Thursday, June 15, 2017

Tour De Fleece 2017

     We have an unofficial YF group in our Ravelry group for ya'll to share your photos and maybe even a prize for everyone's favorite come the end of the tour this year.
 ALREADY SHIPPED in time for Tour Aida our super fine super lovely alpaca. This was dyed up turquoise/purple with hot pink and dots of another dark color to settle the hot colors.  In a word, AMAZING, hopefully will have photos shortly.   
     We will be dyeing a variety of raw fibers up for you, we aren't nearly done, only just started.  Then we will split everything for each participant and away the fiber will go to you to spin up into something lovely.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Mojave & quick update

Do you remember the Mojave gradient color we painted on Elf Kisses? 
The finished product, well, WOWSERS!!

It was used for the Just Be You shawl by Boo Knits and I have to say I'm in love! Such a pretty gradient.
     So quickly, I'm needing to give you an update. Spankie Spun's almost sold out, if you want some of the yarn, please hurry. We have painted more of the roving and will be loading Rainbow and Indian Corn on the roving next week.
Hope all my fiber friend are ready for this. We have been gathering sheep fiber sheep from everywhere and will be offering up large sampler boxes of fiber for spinning.sheep It will all be dyed in our fab colors and some new OOAK’s. Everything from pristine fat roving to raw dyed fiber and our Spankie Spun sliver.
 The list so far contains all these breeds:
Lincoln Locks already dyed some of these.
Wensleydale lamb baby locks 
dorset down 
bfl x cormo sooo soft 
Teeswater XL locks 
Rambolliet Cormo X 
Dorset Down, 
   Plus all the roving we have on hand, 
Cellulose mint 
Cellulose pearl 
merino and merino blends 
Corriedale X 
Spankie Spun
  so that the box will contain both locks and roving.
     And anything else I can get my hands on. We will be dyeing only ONE pound of each breed and then making up a sampler box of every breed with label containing breed information. I can see it now, this amazing rainbow of colors to play with. ONLY 16 people will be able to participate. The list is forming in our Rav group. There are only TEN more slots available so please hurry.
     Then when you fall in love with one we will have a few pounds left to purchase since we are attempting to buy just 5 pound increments. In some cases we purchased an entire fleece, but that’s a personal sort of thing. I can’t wait to play!!! What about you?sheep sheep
     Next up an unofficial Tour De Fleece, any regular customer can get in on this. We are gifting you (for the price of shipping) about 8 ounces of dyed fiber, 4 ounces of alpaca and another sheepy fiber. That list has been started here
      The Mini’s are now available to order from the Order Yarn Here page in a button all there own, just below there 100g skeins. Brand new we have 50g skeins of our Silver Shot Sock available, no more hanking from skeins. Also the merino cashmere sock will be here next week. We are getting cones to wind off 20 and 50g skeins of these to make gradients in. Now you will have THREE choices for your gradient sets.
     Speaking of gradient of gradient sets… we have a OOAK 3 skein set which will be available first to our Instagram Peeps for 24 hours before we open it up everywhere else. This is a 50g set of 3 called Spring Heat Fade which is hand painted, multi colors and goes from a medium blue to purple… radically! It’s called Heat for the hot/fluorescent colors in it. Hop on over to our IG account (Yarn Fairy and the Pixies) for a chance at this lovely fade.
    We have 2 others available from yesterdays dyeing, a lovely pale blue on Imp DK I’m calling Baby Blues, this skeins got a touch of pink or purple in it as well… lovely pale colors, weaving in and out but all very pale for a mostly solid look. The last is an Imp Sock also named Spring Heat as it has the same characteristics of the Fade. If anyone thinks they might be interested in the later 2 skeins, sight unseen, PM me.
     As you can tell, yesterday was dye day, we will have a photo shoot on Monday, label on Tuesday and Cleo will be revealed shortly thereafter. As will a lovely G6 with turquoise border for Kaleidoscope. Amazing color! And a Phoenix fade from red to purple to blue, totally love it! So will all ya’ll who are on the receiving end of these new colors.
Have a great weekend. ENJOY!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


A special request was made for our yarn to be used for the upcoming summer MKAL of Donna's. πŸˆπŸ±πŸˆ
     The more I thought of this, the more the color theme spoke to me.

Siamese on Imp Sock

George on Elf Kisses
You can send in your photos of your kitty for painting differently cause we can do all breeds. I'd love to paint a tabby kitty! Or a deep gray one, YUMMY.
      Meanwhile Cleo is a dark saturated multiple brown in color and shade in our Meldy Deep technique so that it's purrrrfect for cables and lace. πŸ™€
You will find several browns, blacks and even some deep golden brown colors riddled throughout the skeins for the main color. 
This is how she came out on silver shot sock. We are toying with the idea of making the contrast the color of your cats eyes. Still dyeing for this one.

She's almost calling for a gunmetal (ear tips) but I'm not sure I want to go there. We could do London Calling Dark done in super saturated for a gray/brown kitty, something like this on the right, super saturated but as you can see, still capable of lace.😻
     The contrast is an almost undyed with tiny blips of gold and a touch of brown sprinkles which turns into brown, gold and even tiny orange dots when applied in our special method. This will result in a slightly darker then cream color which will go a touch into gold and in the final rinsing but still read mostly a pale tan color. πŸ˜Ή

     You can have Cleo, or your own kitty, painted on any of our sock bases which can be found here.
     πŸ˜½After determining which of our 435 yard (or higher) sock yarns you'd like, put 4 skeins into the cart. The shipping is in a separate button, you need to add $11 for the 4 skeins. Think about doing this on Gold Shot sock as the gold would be nice for those of your with golden kitties. If you prefer, PM me all of your information for an invoice.  wmdress at sbcglobal dot net 😺

    Many of you know we have an amazing Cats collection of 27 stitch markers in a cute cotton bag all for just $17.50 you can find them on the stitch marker page.  There's also a Chunky Monkey bracelet you can have to complete your MKAL set. 
     Kitties rule! 😸 Even when they jump on you, you loose your bead box 😼 and your stitches fly off of the needles. 😾 Then they give you love and all's well in the world.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Spankie Spun

Who's ready for Spankie Spun? Our very own yarn line!
 I'm so stinking excited!!!  Yes while we are closing for a vacation we are combining it with a bit of work as we are picking up all that fiber we dropped off down south while we were there last time. 

The entire back of our Sequoia was packed! We dropped of 6 large fleece which turned into only 11.4 pounds of roving, such a small amount, the fleece were at least 4-5 pounds each with one well over that which was turned into a sport weight yarn.  

I thought it will be best as sweater yarn. Much of the fiber was from Spankies descendants but the sport weight yarn is his actual coat! I'm so jazzed. We will offer up the dyed yarn for cost and a touch over for our dyeing. 

Oh and your thinking itchy! NOPE! You know micron counts? Our standard merino is 21, that's a lot of our bases. Going up to 25 in our silk/merino lace weight so. Spankie is Suffolk cross, the micron count standard is 26-28 Spankies actual fleece was probably the finest cause he's just super soft, we made that one into the yarn.  
While I don't have a method for figuring out the micron count, my person is a great barometer as I find the higher the number the more itchy I get. When I try a new yarn I'll tie it around my wrist and leave it there. If I can forget it's there it's a fine yarn, if it turns red, then it's an itchy base and we wont carry it. That said, I spun Spankie and there's NO itch, it's just lovely.

Then we took all this other stuff down, see video here. Bats, fiber from all over, a dyed fleece from Spankie, others that I'd dyed over the years.  Sent down the fiber from our own animals and another fleece from Spankie.  

Here's the list

  1. Spankie Spun Pencil/Sliver Roving (can be knit like this for a bulky effect) only 11.4 pounds $17.60 per 3.5 oz
  2. Spankie Spun Sport weight yarn $5.5 per oz

There's just a small amount of each type of the process and then it's gone forever as Spankie and his herd is gone :-( can't get any more. What can I put you down for?  :-) PM me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace @ & .)

Friday, May 5, 2017


     Been aching to bring ya'll an update but haven't had one spare moment of late so here we go.
     Still dyeing for Moriarty and all the completed KAL's, if you missed something feel free to hit it's page and order. You can even get in on the year long blanket, Weasleyghan and the year long shawl Star Heirloom
 Dyeing for Kanuck still, feel free to order these items Peeps. 
     Speaking of Kanuck, the very last of the Imp Sport is rapidly leaving the earth. Score some now (bottom of the page) before it's gone forever. This yarn has been discontinued by the mill.
     Scarlet Pimpernel MKAL has begun, so far we have done the gloves, next week we have the scarf and two weeks later the hat. Love this set, will fast become my go to for winter wear.
     Secret Garden has begun to ship. This is a full circle shawl split up the front for ease of wear. The panels each make a petal which in turn makes an entire flower, lots of beads and glorious! When we all get together we will be a bouquet of flowers. Paint job is a fade of solids like our Cupcakes. You can have any color you'd like and we can even paint any of the cupcake colors onto your flower.  Which will you choose?

     Next up we have Kalidescope, finally we get to play with another multi colored yarn. This shawl is so plain (beginner in the middle) that we can use multi colored yarn. We LOVE to paint multi colored yarn for ya'll. The outside edge of this circular shawl has a cable braid in matching solid. This makes the entire shawl more of an intermediate knit. You can choose from ANY color we've painted in the past that can be repeated or we can paint from a photo, your favorite colors, to match a room, whatever you like. I've been playing around with the above photo. What do you think of: black, turquoise, royal, hot pink and gunmetal dots with violet, SMASHING! Any takers?
     Currently in test knit phase we have Miss Bates from Emma, as we continue the Year of the Classics.  This is a stole made from a silky, slightly slinky, fine fingering, our Elf Kisses, love this new base! It also comes in sport and worsted but for the KAL we are using the sock in gradient solids.  This is a heavily textured cables and lace shawl with beads.
     Not sure which shawl will come first but we also have Josephine AKA Jo, from Little Women. This design is a heart shaped, single skein shawl, which is worked on both sides for REAL lace!  It starts off easy enough with garter stitch which lulls you into a false sense of security as it then takes off with real lace and becomes quite the challenge. Worked in a 45/55 BFL/silk this is a very drapey, lustrous knit.  As you can well imagine, I didn't design this but Pixie #1, she's really hit her stride.  Just like Meg differs from Elizabeth (Zimmerman's) Pixie #1 has altered the playing field a whole lot and she's addicted. Which is a good thing for us all cause more shawls will surely come out. 
The colors are left to right Beth, Meg, Marmie, Laurie (such a pretty carmel brown!) and Jo.  They are all solid but with tiny dots to keep you knitting, "just one more row".
     FREE TINS, yup one of a kind (OOAK) designer tins from yours truly, Artsy Girl, each signed, numbered and dated. These are for holding your new stitch markers, that's how you get them.  Every order over $20 in stitch markers (KAL markers not included) will get a free tin. Value commensurate with value of marker order. Some are made with top dollar, high end semi precious gemstones... down to acrylic and resin for a $20 order.  All are very fun keepsakes of your time spent with us. No two are the same, each one an individual work of he"art". We do this because we love it and only a box full of tins are available, supply dwindling fast. There are scads of new sets up on the marker page, go check out our latest large sets, Supernatural, Coraline, Doctor Who, Cats, Dogs so many more. Constantly adding to the stock and more will be loaded as they come in.
πŸ‘     Good news! The price of the Fae Yarn Club is dropping, again!  We are giving you another option of opting out of the goodies and dropping the price of the frugal club all the way down to just $81!!! The Lux down to $128! Cool eh? When everyone else is raising their prices we found another way to drop them. 
     Did you hear about our Sticky Jar's? I was shocked to see the price of this type of item and purposed to make our own. Slowly it came to me what all was involved which resulted in our own Sticky Jars
I made the above photo on the right darker so you can see the sticker on the bottom. Cool eh? This is used for beading, the beads in the container will stick to the lid until you put a crochet hook through them and pull them off. I don't recommend using this jar for storage but one of our other bead organizers for storing your beads.  This way when the jar tips you wont loose your stock.  Then too, the weight of all the beads in the jar might make the tape come off.
     Have you noticed how slow Amazon Prime has gotten? My orders used to go into shipped status in hours, now it's taking days and I'm not getting things for weeks.  I'm totally moving away from Amazon, cancelled all my subscriptions, Kindle, Sub & Save and Prime is next.  I've been shopping at which I found from reading the forum posts of others who have had the same shipping problems this year.  Get this, I ordered a blender, one of the expensive ones, there were 3 in stock.  A FULL week later I wrote and said what's up and of course by then they were out of stock!  Yeah out of Amazon, so put off by their "2 day" shipping.
     Partially closed from 5-12 (last day to ship orders) through to 5-23, Pixie #1 will be in charge of e-mails and orders. Why are we closing? It's time to head down south and pick up our Spankie Spun! I can't wait to see how all the fiber turned out. I believe all that will be ready is the roving but we also have yaaaarrrrn, eventually. Our very own yarn line! It will have to be shipped to us but it will be in a much smaller box and so a lower price to ship. And of course while we are there, it's a long drive, we are staying down there for a little more then a week. If you want to see photos of the lovely place we are staying in, head on over to Instagram (Yarn Fairy and the Pixies) where I'll be making ya'll wish you'd come with us. The pools are so inviting! When we return Secret Garden will commence and a dyeing frenzy will begin so get your orders in early as we do them in order.
     Speaking of Instagram, did you know we  host giveways there? We have given away pounds of fiber for spinning, a skein of Marbrisa and a set of Elf Kisses.  Head on over and follow us so that you don't miss out on the next give away.  We'll be doing this on Facebook here shortly as well. Still need to figure out just how that works though. πŸ˜‡ 
     Sorry this is so long, perhaps next time it wont be so very long between updates.  Have a great day! πŸ™‹πŸ¦‹

The Process

Ever wonder what it looks like around here while we work? Here to share that with ya'll today. 

This is a panograph which made it look a very odd shape but it's a square pad at the back. Left to right, soak overnight in tubs, rinse station, you can just see Pixie #1's purple gloves and feet before the table.  We set the very light colored yarns on the table to keep them from getting other colors on them.
Another panograph but this one is less weird. Left to right, shipping, our dyes, see the table on the right? This is where all the magic happens, our dye table.  I'm at the closest station and Pixie #1 is by the door. See all the jugs? They are full of the dyes we'd used that day.
Our outdoor drying solution, this is 200 skeins of yarn. This is 3 corners of a 4 corner fencing unit which we can then hang horizontal poles between. We've never packed it completely but I imagine it can hold about 500 skeins when packed.
Skeins are pulled from the poles and put into massive bed in a bag type zippered bags.  This protects the yarn from any contaminants while we are in the labeling process. The guillotine cutter is on the bay window seat, we print all labels in house. Since our base list is so very large we haven't figured out how to make one label which could work for us... still thinking.

When we make up a wholesale order we line our largest boxes and can then put 100 skeins each into them. This order required 10 boxes.

When we aren't working wholesale the post office sacks will do. We fill about 2 every other week on a normal week. Here's Pixie #1 wrapping up your orders for Secret Garden. I'll try to update this for ya'll here one day.  We have video's up on YouTube if you'd like to see more. ENJOY!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Secret Garden

We continue the Year of the Classics with The Secret Garden, it's now open for pre-orders.  This one is a lovely gradient in LACE weight!  We haven't painted a lace weight before. If you don't see a color you like, feel free to choose from the Cupcakes or work with me to build your favorite color. Yes, you can have more then one set of the yarn. Seeing as we don't normally work gradient lace I can understand why you'd want to have more then just the one you need for the KAL.
     This one has been great fun to design, all these heavily beaded flower petals come together to form a lovely shawl.  Speaking of shawls, it's a circular shawl split up the front for ease of wear.  :-) SHHH mystery KAL, tee hee hee.  I do love this one though, such a pretty knit, you will all be a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
     Go see the goodies and come join the fun.
     While your here check out all the new stitch markers, there are some really cute and fun ones up on this page. I love the cage with the rhinestones inside and the coffee cup! So very Starbucks. The Bird Watcher set has binoculars that actually MOVE! FUN!!! Some new loop markers that start out at just 10 cents each! A steal go check them out.
     Coming up we have Mrs. Bates "tippet" in our newest acquisition, Elf Kisses... it's a stole with all this texture, sure to be a fun knit. Just need one more test knitter for this one. Mrs. Bates in Emma is running after her dear Jane Fairfax hollering out for her to put on her tippet.  "You know how quickly you catch cold my dear." Course in the BBC production it's just a wee boa looking thing that couldn't warm anyone.  Ours will be more substantial in the sock weight.
     Dyed extra purple for my Kanuck shawl, if anyone would like another skein, PM me. Speaking of that yarn, we don't have a lot of Imp Sport left and once it's gone, that's it.  We can't get any more. I LOVE this base and am sad that it's gone which is why I bought out the mill when they told me it was discontinued.  πŸ˜ŠSo yeah, got a bit left, not enough to run another KAL though.
     ENOUGH! Chatty Patty appeared outta no where. ENJOY Peeps.