Friday, August 26, 2016

Bizarre happenings & update

     Something so very out of the ordinary happened today that I had to stop and tell ya'll about it. Actually there's 2 things.
     The first was that we had so much yarn to dye this week that we needed 2 days to do it.  We dyed over 150 skeins and many of them were custom, new colors and needed every bit of minutia written down.  That doesn't just take a lot of time but a lot of thought to boot.  Since it's all very artsy fartsy and you have to be really on top of things to get it all to work out well.  Each new item we dyed, I feel in love with.  Many of them you wont be able to see until 2017 but then that's the way things work around here. All very hush, hush and keep it under wraps. What's so amazing about the fact that we dyed?  It's my very first time of dyeing back to back, actually being physically able to work again on day 2 of dyeing, akin to a miracle!
     The second thing has me totally at peace and so happy I feel like it should be against the law.  Nothing changed tonight, we ate. Actually that is new believe it or not.  This week I've been cooking, eating and washing up breakfast with Pixie #1, it's been great fun.  Today she came to me and asked why she was so tired.  She's hypoglycemic so tonight I made up a high protein dinner for her, poor dear.  Hopefully it will kick her into high gear or at least help regain some strength for us to begin labeling and photographing all of this new yarn.  I whipped the meal up from almost nothing and we ate together.  Then the rest of the night proceeded as normal, DH and I read the Bible. Then we checked up on our cruise (for my b-day), filed a price protection thing to get a credit and we also redeemed my Fun Points for a $100 credit.  By the time we are done with all of this the cruise will be ever so much cheaper then our Labor Day weekend away. We spent the evening together and then he went to sleep. Normal night for us.  Somewhere in that last hour this peace descended over me like a nice toasty heated blanket you get in pre-op. There's all of this love mingled in with the peace.  I dunno, I'm just happy, sort of a mellow happy, it's great and I'm well pleased.
     Ya'll know I came up positive for pre-diabetic screening right? Well, I've been through a course prescribed by my doctor to help loose weight and gain control again.  So far I've lost almost 30 pounds and am continuing down.  I found this app I want to share with you it's called, they have a very large database and the app does all the work for you.  LOVE IT!  Totally helping me out as I had NO idea just how much sugar I was ingesting.  I was eating a lot of fruit still and they only allow me 50g which is the equivalent of 2T of jam!!!!  So, I'm having to readjust a bit again.  Which is a good thing as I've been stuck at this weight for a couple of months now.  Time to get off the plateau and soar through the canyon below.
     Root canals SUCK! they are extremely painful. Who's bright idea was it to stick the equivalent of needles up into the root of the tooth?
     Could the peace be from knowing how the rest of the year should pan out. All will be well as we got a large contract in so we should be able to make payroll as well as the IRS double down that we expect them to take in April.  Don't fret, we will still hold our annual IRS sale.  Could be that we have 2 new patterns in test knit and another new one ready to KAL.  Could be all the lovely yarn we painted, came out smashing.  Could be how amazing our Peeps are, how well oiled this machine is becoming. Could be that we are getting the dye out of the house and setting up our own space.  SO NEEDED! My kitchen will become a kitchen again and we will have a dining room again instead of this chaos of yarn, pots, pans and dye literally everywhere.  Dunno, whatever it is, I'm really happy, peaceful and now it's time to turn in.
     Just a quick update:

  • Cocoon KAL begins 8-31 everyone will have their yarn by then.
  • Neverland will begin on it's heels, 9-21 or 9-28 depending on if everyone has a chance to get orders in.
  • We are partnering with Paradise Fibers, there KAL will be in here someplace. An all original feather and fan that needs a name.
  • Compact shawl (needs a new name) is a spiral
    pinwheel who's lines are so hard, we were able to use hand painted yarn.  There's a semi solid dark skein on the outside for the cable border. This is painted on some of the softest yarn we carry, sock weight Milky Silky, LOVE it.
  • We are in the SpinningBox (fiber) for the rest of the year.
  • Contract with ____ for a TON of yarn for their club. It's all hush hush so I can't tell but we dyed up 11 samples for their club, amazing!!!
  • Moriarty is ready to begin TK mode, yarn for the samples currently drying.
  • Canuck was painted on Imp Sport and it's the aurora borealis AMAZING job on this one, love it. You will too, yarn's great and the dye, WOW.
  • Christmas Star has 2 color ways, one is a hand paint, the other is more of a semi solid in the same colors.  This one is done gradient on our medium sock.  SO pretty! Pixie #1 saw it and wants to do the knit for this one.  I want to do Canuck they are both so lovely.
  • Bunnymuff has a New Years shawl in our Italian silk, the All That color way.  It has a 1930's vibe to it, looks like as a kit, not and MKAL.
  • Tangers (or Marrakesh) is next year's Heirloom, we bought the yarn. You'll be happy to know it's white and on it's way to us now.
  • Anyone want another blanket for next year?
  • We should be able to run the Christmas Club again this year. Depends on how much of the work load we are under in November.
  • Not sure if we can do the 4th quarter of the Fae Yarn club as the end of this year is a big push to get all of this out.

Ok, so what do you think? A bit over kill right?
"Who's the shrub", Hook reference. I feel like I need to hide in that shrub just to keep my sanity. All of this is written in black marker on a large sheet of paper on the wall so nothing gets lost or falls through the cracks. Ya'll ready for this? It's going to be a whirlwind end to 2016 for sure! ENJOY!!!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Poison Frog

New fiber for ya'll, Poison Frog, he's adorastinkingble and the fiber is delish!  The base is a blue with a bunch of flecks of other colors in it so there's never any white spots anywhere.
He also has a free glass stitch marker that comes with him.  Set's can be purchased in any quantity, or 7 in a rainbow.  This little glass frog has been my "go to" marker for years now, love this little guy, $1 each.  PM me (wmdress at sbcglobal dot net) or order from the fiber page.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Hey all!  Pixie #1 here, I wanted to share with you my new shawl, Moriarty.  It's a shawl created with thin and thick wedges.  The design is made with twisted stitches, texture and a bit of lace strewn about.  I like the edging the best I think it was fun to design.  With the design I am attempting to make it crazy, with crazy yarn, a confusing thing that is also clever and the tangles all come together in a pattern in the end.  
    YF here taking the ball, #1 doesn't like to toot her own horn but SOMEONE HAS TOO!  It's that great!, not good, great!  I have to share, this things amazing! First you have the shape... what to call it?  It's got wedges, small ones in front, wider ones in the back, it might go all the way round to the front, massive! Then there's the texture, she's got all these insane places where there are no stitches, where I'd have stitches.  SO totally Moriarity, like what his brains would look like if opened.  The mazes that are his puzzles for Sherlock are even in there. See the wedges,,, they are all DIFFERENT!  She really went off, OFF, off, this so NOT your average TV knitting. At least it's not "real" lace where you have to move sts on both sides, you get that purl back break.
     Think of it this way, you are getting me, to the 10th degree... very much like the difference from Elizabeth Zimmerman to Meg Swanson, we joke about that all the time here.  Ya'll are going to FREAK when you see how flat out amazing this shawl is.  The colors are very Moriarty and I'm not sure she's done with them but we are in need of 3 TKERS. Left to right, Envy, Poolside and Bloodlust are the first 3 colors, look at them, even her color sense is amazing!  
     I'm very happy for her as the world just POPPED open.  Tee hee hee, she doesn't know what she's getting herself into. :-)  She'll get just as addicted as I am and then we are ALL IN TROUBLE!  


     Glad to see all the Neverland love pouring forth. :-) Thought you all were waiting for this one. I really love all the goodies!  Everything from the chunky monkey charms of lost boys and mermaids, to the compass we need to get to the treasure on this map.
We are going to have so much fun.  
     AND I have the original version of Peter Pan in hardback book from the 30's!  So what could be more natural but a silver plated book mark for ya'll. In case we have a RAL (real a long), what fun!
     The shawl itself is full of fun motifs which scream the opening theme of the original movie.  Yes, the second star is in there as is Big Ben! WHAT FUN! BUT shhhh this is suppose to be a mystery!

And now your update:
     Three TKers are needed for Moriarty, PM me if you are interested.
     Cocoon will be shipping as fast as we can sort out all the beads into the boxes, WOW what a job!  Fairy Dusted will begin shipping next week.
     There's something brewing on the back burner that I'm DYEING to tell ya'll about but I have to wait until I have a contract in my hot little hands.  When it's all signed, sealed and delivered I'm going to scream it from the mountain tops. Of that you can be sure.  Meanwhile, ENJOY!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New Video

If a photo's worth a 1,000 words, what's a video worth?  After dyeing for 2 very full days, I'm a bit ditzy and brain dead due to inhalation of too many fumes.  BUT we really wanted to share what all we got accomplished.  You can see it here. Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Where did we go? & New KAL

     Yup, been under a swathe of peacock feathers... or up to our eye balls in the birds? Take your pick it's been insane here while we attempted to fill all of the Sivia Harding MKAL orders for Peacock. Which is fun cause this KAL came about through she and I chatting back and forth.  We came up with the design and Sivia took the ball and ran with it.  Love the end results, so will you.
    Next up we give you MMario's Fairy Dusted, a lovely circular shawl that he just made, because. We went a bit nutter with the fairies to go with this one and had so much fun with it.  And the tiny wee fairy!  Go and check it out.
     Cocoon is open and available.  It's a color work cape or poncho, depending on if you'd like to steek or not to steek.  Cause that's the question.  This pattern has been clamoring to be set free for YEARS... literally years.  I was going to make it into a corset for a book and then realized it was just so much work and I didn't want to do all that work for a book. LOL yeah I know, backwards what can I say.
     What's up next?  I can hear all of you yammering back there, keep it down!  Depending on how well ya'll go for Fairy Dusted, next up is Neverland.  This is our (what's this!!! really?) yearly Faroese cape style shawl.  There second star from the right makes an appearance as does Big Ben cause you can't have the star without the clock tower.  We have some great colors for this one but shhhh ya'll have to have patience for that.  Yes, there's a fairy!  She's flying up the center back panel cause you just can't do Neverland without some fae blood in there.
     Sample knitters are needed for some circular patterns that came to me last month while in the dentist chair, they just flooded in.  I've began one pattern and just need to do the edging now so one's almost ready.  It's a 32 wedge pinwheel with a lot of interest and I'm thinking about doing it on a nice luxury yarn in a semi solid or Meldy Deep as you can really almost get away with our Multi colored hand paint. Course a puddle making yarn would be lovely as well.  I dunno quite what to do with this just yet. The interest in the circular shawls seem to be split.  I asked a question on Ravelry if you'd prefer to see these come out as KAL's or if you'd like them just as patterns and then to have them all go into an e-book. You can find that info here. Post #405 has the poll in it and so far it's 50/50 looks like they want both!  Course they also want them split up the center and the first one is a pinwheel which can't be done, that I know of.
     We are sending a slew of samples off to Yarn Box to see if they want to take us on as possible contributors.  We'd really love to dye up yarn for them one month.  We already did one for Spinning Box which was fun and we made up a fiber page for that one.  You can find that here. Open to making new colors as well.
     This winter we have a good number of KAL's for you.  We ordered the Imp Sport and we have 2 different ones for you using this base.  One is a fully shaped Faroese shawl named Canuck with winter theming.  The second has two patterns, Cuddle Duds or Cuddle Muffin.  One is a circular vest and the other is the same with sleeves.  
     Lastly topping off this year we will have our Holiday Pressie Club again.  We will end this year by open Tangers, that's our 2017 heirloom shawl.  I can't wait to see how that one takes shape, I only hope we have the time needed to see all of these come to fruition. Hope you are all well and happy.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Peacock dye process

   Hi Peeps, just quickly thought you might like to see the process here. 
A day at the spa 
   We began to dye for the Peacock KAL, first the yarn comes in. You can't tell but these are really deep boxes.  About 3 foot deep and contain well over 100 POUNDS of yarn.

We put an extra tie on the mini skeins, this takes about 2 hours per 25 skein bag.  This way they don't get messed up in the next spot... the bath.
After bathing for the night the real work begins.  We then bring them to the table for a paint job. After being massaged, they go into the kettle for a steam bath AKA sauna.  This process takes about 50 minutes.  After that they go back outside to rest and chill out.  A few hours later they are given a final rinse/dye fast test and are then set up to dry.

All in all the day spa enjoys the company.
    Next week we will begin the packing process.  First they all get labeled, then the kits are packed so that when we go to ship they are grabbed and packed together with the yarn. 
No this isn't the actual yarn shipping.
 We have special tissue for this KAL which we will use to wrap the yarn. I hope it lasts through all of the orders as it's a peacock feather.  Gotta have some consistency here, LOL like we haven't already had it from start to finish.
    That's all for now, off to dye, hope ya'll are having a great day.  We will begin packing and shipping the first orders next Monday.  A fun time indeed.