Monday, August 19, 2019

Robin Hood

I feel like the town crier,,, 

Hear ye!
Hear ye!  

Robin Hood is coming soon... 
we are robbing the rich
and giving to the poor. 

Hear ye!

Hear ye!
This quick short cape/shawl begins with a garter stitch hood. Works up really fast in our Fairy Fine Sock yarn and has a lace edging.

Charms are being pulled from the wholesaler and should be here next week. I can not wait to play with all the bow and arrows.

We have several colors for ya'll, here's DD's blurb on the colors:

The Green is (obviously) based off of Robin Hood himself and the Sherwood Forest where his merry men hid in the trees ready to spring upon unsuspecting gentry.  The first the red, blue and yellow are representative of them hiding in the canopy over the road.

Richard the Lionheart  In the Errol Flynn adaptation Richard returns with his men dressed in white, pale blue, and shiny armor.  Taking from that I made the next color with sprinkles of grey and blue, blending it into darker grey for the last skein.  I added shots of hot purple to give it a little spice.

Finally  Sheriff of Nottingham,  I think we always go to purple as a rich color and if this guy doesn't crave riches I don't know who does.  So I went in with bright purple and some red because he's not afraid to bleed people dry for it.  Then we drift into darker richer purples.  (I actually like this color the best, I know I'm horrible ;) 

There are so many movies which have been made about our hero. They begin in 1922 with a silent staring Douglas Fairbanks, all the way up to modern times. The silent can be seen, in it's entirety Which is your favorite?  Might be fun to watch the movie live and chat about it while we watch together. What do you think?

Last Call

Hi Kiddies, just wanted to pop in real quick and give the last call for Hidden Passages to dye in time for the KAL. Did you get your "bite" of Dark Shadows? If not hurry on over and do take a nibble.

We are working hard on the next two KALs, Robin Hood which is up next. Not sure if we will be able to squeak another in before it will be time for Switzerland which is our Christmas KAL... yup it's that time again, already. Then we will have Collinwood, our annual heirloom for you too.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Hidden Passages AKA Liz

Hi Kiddies, it's time for Dark Shadows! I'm thrilled as I have the DVD's in the coffin and have loved this gothic soap opera since I found in a few years back.

This time the shawl is neither triangle nor stole, to keep you on your toes, this shawl has both. Then there are the hidden passages we knit into it. It's covered in amazing, at some times, one of a kind cables, lace, texture and beads, this shawl screams Liz all high end luxury, including the bases. Have a look see here. The pattern is the same through out which makes it easy to memorize and a snap to complete, it will just churn off of your needles.

In keeping with the pearls we brought them over into the goodies so you will find loads of pretty pearls. To commemorate our time together we are also sending all the Kit 1 Peeps your very own Dark Shadows cast, in the form of a magnet for your fridge. Come out and play!

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Upcoming MKALs through the end of 2019

CURRENT KAL – just finishing
Raven's Brother - Split Circular shawl which has both of the brothers on it, over 2000 8/0 beads, fringe and of course faceted crystals for their eyes.

Dany-Mother of Dragons, last call
3rd Quarter Fae Yarn Club closing last call

Upcoming MKAL's:

  • Next up we have another in the Dark Shadows line up, this one is for Liz. Hidden Passages is a stole shape with a triangle on the back to keep it from rolling up and becoming a scarf. High end lux sock with passages built in. Cables and lace with loads of pearls, as this Liz is from Collinwood we are talking about. Opening shortly.

  • This puts us just before Christmas for Switzerland Christmas. The photo is inspiring a gradient. It's been painted twice, next week is the third time and you know what they say about that. This one has patterning and goes through many shapes, which will end closer to a circle? Still hammering that out.

  • Then towards the end of the year we are celebrating Stranger Things final season coming up for 2020. We have a method of kettling yarn three times which achieves saturated color with a depth out of this world. Appropriate as we have 2 monsters and the Upside Down as color names. This shawl has one of those lace patterns that ends then another one picks up. This way we can increase between them and add volume at the bottom for a flirty look.
  • 2020 Heirloom begins to emerge at Collinwood, cables and lace and of course, we have the crystal chandeliers.
  • 12 days of Christmas with Washington LYS, Hook and Needle Nook has special colors we painted just for them.
  • Pending: Robin Hood – a quick hooded easy knit cape shawl--Janus side ways vest/sweater textural fantasy--Triselke- Celtic Cable shawl

Raven's Brother
Mother of Dragons
Perfect Blend have you seen China Tea Ceremony? It's amazing!

Out Now: Dean – Behind Blue Eyes – These self stripping beaded socks come from Supernatural Season 13, it ends with Michael taking possession of Dean and a huge gasp by me. Season 14 opens with these cool blue wings which is seen over the 2 legs, I adore them, you will too. Great way to commemorate the last year of my favorite, long running show. There are color and ways to knit these, in the self stripping, black, sapphire, turquoise, with solid heels, toes and cuffs. Which ever you choose it will be a nice thing to do while watching the series. Final season, 15, coming in 2020.

Out Now: GOT (Game of Thrones) Red Priestess, cowl or fauxbieus in garnet with patterning and beads inspired by Dany's green dress (in Sea 8 Epi 2) and
her long white/red fur coat. Will be sharing photos on FB and iG coming up this week. This has been a very popular pattern, we will have beads and are continuing to dye for it.

Fairy Floss – our new line of cross stitch supplies. Hand painted fabric, silk and bamboo thread as well as needle minders. Our minders can be used as fridge magnets and we can make then with any photo. We can dye fabric for you to sew or ready made clothing.

Disc Stitch Markers, made with the photo of your choosing... fun!

Fridgey Magnets and Needle Minders, made with the photo of your choice.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Last Call

Last call for the Fae Yarn Club 3rd quarter, did you get your spot? We are closing this by the end of this week, click here.

Dany is swimming along nicely, we began shipping last week but we are still taking orders in time for the KAL to begin on 8-7. This is an amazing set that you will love, for a shawl that's out of this world in design, very ascetically pleasing. Click here for more information. Dragon ear cuffs were so very popular that we are bringing a few more in but we are very close to running out again. First come, first served.

Still dyeing for Perfect Blend, the China Tea Ceremony is, hands down, the favorite, click here.

Have a great week.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Christmas Closing

Hi Kiddies, time for an update. Holiday Club is closing this weekend. 
The Quarterly Club is open and you have about 2 more weeks to get into it before it too will close.
The Spinning Club has one opening.

Coming Soon:
Hidden Passages-Liz a Collinwood inspired shawl, sort of a thin scarf shape with a triangle back and passages knit in. Cables and lace loaded with peals... as this is Liz of Collinwood.

Christmas this year will be spent in Switzerland. This great photo is where we are taking both the colors and the shapes. I'm really excited to get the sample together and begin working all these shapes up.

2020 Heirloom is Collinwood, worked in silk cobweb this ethereal shawl will have shine, drape and texture with the massive columns coming up from the center.

Currently Dyeing:
Perfect Blend
Raven's Brother
Mother of Dragons
Red Priestess and Behind Blue Eyes
          and Beginning to ship Dany next week.

Have a fantastic forth of July!

Monday, June 17, 2019


The day has finally come, I give you Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones, click here. If you love dragons you will love this knit. This amazing shawl pretty much designed itself from my love of all things Dany. 

It was so much fun designing this shawl, every aspect of it has meaning from the braids in her hair (CBP and top border) to the scales of the dragon (body) to the spines of the dragons wings which are beaded and made 3 D at the end. Finally finishing up with her war on the world in spear and arrow heads. LOVE IT! You will too. 

We found some really neat dragons for this KAL including the Targaryen 3 headed dragon. There's  baby dragons and even your own baby dragon to crawl over your ear. 

While we wait for the KAL to begin you can work on Red Priestess or Fire and Blood socks/gloves. These are color work PM me for more information.

Come along with us it will be a great ride.