Monday, June 17, 2019


The day has finally come, I give you Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones, click here. If you love dragons you will love this knit. This amazing shawl pretty much designed itself from my love of all things Dany. 

It was so much fun designing this shawl, every aspect of it has meaning from the braids in her hair (CBP and top border) to the scales of the dragon (body) to the spines of the dragons wings which are beaded and made 3 D at the end. Finally finishing up with her war on the world in spear and arrow heads. LOVE IT! You will too. 

We found some really neat dragons for this KAL including the Targaryen 3 headed dragon. There's  baby dragons and even your own baby dragon to crawl over your ear. 

While we wait for the KAL to begin you can work on Red Priestess or Fire and Blood socks/gloves. These are color work PM me for more information.

Come along with us it will be a great ride.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Red Priestess

Oh you guys! I'm sooo pleased to finally be able to share Red Priestess with you all, sqweee! This is the best part of my job... the big reveal. 

The inspiration of this design came from Game of Thrones season 8 when I saw this costume on Dany. See the lovely bit of maroon/raspberry down there in the ridges? That's what got me started, from there artistic license got the better of me as did the bead bug. I wound up with gold plated tiny beads on both edges and larger beads to make more of the lines.

I love this cowl/fauxbious, it has the squares and the lines found in the costume. Then the color comes from about 5 different colors painted, set, painted set again and again. This is the Priestess color but we are looking forward to painting other colors for you as well.
All the beads you need are included as well as some fun stitch markers. See more photos and kits here.

Fae Yarn Club now open, Holiday Club closing, hurry. Fun Twist coming soon, MCN put up in 25g skeins that are glorious, wait till you see.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Curly Lock Poncho

Hi Kiddies,

Happy weekend, hope your enjoying it fully.
Just needed to pop in and let you know that we have a new pattern/kit available for you in the Curly Lock line up. We give you: Curly Lock Poncho, a little bit of a pull over for pizzaz. Kits contain yarn, beads, locks and buttons, can be made in high end luxury yarns or Fairy Medium, your choice.

We can work this up in a solid, or any of our multi hand paints. Pattern gives instructions on working this in lace, texture or stockinette.

Join our flock of lock knitters and make up a lovely garment of your choice.  See all of them here.

FYI Holiday Club will be closing soon, did you get in? CLICK HERE

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Perfect Blend

Hi Kiddies,
Just popping in to let you know that we have joined the ranks of all the other Indies who are dyeing for Perfect Blend MKAL by Casapinka. Some of these mini's need to join the hand painted color ways they are sooo pretty! See more here.
Don't forget the Holiday Club
The next quarter Fae Yarn Club is also open.

We began to ship Raven's Brother today, talk about cutting it close.
Some of the bowls came in broken, two of you will be receiving a refund.

Dany's coming soon!!! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

New Advent - Christmas in July -Fairy Floss and more

Hi Kiddies, just a quick run down of all we have going on here.

Christmas in July NOW OPEN yippeee skipppieee! Have a ball and tell a friend.

Advent 2019 All new colors check out our GOT (Game of Thrones) inspired, Steampunk, Doctor Who, Vladimir and Fez, check them out here.

Coming Soon: GOT Red Priestess, cowl or fauxbieus in a lovely deep garnet, textured and beaded. This cowl's inspired by Dany's green dress (in Sea 8 Epi 2) and her long white/red fur coat. Will be sharing photos on FB and iG coming up this week.

FairyFloss – our new line of cross stitch supplies. Hand painted fabric, silk and bamboo thread as well as needle minders. Our minders can be used as fridge magnets and we can make then with any photo. To launch our new line we have started a new channel, YF FlossTube on YouTube. There's a give away featuring our new goodies.

In addition to the really large set of Supernatural stitch markers, we have a separate set of lobster claw markers. Squirrel, Moose (lampwork glass) and now Crowley has been added,,, his is a hell hound as that's his pet. Also Nick put him in a collar and cage, just seemed fitting. Check that out here.

Disc Stitch Markers, made with the photo/words of your choosing... fun! PM me.

Hexy Heaven 2019 color work Blanket
Peacock set, gloves, hat and scarf in lovely gradient silver shot sock
Raven's Brother - Split Circular shawl which has both of the brothers on it, over 2000 8/0 beads, fringe and of course faceted crystals for their eyes.

Collaboration with Claudia Donnelly
Robin Hood – a quick hooded easy knit cape shawl
Janus – side ways vest/sweater textural fantasy
Triselke- Celtic Cable shawl
Dany – Game of Thrones in the shape of dragon wings with Celtic Braid down the back. Colors of the dragons since she's the Mother of Dragons

Icelyn – circular shawl
Briar Rose – stole
Swan Lake - Heirloom

Out Now: Dean – Behind Blue Eyes – These self stripping beaded socks come from Supernatural Season 13, it ends with Michael taking possession of Dean and a huge gasp by me. Season 14 opens with these cool blue wings which is seen over the 2 legs, I adore them, you will too. Great way to commemorate the last year of my favorite, long running show. There are color and ways to knit these, in the self stripping, black, sapphire, turquoise, with solid heels, toes and cuffs. Which ever you choose it will be a nice thing to do while watching the series.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Raven's Brother Finally

Hi Kiddies, so excited to FINALLY be able to open Raven's Brother. after all these years of planning. Pixie #1 and I fulfilled one of my life long desires and ticked another item off of my bucket list... a cruise to Alaska, inspiration strikes in the strangest of places. There I fell in love with the Raven story and all the purpose that the Tlingit Indians have ascribed to him. 
   In Ketchikan we went on the totem walk which takes you through the city and to the totem museum. This is where my journey began. Just as the totems memorialize the raven, so will we. The shawl sort of wrote itself when we came home... with the story knit into the shawl one stitch at time.
   Come along with us, as we knit, prizes are available for the first to finish their shawl from our kit. In the pattern you will find stories from my past and present reasons I fell for ravens. ENJOY!!

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Last Call

It's a glorious spring morning Last Call for Peacock and Hexy. If your on Ravelry you know that the prize to the first finisher with our kit is a HiyaHiya small project bag valued at $22. we will open this KAL this month,,, before initial start date of 6-1

Raven's Brother is opening on Monday. Project bowls limited due be among the first to order to get yours. First finisher gets a lovely commemorative fob, valued at $15.

THE FO CONTEST!!! you could be a winner, it's been extended due to few participants. You have 10 more days to get your offering up there. This is our ongoing Ravelry contest. There are three prizes and last time I checked there's 3-4 people entered.

Come out and play, enjoy the lovely spring day.