Friday, October 25, 2019

Switzerland Christmas

Hi Kiddies, here to announce, what you've all been waiting for... Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat. Time to play!
For this year we are going to Montreux, Switzerland for our Christmas shawl and it's amazing! Everything was taken from the photo that all of us fell in love with. The colors blend from one to the next, the shawl shape came from the construction of this roof. Even the motifs in the shawl originated in the photo. What are you waiting for? Click here now and we'll see you in the Ravelry group for knitting and spoilers.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Last Call

Hi Kiddies, quick last call for Freya, there's one more Kit 1. Last Call for the Fae Yarn Club, ever, 4th quarter. Robin Hood is getting really low, there's probably one more Kit 1 there as well.

Swiss is coming soon. 

Enjoy! Yarn Fairy and the Pixies

Friday, September 6, 2019


Hi Kiddies,

It's that time, Freya is now live, click here. She's a triangular or square shawl, knitters choice of some original cables and lace. Check out the Knitters Necklace in Kit 1, love it!

The last yarn club is now open, after the next quarter we will no longer have a yarn club. Get this final set here.

Robin Hood is live, we are dyeing next week, did you get yours? 

Twist is still up, plan your Christmas knitting now. We have Imp Sock and Imp DK which make great hats and gloves. They are almost all Spill Rags and they kinda go together if you want a sweater. PM me for an invoice.

Enjoy your weekend, take time for yourself and knit something.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Labor Day Sale

Hey Howdy Hey, Happy Labor Day
Image result for labor day sale
It's time for a quick Labor Day sale. Beginning now and going through to Monday night (9-2-19) at 9pm PST.
25% off of any Twist, predyed yarn order. 
Stock is shown here.
Fine print: Twist page only, doesn't apply to prior orders nor any other page.
 PM me for an invoice at

Friday, August 30, 2019

Twist time

Yup we have been painting. We have some new one of a kind colors, just for you and a few discontinued bases. Anything that says "last of it's kind isn't coming back again". Hurry and scoop them up as they will not be returning. Click here to shop our Twist Yarn Sale.

While your here, check out Robin Hood our latest MKAL, as well as Liz (Hidden Passages) and Dany (Mother of Dragons). Fun for all, have a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Robin Hood Open

It's that time again, Robin Hood is now open. Come play as we "rob from the rich and give to the poor". We have a load of goodies for you to play with from sacks of money to bows and arrows.

Fae Yarn Club is open for what possibly might be the last quarter, 4th quarter 2019. We are replacing this with As You Wish but wanted to give you one last chance at getting into the club for OOAK yarns which can't be replicated.

Lastly we have pulled out a great deal of yarn for the next Twist yarn sale, stay tuned. We are painting up a storm here.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Robin Hood

I feel like the town crier,,, 

Hear ye!
Hear ye!  

Robin Hood is coming soon... 
we are robbing the rich
and giving to the poor. 

Hear ye!

Hear ye!
This quick short cape/shawl begins with a garter stitch hood. Works up really fast in our Fairy Fine Sock yarn and has a lace edging.

Charms are being pulled from the wholesaler and should be here next week. I can not wait to play with all the bow and arrows.

We have several colors for ya'll, here's DD's blurb on the colors:

The Green is (obviously) based off of Robin Hood himself and the Sherwood Forest where his merry men hid in the trees ready to spring upon unsuspecting gentry.  The first the red, blue and yellow are representative of them hiding in the canopy over the road.

Richard the Lionheart  In the Errol Flynn adaptation Richard returns with his men dressed in white, pale blue, and shiny armor.  Taking from that I made the next color with sprinkles of grey and blue, blending it into darker grey for the last skein.  I added shots of hot purple to give it a little spice.

Finally  Sheriff of Nottingham,  I think we always go to purple as a rich color and if this guy doesn't crave riches I don't know who does.  So I went in with bright purple and some red because he's not afraid to bleed people dry for it.  Then we drift into darker richer purples.  (I actually like this color the best, I know I'm horrible ;) 

There are so many movies which have been made about our hero. They begin in 1922 with a silent staring Douglas Fairbanks, all the way up to modern times. The silent can be seen, in it's entirety Which is your favorite?  Might be fun to watch the movie live and chat about it while we watch together. What do you think?