Friday, November 20, 2020

2021 Heirloom

 Always love this time, sharing all the goodies I've been collecting for you. This time, it's Crystal Blue Persuasion, our heirloom for 2021. A true cobweb yarn, this will be knit on size 00 needle. We have 3 types of beads, one of which is almost sold out at my distributor. If you want the Swav crystals, they will be sent out first come basis. Order now.

Still taking orders for Double Trouble and I'll be loading more yarn onto the Sale page. Keep coming back to see more.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Time for Double Trouble

Time for a shawl Peeps, time for trouble. When EQE and Pixie #1 get together, trouble isn't far behind.

Inspiration struck late at night for this shawl. Pixie #1 had a purple pen and the Evil Queen Enabler had one in turquoise, after a bit of doodling we had a lovely two color shawl. After undergoing many a change there are now a few types of bases to play with and loads of fun to look forward to.

This is a circular shawl spilt for ease of wear and worked flat. Blogger is having issues, the only way you can get there is through here.   MKAL will begin 12-9, hope to see you there.

Thursday, November 12, 2020


Hi Kiddies, just popping in to let you know we have a quick sale of just a few skeins of yarn.

Click here

Can't get the page to show here so you need the URL to get to it. PM me for an invoice at

New gradient sets for your perusal, you can see those here.

Hopefully I'll figure out how to make the pages appear here again cause Double Trouble is just about finished. The samples getting knit and the yarn's been dyed. Not too much longer and we'll have it ready for you. Have a great weekend. YF

Friday, October 16, 2020

Chatty Patty

 Hi Kiddies, for the last few days I've been seriously chatty so I thought I'd stop by and say hello.

There's been much rumblings and fluttering's of late as I've been really busy designing and dyeing samples. What for you ask? Next years heirloom, Crystal Blue Persuasion is coming to life. For this shawl we are using all sorts of clear crystals including one of Swarovski. I bought all the beads in bulk so definitely committed. We found a great yarn too, it's a true cobweb (3,000 yards per skein) and made from a super wash merino. It doesn't get sweeter then that. When I finally make a Shetland, that's the yarn for me.

Another set of samples I've been working towards is Silken Dreams. This is the shawl I dreamt up several years ago where we use a piece of silk for the center and then knit around it. My problem was how to dye the silk... that's no longer a problem. I want to share, badly! But will be a good girl and tell you that the colors are stunning. The silk square is dyed up in a few colors and the 50/50 silk/merino extra fine sock is made with most of those colors, then Meldy Deeped to get us able to knit lace with it. I can't wait for my sample to be "ready for it's close up" so I can play. First up, I need to make a video of a few ways to attach the yarn. 

Samples aside, there's also been new color ways to play with.

One of my favorites is Donnie Osmond. What could be better then hot colors with purple? I'm sure I don't know, unless it's chocolate, yum.

Marrakesh and Fundamental blanket are both underway. We still have enough to make one more of each, any takers?

Fairy Floss is our very own line of cross stitch supplies. Did you know we can now create a kit of thread and fabric using your pattern? 

It's so much fun working with the threads and painting fabric based on the pattern, we call that Intentional technique. The example on the left is Princess Eliana. Yes, changing the color of the fabric (same piece) in different areas as the pattern changes.

Above is Anzak, the mammals are on the "grass" and the fish are in the "water". Below is, "This is the New Normal" by Long Dog Samplers with two colors of lace, 2 styles of silk, on 2 different types of fabrics. Yeah, still offering too many types of items, wouldn't be EQE "Evil Queen Enabler" if I didn't.
There have been many more and will happily design new kits. The thread and fabric is here, kits are here.

Speaking of EQE, I have been told, "there are so many choices I can't choose just one". Along those lines, I've designed yet another set of Advent Minis. I wanted to apply my hand to something delicate, light, airy and vintage. Instead of my standard go to, super saturated and deepest of the dark. When I was young I had a very pretty stationary set, it looked something like this that I found on Etsy.
So delicate and lovely. Yesterday I painted this as a set of 25 minis. 

While doing so that old song kept rolling around, can't remember the name, something about "faded photographs, ... pages from an old love letter", I'm sure you know it. The yarn has a lot of different dusty blues and the blue purple colors, along with the eucalyptus-winter type greens. Now for those of you who don't want to do another Ambah, we just need a pattern. Gee, I'm past due for another Lagniappe, now we need a test knitter, PM me at 

Are you on our Facebook group? A lot of my stuff is posted right away to FB, my personal page, the Floss page or our page (URL above),,, depending on where it belongs. 

Did you know about our videos? Pixie #1 and I have done many rambles in the past, you can see those here. And the newer Floss Tube is me rambling and mostly talk about cross stitch. Occasionally I'll share a quilt, DIY items or just whatever I'm currently obsessed with.

On the MKAL front, upcoming:
Double Trouble, 4 different bases, 2 colors - in TK
Crystal Blue Persuasion, 2021 heirloom loaded with crystals - in design. I actually bought the mill out, I just hope they make another run, sooner then later.

Hanging about:
Floral Delight
Stranger Things
and now I've added Lagniappe 3, I think it's three, will have to look that up.

Enough of all that. Recently I've been going NUTS for home made body care. Many years ago I received pounds of bees wax, lovely stuff, been using it ever since. I finally need to get more. After pulling everything out from it's hiding places I started to play, you should have seen my mess! OH WAIT! I've got photos.

Counter and bar completely covered. weee! what fun this was.

I made about 18 shower fizzy's. I'm going to try some of these out next, just need to get more supplies. They are great, I love having the smells wafting out as I shower.
The other thing I needed was body bars, our climate is very dry so I have to keep at my dry skin continually.
For those I made one for arthritis, another for every day use and another which is a bronzer as the SLE has made my arms splotched like a leopard. I use that one when going out, it has coffee and chocolate in it so it makes me smell fabulous. Katie (not mine) has many different recipes that I enjoy. With her pain relief I added Comfrey and Kwan Long oil which has a bunch of goodness in it, not sure if it's available any longer. Scratch that, looks like it can be found all over the net. Course once I got the cocoa butter in, turned out I'd bought a product and not the pure stuff... wound up with an arthritis cream as well as the body bars. Happy accident that.

Well Kiddies,,, the only thing that stops me from rambling, running out of time... I'm there. Need to go and rinse/set some silks, hope your well and happy, if you have a minute, drop me a line, enjoy!

Friday, September 11, 2020


 So happy to finally be able to release Marrakesh Vest for ya'll. This one can be made as a vest or sweater, knitters choice. The song Marrakesh Express keeps going through my head as I worked on this design. It's a fun fast knit on lux yarn without the lux price. 

 Go have a look see here.

Saturday, August 22, 2020


First you don't hear from me, then you hear a bunch on one day... this is said day. :-) Today I've got not one but two newbies.

Fundamental Blanket is our blanket for 2020. This one sort of came together based on this great yarn I found. It's a fat 100% Rambouillet, you are going to love it. I love it not just for it's softness but it's ease of dyeing. It takes all the dye then asks for more. See it here. When you finished knitting, your done, no seams this year, all one piece. Good thing we are starting late as it's going to keep you warm this winter.

Any cross stitchers in the house? Here's another YF SAL (stitch a long) with lovely hand painted threads. We are working up a Geeky Stitchery pattern based on Supernatural. See that here.

Join our FaceBook group for all sorts of great supplies. 

Have a great weekend.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Casapinka base

We sold out of our old bases, can't get them currently and so have found a great replacement base for them. 

We bring you. Elf 80/20 sock which is a 19.5 micron merino, yup, the finest money can buy but at the same cost. This one is 80/20 swmerino/nylon and comes out so very soft and smooshy you might just carry it around with you or just loop it about your neck. Casapinka will be amazing in it and you can find other colors on our website too.

Kits page for all kinds of gradients, keep in mind you need to pick colors that are distinctly different. Check out the Mystic Sea Witch by Ana Dalvi KAL colors.

Gradients page, just  be careful, we made these to blend and you need 4 different colors. We can jump off of anything you put us near.