Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Annual Sale

Are you ready for this! We have been dyeing up mountains of yarn, gearing up for our annual sale.

You can look forward to a lot of DK and sport weight yarns. Closeouts and some old friends which are leaving us. Say good by to Pixie Suri and Pixie Silky (80/20 merino silk) both are 1300 yard lace weights. I dyed up many in some pretty amazing semi solids. That will leave us with Pixie Lace, our merino to carry along with. 

The bamboo and sari silk ribbon are being paired up into sets for projects. These would look fantastic in a weaving project or as razzle dazzle, part of a Jane Thornley project.  Or what about one of our Knit Shawl Collars? They would be an amazing set for that pattern too.

We have some Spill Rags, the one I made today reminded me of Paris and the Sylvan I dyed a few years back. There's only one of each Spill Rag though so do hurry if you like them.

We are working Imp DK up into sets of 4 which are great for Brioche knitting, 2 lights and 2 darks.

There are some oversized skeins of Elf Merino, the normal 100 gram has been super sized into 250 grams! This is our least expensive sport weight yarn, if you pick up 2 skeins it might net you a sweater. No, not this size.

Sprinkles! OIY! so many pretty sprinkles. I started to dye with a "new to us color" that's just producing some smashing results.  I'm loving that this one color gives every neon color through to black. The color itself will go gray and then green depending on the base, it's so much fun to play with that I might need to get a larger jar of dye soon.

Next up is gradient runs.  We have both our Medium and DK weight SW merino to work with.

As you were, just wanted to pop in and give you time to save for this annual event which is coming soon.  ENJOY!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019


It's that time again, we have a large snuggle from our home to yours in the form of a new MKAL, Icelyn. A massive sock weight circle split up the front that focuses on these cold, crisp winter months. In here you will find a lot of snow and even more beads, over 2200 of them. We are making a blend of the clear beads for you and think you will like them. As normal, we are gifting goodies to the first people who sign up so head on over and mark your place as we proceed.
We also have 14mm snowflake crystals. Everyone who orders a kit before the last call will get these... 
quantity depends on how many Peeps sign up as we are splitting them between all ya'll. We bought two large flats of them and are placing split ring loops in the crystal and then a soldered loop onto that. If you wanted you could put them on a necklace but they are intended for the top of the shawl.

Have at it Kiddies, so happy to be delving in again, we just love to paint for you. ENJOY!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Lupus Awareness

We've been collecting purple ribbons and butterflies for some time now and it's official, our Lupus Awareness page is now open. Having a bit of a hard time making all the medical bills and thought this might offset some of those costs as our payroll had to be cut. We are experiencing the squeeze just like everyone else.

If you need a different configuration of an item, say change an earring to a necklace or make a special order item, feel free to contact us. Just allow a bit of time to get back to you, we close nights and weekends as well as surgeries, 1-31 is one of those days.  Oh joy! 

 Do check the Twist page for the purple yarns we dyed specially for our Lupus colors, names have been changed but all the purple and purple blues were dyed with Lupus in mind.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Large Twist

Hi Kiddies, been since last year that we've painted special One Of A Kind colors but that's what's happened. We have plenty of yarn for you, loads of bases, fantastic OOAK colors... what could be better? We have some with sprinkles. Some real shazam, never before seen, never will again colors.

This is one of our favorites. Have at them before they disappear, click here.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Brrrr it's that time of year, time for the snow shovels, hot cocoa, sledding and snowmen. The time when we break into our fatter yarns and lots of it. Icelyn is coming, are you ready?

snow, lots and lots of snow
circular split up the front
sock weight
amazing gradient colors

Stay tuned Icelyn is up next, tell all your friends.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Briar Rose OPEN Fae Yarn Club CLOSED

It's that time again, Briar Rose MKAL is the first KAL of 2019. This stole has some lovely yarn for ya'll which is what held it up so long, we just kept discarding the colors and starting all over again and again until we got these lovely flowers.

Closing the Fae Yarn Club Sunday night, this is the very LAST CALL, for one of a kind, unique YF hand paints. click here.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Jane Gloves

   Finally after all these years I'm going to receive payment for our dear Jane's gloves. These were in the book and then the publisher pulled them for individual sale and I didn't get anything from them for years. Finally figured it all out and loaded it so here we are.
     As a "thank God I finally figured it out" and a Happy Holidays, pattern is free with any silk sock skein (just one) or kit purchase.
      There's a lovely skein of silk sock on the Twist page that would be smashing for these gloves.
     Been having a really bad time loading patterns at Ravelry for the last month or so. I've worked with Ravelry, sent DH to another local (thinking our upload from sticks) had him try it from data. Nothing worked. Finally today I started to mess with the PDF's and found it was on the origination side... go figure, operator error again. I can't tell you what a huge weight this was off of my mind as I feel like I can now move about without problems and fretting about KAL loading. AHHH what a relief it is. 
I'm going to go work on the hankie pattern from the book and see if I can get that loaded too. :-)
     I know many of you have this week off again, we seem to work all of the time but we are at least taking it easier. ENJOY