bullseye (Toy Story reference).  Why the 23rd?  We are having a party!  It will include our eldest from LA, Mom who's getting picked up on the 22nd and staying for a time.  Kev's Mom and her DH. My BF and her 4 children!  How many's that make?  We are having a ham and a turkey for sure.  The rest is still up in the air but will settle as I do.

Oooooooooooo almost forgot but saved the bestest for lastest!  LOL I found this great place that sells nothing but undyed yarn.  Ya'll KNOW how much I love to dye.  Recently I'd gotten my hands on a skein of Dream in Color Starry... well I FOUND THE BASE!!!!  I bought 10 skeins!  Are you drooling!  Then I found a lovely 2 ply merino lace put up in 1330 yard which I have been looking for for YEARS so I bought 10 skeins of that!  I have long had 880 and 1760 but really wanted something between that was a NICE soft yarn.  So are you drooling now?!!?!  You will be soon cause then I found the base for BUGGA by Sanguine Gryphon!   Now you ARE drooling.  For the few peeps out there who don't know it's a cash/merino/nylon yarn that's all the rage.   AHHHHH I love that I can dye all these up to my own needs now.  I mean I could before but now I have some real stash power!  :-)  HAHA ok so I'm nuts!  I'm also chair bound and in the sticks so shopping off line doesn't happen.  Sigh, the simple things in life are what thrill me right?  So easy to please.  Turkey Frame Soup, Aarti Parti's Earl Grey Kulfi Pops and YARN!  What could be better!  Nothing in these eyes but my perhaps seeing my waist line again might just thrill me!  :-) 

Well, this is getting too long the photo couldn't wait any longer as they are backing up, I still owe you cardis... they will have to wait till next time.  Sorry peeps... only so much time in the day and I don't want to take up ALL your time after all!             Ya'll have a great night, see ya in the funny pages! Or online!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Post Op

Well, Kiddies I'm home, PRAISE THE LORD!   Ya know, there's always a chance that you might not come up from being put under.  I figure I had enough peeps praying for me that it didn't matter, I can't thank you enough.
There are 4 holes but the one below my sternum which hurts the worst as they had to go through the muscle there and it's stitched up.  The doctor said that there were gravel like rocks in my gallbladder, no make that gizzard!  That there was white muck around it from bile that had leaked out.  Also that this had been a chronic problem as the gallbladder was DEAD which is what has been causing me all this pain.  The thing was the size of a goose egg!!! (should be more the size of a guinea hen egg!!!) and there was scar tissue all around it.  BUT my stomach is looking 6 months PG from all the gas UGH this is going to KILL to get out since I can't walk.  I'm taking ALL my meds and ON schedule.

Since this thing was SO VERY messed up I surely hope that this is something which will resolve a few thing.  Wouldn't that be wonderful if somehow this allowed me to walk again!  Wouldn't that be wonderful.  Well, just wanted to let you know that I'm home safe and sound.

Have a great day!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The best four letter word is DONE!

Yup, that's one of the best four letter words... right up there with love in my book.  For the last two days we did photo shoots of the knit item that's going into the book.  No you can't see yet, LOL that's coming though.  In the meantime there's something that I would like to share with you and that's the URL to the site which houses a bit of a preview of what's to come in the book.  The book is called What Would Madame Defarge Knit?   WWMDK?   Heather Ordover of Craft Lit is the most unbelievable organizer I have ever had the pleasure to met.  She has coraled all the designers and is rapidly getting the book into a publishable format as the editor.  Jen Minnis is the books artist and she has generously offered up some cards which I can think of a number of uses for.  First as gift tags, 2nd printed on cardstock and folded for a larger mailable type of card, 3rd for my knit sibs, print washing instructions on the back of the card and it would be a swell end to your lovingly hand knit items.  You can find them here.  Cards    That's about all I can say at this point, more to come.  I hope you all go hit the site and have a look see at the little sneak peaks which are loaded there.  Tell me what you think in the comments below.
Well, so for the last two days we have been exceedingly busy.  I needed to get everything done before the surgery on Monday as everything is due on the 20th and come the 13th I will be out of commission for at least a week with a possibility of spending 7-10 days in the hospital depending on what they find when they get inside.  Please pray that it's the simple cut and not the major one.  I'd like to be home and better by Christmas.

You know how you have a tired point in your night?  This is the time normal people turn out their lights, roll over and sleep for a good 8-10 hours.  Not me, I have to make hay while all is quiet and just the air purifiers are humming.  I have to tell you that I did try, must have laid there for at least 2 hours but my "sweet spot" of a time slot had past and here I be. ;-) 

Taking advantage of the fact that I can't sleep I was able to finish up the shawl collar cardigan that I have had OTN for the past YEAR!!!!  This is for my beloved daughter who is the best model I have ever known.  <VBG>  I believe I wanted to finish it for her birthday last year.  It languished as I had a bunch of work at the beginning of the year and her birthday came and went.  I could only work on it when she wasn't around or on the days I spent with doctors and doing tests.  DONE!  Such a wonderful word.  I washed it and it's blocking.  Need to get the fans on it later when everyone wakes up.

The other gift I need to finish is a pair of socks.  Toe up, two at a time, I learned to knit them and turn the heal, then turn them inside out at the ankle so the purl side is on the right side of the sock.  The leg is K2P2, total movie time knitting!  I will go up a needle at the ankle and then again where the calf starts so I'm really on the home stretch with these.  Not to mention that I can work on them during the day.  I learned that I can lay down a full 450 yards of sock yarn in TWO DAYS!  It's nuts but true so these can and should be OffTN's shortly.

Then we get to the sewing.  I have 2-3 PJ bottoms... I have 2 cut but I'm thinking of making a 3rd. DD's skirt needs an elastic casing, that's it for the gifts.  You know those Swiffer mops that you have a terry cover with elastic edging?  The one you use by spraying the floor, running the mop over and then you change the terry cover frequently?  Well I need to pattern that and whip out a few of them as well.  Then I will be all caught up and will only have to pack up some new knitting projects... or old ones to work on in the hospital. 

Other then the knitting and sewing I'm designing another special "hush, hush" project for a possible submission.  Not sure I want to submit it but I'm having fun with it.  I washed a kid mohair fleece, dyed it turquoise and spun it to a lace weight.  This was done some time ago, several months or even a year back.  Tonight I plied it back with a thread, wound it off onto a skein winder and washed it.  It's LOVELY!  I can't believe I got 200 yards but I counted it up and yeah that little bit is so large.  I love the halo you get from mohair.  It's a lovely fine laceweight and I'm thinking of using this for the new pattern.  I ordered beads (turqoise, light and medium, silver lined AB) and I have the pearl buttons.  I can't wait to get started but I'm still just researching and doodling with this one.  I love the design process.  This is something I have long wanted to do so I just need to mess with swatches till I'm satisfied.  Then we will see.  You will be one of the first ones to know if I do end up submitting it for publication.

The children have been at it again.  Our home is so festive... we all love it.  Dad was very pleased when he came home tonight.

Above are the icicles and below ... well they aren't all blue... these are on the inside and the are circular faceted covered bulbs.  They are so much fun, I had never seen them before but then I don't get out much LOL.  There are lights and swags throughout the entire front rooms of the house.  Our home has a large open area for living, dining and kitchen... so you can see front to back.
Not the best photo's but my son's just learning.

Just HAD to share this one.  My much loved Boop had just woke from a nap, isn't he just the living end!
The other item which has me agog of late is the cover of Verena, have you seen the latest?
This sweater is so lovely.  They used many embroidery technics and it's just awesome.  I have plenty of green and TONS of scraps so I'm sure I could decorate like this.  I would omit the bobbles though... just not my cupaT.

Well, I hope you are all happy and peaceful in the Lord.  Blessings! Wen

Monday, December 6, 2010

Where have I been?

So are you wondering what I have got up to?  I am into some REALLY fabulous stuff.  It's all hush hush of course so I can't chat about it but suffice to say I'm making an alternate ending to a knit item which is being published in a book!  HOW COOL IS THAT!  I love it!  Not just the ending but the Yarn Fairy is coming out to do a special dye job and that will be in there too!  LOVE IT!  I will be able to tell you more as the days pass by.  The book will be published and should hit the shelves by 2/17/11 so not much longer to be hushed up.

We are so blessed.  Our eldest is getting married, he proposed on 11/26 and we  have been pulling out the old projects which have to be done BEFORE the wedding so I'm really glad there's no date set yet as I need about a year to hand sew and hand quilt something VERY special.  Then there's Evenstar from Sunflower designs which just needed clear beads for the edging.  This can be a veil with a little tweaking as it's a full circle or folded in half to be used as a shawl.

I owe you photos of some stuff I have finished.  My Squishy sweater has been getting lots of use as has my Niebling shawl. Ooooooooo I got some Dream in Color Starry, bling  bling... LOVE IT!   This is my first skein, it's a light lime with blue and that silver thread throughout.  I hope it's not a pain to knit with as some places look a bit loose but I can't wait to dive into those.  First I have to finish the book project and then I need to finish a shawl collar on a fingering weight sweater I made for DD.  I was making something for Mum but she ended up buying the equivalent just recently so I'm not sure what I'm doing there.

Lots of stuff going out in the mail today.  There was a small dish cloth swap that I did with a few friends (ya'll know who you are!) and they each got a cloth and a scrap soap holder to match.  So cute.  Then there's some contracts, gee sure felt like more so I know I'm missing someone.  Seems like there was a parcel but I'm blond and clueless.

19 Days Until Christmas.... the children did a fantastic job with some decorating here.  We have lights up thanks to Daddy and his helpers and a few poinsettia's (one from my dear friend Anick) which I ADORE! 

We had a wonderful dinner last night, roast beast complete with Yorkshire pudding, pearl onions and peas!  WHAT fun eh!

The surgery is slotted for next Monday and we are on our way down the hill today for the blood work and pre-op.  Oh joy.  After this I don't want to see, speak to or have any other connection with any tests UGH!  I'm so through with all the tests that only come up not showing what they need to see.  Oh for a Tricorder!

Well, just wanted to pop in and LYK that I'm still here.  Just mightly busy.  I might be chair/house bound but I'm a very happy and contented California MooCow!  LOL when was the last time you heard a gal call herself a cow!  :-)  Till next time... give thanks and LOVE your family big time.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Neibling on DD

Just dawned on me that ya'll didn't get to see the finished product off the bed.  Here she be.

 It's massive and I adore it. I haven't stopped wearing it since I got it off of the bed!!!

Tea for Two

What could be better after the first snow of the year then Tea for Two?

  The only thing I can think of is adding in Dickens a Christmas Carol!  The book you see is from the mid 1800's and somehow it made it into my library.  It's so GRAND! with all the tissue covered ink drawings.  I ADORE books as my groaning bookcases throughout our home will testify.  If you look behind our tea party you will see a bit of a 15' long, 10' high book case in the dining area.  There are plenty more bookcases strewn throughout the house as well. 

I have two great friends who always remember me on my birthday.  They are much beloved and know who they are so I wont name them here.  I can only thank them for being so diligent and keeping on with their tradition of tea.  The photo here was tea for my beloved daughter and I.  You can see a couple of my birthday presents there... the orange tea which has lovely spices in it.  Then on the right you can see the mulling spices... which will be used tomorrow in cider.  I normally make my own and will probably add cinnamon sticks and orange spices to float on the top.  This will simmer and smell the house up real good.  Then it will be the drink to go along with the pies for desert.

I'm glad someone can sleep tonight.  He hopped right into those pj's quickly as he'd just come in from his last potty run and it's all wet and dizzily out there.  The temperature is only 37 so unless it drops a good bit the children will have to wait for snow. 
My mother is coming up to share Thanksgiving with us and I had so wanted it to snow for her.  Hubby was able to get us a few turkeys so we are set till summer,,, perhaps till next November if I'm really good about it.  I believe we have 4 of them.  Such a boon!  
The Menu
  •    I make a moist, juicy wonderful bird!  We cook it breast down in a bag so that it's always done to perfection.  I believe he's 24 pounds?
  •    The stuffing is very moist, just the way we like it.  
  •    The gravy is made from simmering the giblets while the turkey cooks to make a stock.  This stuff's unbelievable!  I can't remember how I learned to cook it but it's so worth the extra work. 
  •    Dinner drinks are Martinelli's of course and my son makes a sparkling punch.  
  •    Mashies are a must here as well as King's Hawaiian rolls to go with the gravy.  :-)  
  •    Lightly steamed broccoli with a touch of butter and steak seasoning... you can not believe how stupendous organic broccoli is when done this way! 
  •   Corn on the cob which we do up with mayo, butter, Parmesan cheese and a touch of chili powder, NUM!  Totally from L.A.
  •   Baby carrots done in butter and brown sugar.  
  •   Hum, did he get the yams?  If so I will do up a yam, spiced, pineapple covered with marshmallows type of thing. 
  •   I believe mom's bringing up some cranberry's or we will slice the canned kind.  
  •   Then for desert we have the mulled cider, home made apple and pumpkin pies with whip cream, YUM! 
Just need to make sure Mr. Bird is totally defrosted today, make the pies and set up a time schedule so we don't forget anything.

What fun!  I don't get to cook often but when I do... LOOK OUT!!!!  This will give us food for weeks to come.  What a pleasure that will be... heat and eat.  I hope you all enjoy the time off, enjoy your family and good food, and are thankful for another day here.  Be thankful.  If you aren't and your are grousing... take a few minutes and write some things you are grateful for.  Here I will get you started, post them in the comments if you'd like.  I'd love to see that you actually did it.  ;-)  Not that I believe you'd shirk... after all it is Thanksgiving.
  1) I woke up this morning
  2) The sun was shining and everything was as it's supposed to be.
  3) .... now your turn.... through 10!,,, no shirking here! 

"God bless you everyone!"

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yes! I wacked the Neibling!

Some of my friends couldn't believe I was knitting a Neibling, said he was difficult.  I found this shawl really simple once I got going and understood the different symbols.  So if that has held you back in the past, I highly recommend you try one now.  I go way back with Peacocks so the pattern was a no brainer for me.
  Most of his patterns were for doily's but I wanted a shawl.  So I knit the circular and I don't like double layered shawls so I HAD to chop it up!  First I sewed up the center and around the neck and back down the center.
   Then I CHOPPED IT!  yup, I chopped lace.  :-) LOL so long as your stitch length is on the smallest it can go without stopping all is well. 

It just looks scary.  At some points I'd wished I'd have gone with a black thread so that I could see it better but I just chopped away merrily thankful that it was going to be done soon.
 So here it is blocking.  The quilts show through which isn't helping you to see the pattern but I love this thing.  The bed it's on is a Cal King XL... tell you anything about the size???  :-)  The yarn is from ColourMart.... 100% baby merino.  It seems as if it had never been washed as there was a TON of dirt coming out.  Yes DIRT! It wasn't just the spinning oil which I expected.  Before washing and conditioning the yarn was harsh on the hands.  Now it is very soft and has a lovely. My conditioner leaves Pixy Dust behind too... gentle little shimmer.  LOVE IT.

See the peacock feather?  
SO ME!!!  It's massive.  DD measured from the neck down the front and it will hang well below my knees.  It's a nice,,, come here and snuggle me shawl.  I love that the eyelet areas are so sturdy and well defined.   Needless to say I have another OTN and will be working my way through the blue book I have of his patterns.  The new one is done in #30 cotton thread, pink and ecru strips.  No I can't just knit something simply, they all have to be difficult.  LOL as you can see from the black peeping through the bottom of the above photo.  I did a bit of color work in there to have the black start where I wanted it to.  
  Shortly I will be sharing one that DD is making in silk.  LOVELY!!  I love them both and I highly recommend you knit one.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What a Happy Day

It takes very little to satisfy me and make me happy I realize.  Today was one of those days that it just hit me like a ton of bricks that I was happy.  This is an unusual occurrence what with all the pain of my ailments and various items which could be considered worrisome.

Not today though.  Today my little world was full of enjoyment.  Right out the gate I had a pot of orange tea (a birthday gift from a dear friend) that started the day in my lovely little holly pot.  The top of the pot is so much fun, there's a mini tea service on the top... too endearing.

Later I realized that one of the annoying little hindrances in FarmVille had been undone and the bushels were back.  This makes baking much easier as you can purchase the bushels in FV instead of having to get them externally.  I told you they were little things that made me happy.

Come to find that my new favorite game has gotten beyond FaceBooks requirements and gifting and live streaming were now allowed again.  The game is Ravenwood Fair, you clear a spooky forest and create a ReinFaire type of place for your guests, much like Frontierville.  Too cute, lots of fun, very addictive and I highly recommend it if you have the time for that sort of thing.  Ah the little things in life.

So then the big item came... I FINISHED MY WORK!  Yuppers,,, my colorwork sweater that I have been sweating over big time for the last month is finished!  A month in advance!!  It's a lovely forest of its own, all brown and greens... really lovely.  No, you can't see it till it's published.   It's not totally finished as I have it on the floor blocking.  Tomorrow I will set in the sleeves and make neck and front bands.  It just "feels" finished as the bulk of the knitting is complete,  YEAH!  Weird to not have to stay up late knitting tonight.  What fun!

Back to Christmas knitting, I have something like a pair of lined MuckLuk's going on.  Not sure how much like MuckLuks they will look like but they are in the works.  Then there's the new Neibling... and the old one.  Now that I have black dye I can get back to finishing that shawl, can't wait to see this one as it's still wrinkled and you can't really get a good look at it.

The next "work" project is love project.  It's a test knit of love for a book which will be published next year and a project for a friend.  Another project which can't be shown but will be very much enjoyed.  I'm thinking of using some left over brown from the Winter Goddess KAL yarn that I have still.  Or just cream which will show off the lace and then I can dip dye it,,, or not,,,, after the photo shoot.  

AHHHHHHH what a life.

Lastly I had fun with a Dickens of a Christmas.  For months I have been thinking that I have to make this Christmas really special for the family.  This is going to help me immensely.  Check out the link to my favorite podcaster, she links a few others as well.  MamaO and Craft Lit  Enjoy this one kiddies... you can get lost in those links and all those lovely recipes.  Be sure to check out the 21st Century Housewife's recipe for Christmas pudding.  I have LONGED to do this but it's so labor intensive and seems like it would be rather pricey so I will be looking for a canned version online.  :-)

Regarding the last paragraph I learned about RSS feed FINALLY today.  I think I must be the very LAST person on the planet to learn what it means and more importantly "how" to utilize it.  I now have a ticker at the bottom of my screen which show's the "Dickens" blogs and their updates.  How cool is that?  A bit distracting but I bet I get used to it.  I love that I will now be able to follow my favorites immediately.  TOO COOL!

Also for Christmas this year, I made DD a lovely green and blue tartan, taffeta skirt which has a gold beaded velvet belt and a black top to complete the outfit.  It's just gorgeous on her!,,, yes there will be photos this time.  She will be able to wear it for the Holidays and any parties she will be attending.  She's singing with a mixed adult and childrens choir this year and wanted to wear it for the singing but they are having outfits so that didn't fly.

YUP, really easy to please.  Really simple to make me happy.  It literally doesn't take much.  The day ended with my beloved walking through the door with Shane's present I had ordered (his b-day's tomorrow not a moment too soon) and CHOCOLATE!  Is that not a day from heaven?  If not I don't know what would be!

Have a lovely evening all!  Blessings all round.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The MASSIVE stash overhaul

Yesterday I organized all my yarn and roving, no make that more like my children did all the hauling.  I just orchestrated from the chair with my laptop and camera.   GET THIS!  We had breakfast then dug in and it took us ALL DAY LONG to finish it, we didn't even stop for lunch.  I had to call DH and beg for him to bring home dinner... not something I ever do but I just could NOT even lift a finger once I collapsed. 

My Stash (of course with a capital S) is massive.  It's SABLE, Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy.  Has been since I got hooked on knitting, crocheting and spinning.  I went NUTS!  Now I don't have to buy yarn I just have to find it!  Which was the challenge.  Then too I would buy something that I loved dearly and forget I bought it and buy it again!  NO MORE!  Now we have a grid, photos, lists and soon will have a notebook full of all this totally organized, lovely information. 

We use the large Rubbermaid type of tote to contain the little beauties which keeps all critters, moths and other undesirables from the stash.  Now it's all gridded and photographed and described.  The roving and crochet thread are on the left and the wool is on the right.  The acrylic (little that's left) is under the recycling!  I actually got a massive gardening garbage bag full of 2 totes of the acrylic to give to some friends who have gone crazy over crocheting and knitting hats on looms.

Today I'm going to binder the photo's and put all the photos by their descriptions.  Which I will grab next time we are evacuated for a fire.  :-)  We are talking a great deal of money here so this will be a great help to replace it should it ever go up in smoke.  

Now whenever I need sweater or sock yarn I can look through the book, find it and then ask the children for it.  I will be able to say ok... go get these 2 skeins of Fleece Artist which are in B4, back row, right side.  HAHA WHAT FUN!!!!  I can't believe it actually happened.  I have been wanting to do this for years.  I still have one tote in the house and 2 underbed storage boxes but they will be simple enough to put into the grid as they just need to be photographed now.  Although one of them's full of patterns that go with the yarn... kits that I purchased.  I will have to figure that one out.  Or the patterns could go into the back of the binder.  

I ache everywhere,,, I ache in places that I didn't know I had muscles.  You should have seen me last night, what a wreak.  Even with the children doing most of the work I still moved a great deal more then normal.

My birthday passed.  I don't want to say much more then that as it went down as possibly the worst one in my long history due to various and sundry events surrounding the day.  My friends came over unexpectedly with cake and presents which was swell.  They are wonderful balm.  I love my friends.... they are good people.

Almost finished with my work knitting.  It's a color work sweater in greens and browns on size 3's.  I finished the body and have about 3" of the sleeves done.  I'm doing them 2 at a time so that all the increases hit correctly and all that.  Plus once they are done they are done.  :-)  Which is always a good thing.

Well speaking of it, I really should be working.  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

I'm home again after the appointments and tests yesterday.  I'm grateful not to be in that horrific pain.  It was MISERABLE.  Worse then I could have ever have imagined.  It got to the point that I didn't care who saw me sobbing.  So you know it was bad as I hate to make a scene or cry in public.
The first test was an ultra sound... been through tons thought it was going to be a walk in the park.  No such luck... she positioned me in such a way as to cause great pain in my spine, made me hold my breath far too long and jabbed the hand held device far too deeply into my gut. 
The second test was even worse.   I thought it was just a needle into the gall bladder and some pictures.  NO such luck!  The test was different and more difficult then I thought... it was a scan where I had to lay flat on a thin metal board then sent into the imaging thingy.  Did I tell you I have claustrophobia?  There's NO way I can do flat either due to my spine.  So it was horrible!   They tried to prop my legs up (I sleep on a special bed in a V shape) but couldn't get them far enough up due to the chamber.  Then too I have to move often due to the muscles seizing up and making it worse when I don't.  As if that weren't enough, they told me I had to lay still. The pain in my elbows has been minimal before now... since it healed up a bit after the accident that made the pain there.  Well they shoved hard plastic wings under each side of me to keep my hands flat and immobile.  So there I was... for ONE HOUR!  Having to stay still without any pain meds.  It was so hard.  Needless to say, the longer the visit wore on the worse I got.  I liken it to having your vertebrae made out of cut glass with rough edges.  The glass cutting into your skin, muscles and nerves causing horrific pain that kept going until you feel your sanity slipping away. Pain that high,,, that doesn't end.... it's enough to drive you mad.
Keep in mind that I hadn't had any pain medication since the night before, no food since lunch the day before.  Finally at 1pm after all the sobbing and blubbering and PAIN,,, fearsome pain... they said that the gall bladder hadn't come up to bat.  That they needed me to go out for 2 hours without food or pain meds and come back to do it AGAIN!  HELLO!  Can you say "Sadists" I knew you could!  There was no way.  I could hardly get up off of the table. When I did I was shaken to the core and felt like the floor was coming up to say hello.  Kev was wonderful.  If he weren't there holding my hand I don't think I could have even gone through with what all they had done to me.  He took me off the table and rubbed my Fern Creek (great stuff) into my spine and tried to calm and settle me down.  I was a wreak.  Get this... these tests were all done due to the time a few weeks back that I'd gone to the ER with chest pain.  They said it was my gallbladder even though I don't have pain from it.  I know what gallbladder pain feels like as I have had problems with it in the past.  This chest pain, was so NOT gallbladder.  In the past when it would act up I would just take a few swigs of apple cider vinegar and it would disappear.  The chest pains "in" my chest not in my gut.  Not to mention the fact that Nitro works and makes the chest pain go away.  So anyway... here I have done all of this ... and for what I ask you!  The doctor told me that the Hydro (2nd test) was definitive.  Right... so long as the little bugger comes out to play.
All that misery and you'd think that I would be miserable but you know what?  I'm not.  I learned some things.  First I learned that I am very strong and that I can go through a heck of a whole bunch of pain with some grace.  Next I learned that the daily pain that I have - with my pain meds all on board - is not so very bad at all... relatively speaking.  Even though I'm crippled, chair and house bound I'm doing ok.  That old saying ... if you don't have your health you have nothing, don't believe it, it's a lie.  Another thing I learned yesterday is that I'm reasonably content with my lot in life.  I have a lovely family who adores me and I have pain meds which take the bulk of my pain down to tolerable.  We have insurance and Kev's got what looks like long term work that he loves.  It's not making the bills yet but eventually we hope to be able to make it all work out.  You might look at us and say how do you manage?  I can only say that it's by God's good grace and my fragile faith in Him that makes me get up every day.  Through the love and consideration of my family and their presence in my life... I have it made.  I don't have my health, we don't have money but I am content and happy with my lot.  Funny how that works but I feel very rich indeed, blessed is what we are.  I hope you are happy and content too.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Midnight Madness

I can't sleep.... what else is new?  Fibro gives you insomnia and I guess I missed my window of opportunity for sleep tonight.  So here I am.  As my eldest reminded me I'm overdo for a midnight rambling.... now that I'm here I'm not sure which direction to take.  I like to try to stay upbeat here and well... I haven't been doing well physically and so I haven't had any good news to impart.  Do I tell you what's going on there or do I just stick to what I do best?  KNITTING!!!!  HAHA  

Just tonight I finished my Niebling shawl.  It's lovely.  As I got closer to the end I realized that the cone wasn't going to be enough and so I dyed up another 440 yards in jet black.  It works nicely with the beige.  I had wanted to steek up the front cause I don't like circular shawls... BUT I ran out of the black yarn and I have no more black dye!  Story of my life.  So as soon as I can get me some more black dye I will work the steek.  Meanwhile it's done for the time being which is good as I'm expecting some work yarn in tomorrow.  I GOT A JOB!  Well, at least one sweater anyway.  It will help me to give nicer gifts to my immediate family then just hand knits which is all we can afford.

I think I have a few photos for you even!!!  :-)

Here's my lovely, soon to be adult daughter.  She was so radiant on her way to church that day that I just had to get a photo of her.  She's wearing a strand of pearls that she strung and knotted herself!  That used to be my skirt! :-)  She's as tall as I am now,,, which isn't saying much since my 5'2" frame is gnarling with the arthritis in my spine and making me into the hunchback lady from Lebec!

The weather is always a safe topic so here you have my beef,,, it was 80 something today and this was taken just a few days ago... that's hail in my front yard.  Weather needs to get with the program, here we are half way through October and we should be getting socked in with clouds as we live in and above them.  :-)

Here's the Niebling.  It's my first and he's fast becoming one of my all time favorite designers.  Me being me... I took a few liberties with the pattern and will be steeking it when the dye comes in.  It's now off the needles but I can't take a good photo of it and really show it to you till it's steeked and properly nailed down.  This was taken a few days ago... there's now about 4" of that black border.  It looks smashing.  What with the black being a bit thinner then the beige there's a bit of natural shoulder shaping going on in there so I'm glad the plan has been to whack at it all along.

This is my Squishy.  The yarn was purchased as you see it in the ball.... yup LOUD and glaring.  I didn't think it was going to be so orange and it's sat here for about 2 years with me thinking I'd just destash it.  Rather then go through all of that we dyed it.  I just used spruce and purple..... lots of them to make more of a black color.  You can still see the purple when knitting but it's soooooooooo much nicer now then it was.  I have cast on a sweater and one of the reasons I can't sleep is for thinking of all the different avenues open to me.  I'm pretty sure it's going to be a pullover... hooded with pewter clasps in an open field at the top of the chest which I will steek out of the finished fabric.  Thinking about doing a K1P1 over the waist.  Thinking about adding an attached scarf to cover the exposed chest so that I can have coverage when I get cold there.  Pretty sure it will be raglan shaping at the top.  I seed stitched the bottom hem and am currently at the waist.  I can knit a sweater in 6 days, so if my work yarn doesn't get here tomorrow I will have made great strides on this by Monday when it will come in.

Ok,,, I'll talk, Monday... that cursed day.  I haven't written in so long cause I have been fighting all my ailments and they have been winning.  I have been spending more time in bed then out of it trying to "feel better" which as ever, eludes me.  So why is Monday cursed?  First you have to understand that it takes me all morning and into the afternoon to feel like a human being and not just one massive ball of pain.  I take a great many pain meds (big guns too) that finally kick in by 5pm.  At around 9pm I'm ready to play and enjoy my family who's now headed for bed.  On Monday I have some tests and a doctors appointment.  The tests are at 10 and the doctors at 9,,, two different places.  Each are one hour from my home, over the bumpy dirt road in a truck!  The problem?  NO MEDS  The test I'm taking at 10am requires me to have no medicine and especially no pain meds for the 12 hours prior to the test.  I don't like crying in public.  Even less then crying... I don't like screaming and moaning in public.  There's no way to avoid all of same.  Due to the Fibro I'm even more sensitive to all the arthritis in my spine, not to mention that I will be getting a needle injection into my gallbladder.  Oh joy!  So I'm freaked and wanting to call the whole thing off.  I know it's for the best.  I know that I need to do these things.  I also know that the consultation with the cardiologist will be incoherant, through tears and well... DH can do all the talking.  I should be grateful that I can finally get these things done... that DH will take off of work to care for me.  Instead I just tremble at the thought of all that pain.  sigh,,, this is why I didn't want to write.

So, back to my Squishy... why on earth would anyone call a sweater Squishy?
I tried and tried to get you a picture instead of a URL but I'm not as puter literate as I'd like to be.  So there's the URL.  If you go there you will see a photo of a tank of mine in Happy Aqua.  Front, center and at the top is Squishy.  She's a snail!  A very florescent snail but a snail none the less.  The yarn so reminds me of Squishy whom I adore.

Well I hope that ya'll are having a great day and are doing real well in everything you do.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Catching Up

Well kiddies, it's been too long as usual and now I have a ton of photo's for ya'll.
I went on a Herbert Neibling freak out and ended up HAVING to cast on as soon as the book came in.  This is from page 72 of the blue book of his patterns.  It's just the beginning and of course it's double the size now as I took this last week.  It's a peacock eye pattern.  I'm doing it in baby merino and will likely whack up the center to make it into a shawl as it's a round and I don't like round shawls so much so if I end up wanting to wear it ... must needs whack it!  It was supposed to be a table cover but I like wearable more.  Since working on this I realize how very simple his patterns are and will probably make this oval pattern for my coffee table next.  Or possibly a #30 crochet thread and a standard  doily. Haven't decided but will surely work my way through this book as it's wonderful. I bought it from SchoolHousePress.com

 This is a present... it's just a K2P2 ribbed hat but the fun part is the yarn... I wound it up into a ball and tossed it into a dye pot ages back.  It's pure merino and sooooooo soft.  I think that the special little boy will enjoy it.  The pom pom is likely to be really colorful.

Another special present.  I worked on these while spending the day in the ER for chest pain... came out with possible gallstones so we are waiting for a doctor to scan me next.  Anyway these are a two ply with the softest merino hand dyed inside (you can't see all the different colors in the black) for the foot.  The leg will get the teal and then the brown is for the outside, cream for the top... complete with no skid bottoms.  Should be a real hit come Christmas time.

My Knit The Classics list on Yahoo Groups is doing a Miss Marple knit a long and I designed this sweet ascot for my item for our KAL.  The KAL's fun... totally open, any pattern, any start day so long as it's Miss Marple.  I found a similar looking ascot when I googled her.  I guess one of her movie/TV characters wore one at some point.  So I cast on my hand spun 50/50 cashmere silk that I'd already spun and cranked this lovely ascot out in a day.  I am wearing it.... I have arthritis in my neck and this is just going to get SO much wear time this year.  It keeps my neck and chest real snuggly warm.  Later we are going to make a neck/back rice bag thingy for this bump that's growing at the base of my neck and the arthritis.  I thought just a neck thingy with ties that has a bit of a bulge out the back side, horseshoe shapped.  I will get you photos after sewing that one up.  I think I have to wash the flannel so it might be a bit longer then I'd like it to be.

Meanwhile I'm still cranking away as MS19, about half way through clue 4 now.  Clue 5 comes out in 2.5 days and I hope to be done with 4 when it hits.  

DD finished a sweater with some lovely teal/green/blue yarn that we dyed ages ago.  She loves it!  She made a shawl collar for it.  This sweater was knit in the round VERTICALLY!  Fun eh!  More photo's to come.

I have been wanting to spin like mad of late but haven't been feeling at all up to it.  I didn't recover from Dad dieing and then one thing after another seems to keep coming up for me to deal with... the latest a possible gall bladder surgery... which I don't understand at all cause this is what we eat.  :-)  Just had to share... I love my children!!!  This was an awesome meal.
LOL you can see MS19 just there on the right of the photo... always in view.  Well kiddies, I'm exhausted  so no real chit chat from me.  I hope you are having a grand day and are peaceful in the Lord.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Another Day

Well kiddies... all day long I have been trying to steer clear of blogging and well... here I am.  I just couldn't do it.  I'm in a great deal of pain from all the activity over the weekend and I expect that will be gone by next Tuesday, meanwhile I'm laying low and trying to stay put in bed.  I had a nice relaxing day.

You know what that means for me though.  I couldn't take the scraggly thin ends of my hair any longer and so I chopped them off and cut a bit of bangs in too.  Seems it will grow for a year and come down to a single strand and I will have to whack it off again in hopes that it will get more healthy.  I really need to take some hair supplements which I will begin to research here shortly.  The hair is much easier to take care of and still falls below my shoulders which is good.

After that I took a long hot shower on my shower chair and relished the shorter... less tangly hair.  What with wacking off all of the fizzy parts it was just WONDERFUL to wash.  Then I picked out one of my favorite outfits which is a lovely old fashioned, vertically striped skirt.  It's gored so the stripes come together in points.  Of course I had to have my favorite top which is a silk one that I knit... it has floophy lace sleeves, velvet ribbon at the wrist and lace that hangs over my hands... so feminine.  I love this outfit.

During my bed rest I listened to a book on my Ipod and knit on my KAL... MS19 clue 3, clue 4 comes out on Saturday but I can guess what it is so I will probably have it done by then.  This to be able to get back to my Tibetan Clouds which I'm sorely missing!!!

Not at all like the days when I used to say I'd washed the house down inside and out... made shopping runs and 40 loaves of bread!  HAHA but I'm happy to have at least gotten a shower in today.  It's been a good day.  I have to look at the positive and not dwell on the pain and being bed ridden and all.  If I focus on the good ... good will be found. 

Something that made me smile today... at one point, after I had dressed... I had the windows open and the breeze was wafting through my hair.  I found myself completely and utterly content.  No need to dwell on the pain and hurt.... rather to look for the good is best I can do some days.   

So, I have been in bed all day and I look forward to being in bed all day tomorrow.  BUT I hope to sleep all day long tomorrow.  I have all this stuff I take (protein energizer, etc) to make me stay awake in the day.  Well today I didn't take anything and I'm a hoping and a praying that I will be able to sleep all day long (off and on).  So that come Friday I will be well enough to see my eldest and his girl.

 Come to realize that I need to look into supplements that will help me with my frizzy, thin "I'm not going to grow and you can't make me" hair!  :-)  In my searching I came across something I LOVE and I just have to share it with you.  Recipe software  I used it and my virus scan didn't come up with anything.  I LOVE this program.  It's a shareware and so free to use.  Then there's a database full of great homemade recipes of wonderful looking and sounding body care products.  I LOVE THIS!  I all all of the ingredients needed for a great many items and have been saving lip balm containers for a long time.  For fun I put a body spray recipe card into the file and sure enough it popped right in there!  Some of the stuff might be a bit off, I didn't have enough time to go through all of it but you are discerning and shouldn't have any trouble with that.

Another thing I love was this Jacquie Lawrence card that I got.  Not sure if you will be able to see this or not but it's all 50 states flowers made up into a bouquet.  How COOL is that!!

Mom and her girls after Dad's service.... nuff said.    Have a great week.