Thursday, April 13, 2017

Secret Garden

We continue the Year of the Classics with The Secret Garden, it's now open for pre-orders.  This one is a lovely gradient in LACE weight!  We haven't painted a lace weight before. If you don't see a color you like, feel free to choose from the Cupcakes or work with me to build your favorite color. Yes, you can have more then one set of the yarn. Seeing as we don't normally work gradient lace I can understand why you'd want to have more then just the one you need for the KAL.
     This one has been great fun to design, all these heavily beaded flower petals come together to form a lovely shawl.  Speaking of shawls, it's a circular shawl split up the front for ease of wear.  :-) SHHH mystery KAL, tee hee hee.  I do love this one though, such a pretty knit, you will all be a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
     Go see the goodies and come join the fun.
     While your here check out all the new stitch markers, there are some really cute and fun ones up on this page. I love the cage with the rhinestones inside and the coffee cup! So very Starbucks. The Bird Watcher set has binoculars that actually MOVE! FUN!!! Some new loop markers that start out at just 10 cents each! A steal go check them out.
     Coming up we have Mrs. Bates "tippet" in our newest acquisition, Elf Kisses... it's a stole with all this texture, sure to be a fun knit. Just need one more test knitter for this one. Mrs. Bates in Emma is running after her dear Jane Fairfax hollering out for her to put on her tippet.  "You know how quickly you catch cold my dear." Course in the BBC production it's just a wee boa looking thing that couldn't warm anyone.  Ours will be more substantial in the sock weight.
     Dyed extra purple for my Kanuck shawl, if anyone would like another skein, PM me. Speaking of that yarn, we don't have a lot of Imp Sport left and once it's gone, that's it.  We can't get any more. I LOVE this base and am sad that it's gone which is why I bought out the mill when they told me it was discontinued.  ðŸ˜ŠSo yeah, got a bit left, not enough to run another KAL though.
     ENOUGH! Chatty Patty appeared outta no where. ENJOY Peeps.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Another snap Instagram contest to increase our followers there.  Sylvan is up for grabs, go enter!  We are Yarn Fairy and the Pixies over there.

Enter on Instagram.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


     Just needed to pop in with our last calls and tell you about another new base we have.  Remember the new Elf bases?  Well, I don't know if I told you about one that we didn't get dyed.
So without further ado I give you our NEW base, Elf Merino a very high end merino, extra fine, for a super low low price.  We can paint any of the new colors on the Twist page or anything you'd like for just $13 per skein!  Yup, you heard me! This super fine, super soft and sprongie yarn that you've come to expect from us with the below market price tag of just $13 per 288 yards/100 gram skein.
     For that price you'd expect VM, baling wire and a super crunchy yarn... which you know we don't sell, wont sell and avoid like the plague. The best part, we can make your skeins up in any size you want.  Desire a gradient hand paint? We can make these up in 50g hanks if you'd like.  Want one of the older colors from the base page? Feel free to ask for it, lets get this amazing yarn in your hands so you can feel the majesty.  PM me and lets talk.

LAST CALL for Scarlet Pimpernel - Can’t believe how fast the time is flying through here… it’s already the beginning of April and this KAL starts on 4-25, so we have a LAST CALL!!!!

More of the yarn is due in here today so we will be dyeing on Thursday, Friday at the latest. Did you get your order in? Your going to love LOVE LOVE this set, it’s so pretty, fast knit but has enough going on to hold your interest through to the end.
LAST CALL for Fae Yarn Club 2nd quarter, this closes tomorrow so that we can dye the yarn on Thursday or Friday, did you get in?
Come out and play.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


     2nd quarter Fae Yarn Club-music- closing in a few days, did you get your order in?
     Moriarty's first clue to come out tonight at midnight, Kanuck's last clue at the same time. Kits are still available.
     Scarlet Pimpernel, did you order your kit? Looks like the silk has been the more popular of the items. We hope to begin dyeing by the end of next week. 

 If not me then Pixie #1, it's her color after all.  We have a lot of the goodies ready to go so it should move swimmingly after dyeing.

     Year of the Classics, the Secret Garden will open for pre-orders soon.  This is lovely gradient hand painted lace.  A beaded, floral themed circular shawl cut open up the front.
     I'll be in surgery Wednesday for my back,,, but things will still move along as always. Any questions or TK issues will take a bit longer for me to handle.  Hope you are all well and happy enjoying the spring time.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Scarlet Pimpernel

That time again kiddies, we are playing!  Oh well, knitting, it's mystery knitting a long time! 😊  I just finished loading the page, pattern and all the goodies for Scarlet Pimpernel, found here.  Now it's time to do my research.  
     While I was designing the patterns I was watching Merle Oberon and Leslie Howard in the 1934 rendition (my favorite) playing their parts rushing about and having a great time.  Turns out that Baroness Orczy who wrote the first book wrote several others in the genre using our intrepid adventurer Sir Percy Blakeney.  I can't wait to dig in and see what other adventures our zany Pimpernel gets up to. You can find the books for free, as recordings on Librivox here.
     Anyone want to join me?  I was thinking it would be great fun to listen/watch while in a chat world, perhaps on Ravelry in our group?  What do you say?  And of course you can come along to play regardless of knitting prowess.  ðŸ˜ Lets play!

Let me start things off with symbolism from the book, taken from The Novel Guide.

The Scarlet Pimpernel: Symbol Analysis

Average Overall Rating: 4 
Total Votes: 14100
Perhaps the most noticeable symbol in the book is, of course, “the hastily-scrawled little device—a tiny star-shaped flower” (p. 104), the symbol that serves as the novel’s title, the scarlet pimpernel itself. Although the novel never explicitly states why Sir Percy chooses this flower as his symbol, a clue may lie in its color. In the opening chapter, the red blood that flows through revolutionary Paris—e.g., “The lust of blood grows with its satisfaction, there is no satiety” (p. 9)—can be seen as contrasting with the red of the pimpernel—a flower, and thus a symbol of life, not death. The flower becomes not only a symbol of the French authorities’ impotence, but also of England’s superiority to France.

Jellyband’s inn, The Fisherman’s Rest, may serve a symbolic function. Readers may choose to view the Scarlet Pimpernel as a “fisherman” who “catches” those aristocrats from the turbulent “seas” of the Reign of Terror. Jellyband is, in and of himself, a symbolic embodiment of the British pride that animates the Pimpernel’s heroics: we are told he is representative of “every self-respecting innkeeper in Great Britain” (p. 18). Of course, Jellyband’s patriotism is not without its darker side (as discussed in the Analysis). He and his inn can thus symbolize the best and the worst of national pride.

The arrangement of Marguerite and Sir Percy’s chambers symbolizes in a physical way their emotional relationship—or, at least in the novel’s earlier portion, their lack thereof. We learn that Percy and Marguerite occupy separate chambers in Richmond, their elegant Tudor home, “well divided from each other by the whole width of the house, as far apart as their own lives had become” (p. 122). Furthermore, the sparse and neat interior arrangement of Sir Percy’s rooms corresponds to the strict, discreet way he has arranged to conceal his true activities from the general public, as well as his wife.

Masks and disguises are another dominant metaphor in the novel, mainly in the fact that the Scarlet Pimpernel adopts various disguises—an old woman driving a cart; Benjamin Rosenbaum the Jew; and the foppish, foolish Sir Percy—in order to accomplish his real work. Even when he is ostensibly unmasked, he is masked. In Chapter XVI, for example, we see he is able to don a mask without benefit of literal, physical costume. “The lazy, good-natured face looked strangely altered,” for example, when Marguerite pleads the love of her brother (p. 126); “Sir Percy’s face had become a shade more pale; and the look of determination and obstinancy appeared more marked than ever between his eyes” (p. 129)—the shift in his countenance as he resolves, within himself, to protect Armand. Even the couple’s approach to Richmond has to do with “masking”: the semi-darkness of the night “masks” (not Orczy’s word, but true nevertheless) the way Marguerite usually sees her husband—Percy’s “face in the moonlight looked singularly earnest, and recalled to Marguerite’s aching heart those happy days of courtship, before he had become the lazy nincompoop, the effete fop, whose life seemed spent in card and supper rooms” (p. 121). Even the way Percy drives the bay horses can be seen as a “slippage” of his mask, telegraphing to attentive readers a hint of his truly adventurous spirit: “To-night he seemed to have a very devil in his fingers, and the coach seemed to fly along the road, beside the river” (p. 120).

Friday, March 17, 2017

Fairy Land

Check it out here's Fairy Land in real life.

SOLD OUT sorry

You get everything except the light, dirt, plant and bark. :-) A complete list contains:
leaf table and chairs 

greenman tree 

wheel barrel bike (only 6) 
fairy girl with gazing ball

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Hi Kiddies, just needed to pop in and let you know that the Annual Sale has now come to and end. We thank you all for your support now and in the years to come.

Also to tell ya'll we are having a contest for a free skein of Fae Transitions sock yarn on Instagram.  Go sign up for a chance to win and tell all your friends.