Thursday, November 8, 2018


Hi Kiddies, it's that time again, time for another KAL to go live. This time it's an Knit & Knag creation from Anna Dalvi which requires 2 contrasting skeins of sock weight yarn. The clues will be released in small bites every day, each day in December for a total of 24 clues. This small shawl is a great opportunity to try out one of our high end luxury yarns if you haven't already.

See the lovely colors, bases and goodies we have lined up for you here.

Anna will be releasing a clue a day and personally, I think it's time I joined a KAL, been a good long time since I was able to come out and play. I LOVE Fae Rum on the Yak blend... so dark and mysterious What do you say? You in?

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

New Bases, Holiday Club open, Update

WhooHOO The Christmas/Holiday Club is now open! Thrilled as always to be painting for ya'll and spoiling you as much as we can.

Sampler 2018
  1. Lauren kits available here
  2. Maleficent last clue dropped, shawls are being revealed, check them out here.
  3. Twist is loaded with 2019 new bases highly recommend the MCN best EVER. Can paint new bases with any color of your choosing.
  4. Advent 25 minis really hopping two new colors.
  5. Laura Aylor-very pretty, simple but stunning, slip st cowl Under Rainbow NEW COLORS. Pattern revealed soon.
  6. Boutique is up in case you'd like a small work force to help with this years gifts, will leave you more time. Page will disappear again shortly.
  7. Did you see the new Self Stripping Sock yarns? Totally fun! Nebula  (See below) are finished. This is Peacock in the new MCN 550yds/100g on 00's can't wait to get back to them. Here's a video where we speak of how these are made and you can see how much extra work is involved.
  8. Peacock
  9. Briar Rose stole is our final KAL of Year of the Grimm.

NEW BASES for 2019 Most of them are in house, have begun to dye them and you can see them them on the Twist page.

BUT today we have a Fairy Medium in DK weight now too! I'm thrilled with this as we can now paint gradients which will be used in sweaters and shawl that knit up so fast you'll blink and it will be over.
First gradient to be built is a special order. It will go from blue/purple to green and into yellow with red sprinkles... I'm calling it Blooming Valley.

Fairy Medium DK 75/25
Micros of 10g 24 yds ea $2.30
Minis of 20g 49ish yds  $4.75
50g wound in house  122 yards  $11.50
100g  245 yds  $19.95

The new line is called Sprite yarns. Most of you know that we've been looking for a replacement for Imp Sport. The search is over and we found something even better, didn't think it possible but our Sprite MCN Sport is soft, luxurious, lofty and really loves color baths.
Without further ado, we give you, "The Sprite yarn line"  Lets start with the sport weights all are 374 yards/100g-check out the way the colors change between bases, cool!  This is introductory low pricing which will be bumped up in 2019 after we solidify which are staying and which will go.

Sprite Sport Line
  1. Sprite Merino Sport 100% SW Merino $17.50-great for hats
  2. Sprite Merino/Nylon Sport 80/20 $18.50 great for hats and scarves, such timing.
  3. Sprite MCN Sport 70/20/10 SWmerino/cashmere/nylon $26.25- this stuff is soooo soft! So luxurious and is a decided keeper. I can't wait to knit a shawl and sweater in this base. This is the replacement for Imp Sport

Sprite Sock Line 
  1. Sprite Bamboo sock 80/20 bamboo/sw merino 464 yards $19 
  2. Sprite MCN Fine Sock 80/10/10 SWmerino/cashmere/nylon 525 yards $24-this is the super soft, fine yarn I want to use for socks that actually fit inside of socks and lace shawls.... so luxurious. This is another total keeper

Sprite Yak worsted weight 50/50 yak/silk pale beige base. Soft, luxurious and very warm will make great hats, scarves, gloves, sweaters and shawls.
25g are $15.75
50g are $31.20 
Great for small gradient runs. Wants to be kettled or steamed though as the dye didn't take to the yak as well as I'd hoped.

Sprite FIBER per 4 oz- didn't dye it but it's available
  • 19.5 mic SW merino $15
  • 100% bamboo $12
  • Sprite BFL SW $13
  • 65/35 merino/silk sooo nummy!!! $22

Self Striping Sock yarn 
So I'm crazy for it! I can't get enough of this stuff these days. This is Nebula which was worked up in Fairy Medium Sock.

18 yard hank of the new 550 yard, can be made in ANY colors, with as many stripes as you like.
$29 for a hank that you hand wind
$34 for a center pull ball we wound for you.

If we use Fairy Medium sock they are:
$27 for 18 yard hank
$32 for a center pull ball we wind.
Fairy Medium Sock in a 6 yard hank you wind $22
We cake $27 This nets fewer stripes but can look like this. Great for sports teams, Harry Potter scarves and the like.

More colors and socks using the 6 yard hank can be seen here.

Monday, November 5, 2018

TWIST Sale live

Hi Kiddies, wanted to pop in and let you know that we have a special sale going on. Our 2019 new line, called Sprite, has come in, been dyed and some are loaded on the Twist page, click here.
There's some really amazing yarns up there right now... all at low intro pricing. My favorites are the MCN (merino/cashmere/nylon). 

We have a neat 550 yard fine sock which when worked on size 00 will make up a sock which will actually fit inside of your shoes. We have been making self stripping sock yarn with this and many other bases. See Social Media for more into, below is the first pair of self stripping sock yarn I've done with it.

Hit the Twist Page and see all the lovely new yarn. a good bit of sport, the 70/20/10 sport weight which isn't to be missed! So soft and snuggley. I flip from wanting to wear it everywhere to wanting to make pillows, blankets, and soft toys to nest in. You need to get some of these new bases they are just amazing... photos and 1,000 words, check it out.  There's a bunch more bases, have a peek.
     OOOO and do look at this Blue Violet color way
Has both A blue and A purple in the skein with no additional work. I NEED to cover myself in this color.
     One other thing before I go, these are three new Laura Aylor, Under Rainbow colors. Feel free to ask us to dye your favorite color too.

So much to tell ya'll but I need to get this out now as they are already selling. Hurry, PM Me for invoice.


Friday, October 19, 2018

Twist, Under Rainbow, Update

Hi Kiddies that time again, time to TWIST!!!  A small Twist sale for you of some truly one of a kind product as we made this yarn from our cobweb cones. A gradient, some sweaters worth and a bit of lace in super soft cashmere. Just a few skeins available and some new silks, just a few.  

Today we have another joint collaboration for you
with Laura Aylor, Under Rainbow, a cowl. This cowl is a fast fun knit and as we always try to do, I believe we have the lowest price with the best base and colors. :-) LOL modesty? What's that?

For this Advent KAL which begins 12-13 you will need 12 skeins of our Micro and 300 yards of our Fairy Medium. The larger skein is the color which will stand out the most with the Micros doing the color blending. We have begun with 3 colors but if you'd like to see a different one feel free to ask.

We just received the yarn for this year's Heirloom, which I'm itching to c/o. The Siren silk and silk merino has been restocked in sock and lace weights. Incoming Imp Sock as well as a bunch of new stuff. We found a new supplier for our Merino Cashmere Nylon, someone who's been doing it so long that they have made a very impressive product. This comes in what they call lace weight, 560 yards/100g and what we are going to be making our socks and stockings from in order to get a pair of socks that will actually fit into our shoes. We also got their sock weight which is more like a sport at 360 yards per 100g, looking forward to dyeing up a bunch of sweaters from this one.

As always, enjoy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Have you been on social media? Have you seen all that has been rolling out here this week and it's only Wednesday?!!!

Here's the hat I've been telling ya'll about, Racky Kacky has 4 different moods on her face to share with the world. The soft paws cleaning food and gently touching your face. Topped with my new favorite color, Unda Da Sea. Bound to please everyone, kits with Imp Sport here-LIMITED availability. Coming tomorrow Dancing Zorba's.

Finally we get to share Tamsen of Lost Girl, our beaded necklace line. Kits are available here, with more then enough goodies to make the entire necklace. Pattern is free on Ravelry.
Lauren, our last Lost Girl is coming soon.

Today Rumpelstiltskin begins to ship. Shipping all custom orders and Advent again as well. Next week we will have a new Advent cowl kit for you, the designer is Laura Ayler and the cowls a stranded color work. Again we will have the least expensive kit available online. Maleficent is opening next week, are you ready?

Last call for Fae Yarn Club, it will be closing for the year shortly. 


Heirloom, center medallion square for 2019. We already purchased the yarn, it's a 3/36 so it's even fatter then last year.

Stranded color work Hexy blanket in Imp sock, glorious rainbow on black. 

The Holiday club will be opening shortly, can you believe it?

Next year is the years of Myths and Legends. Are you ready?

Friday, October 5, 2018

Waiting-KC Top

Sometimes waiting is the hardest part. All this year we worked on a wholesale order, which we pushed through over the summer months and finally shipped just before Alaska. Which made our vacation that much better, knowing we were coming back to "normal" business as usual. We haven't been able to share what all we have been doing but now the gag has been lifted. We are in this months Knit Crate, the 2 skein box. For this crate we designed a new color, Brushed Steel which is a pale purple gray color, just lovely. They designed a hat and poncho, these patterns come out with the box. 

But we wanted to make our own contribution and so we offer up the KC Top. Yes, TOP! can you believe it? I still can't, we do shawls and socks, gloves and hats,,, tops unheard of.

Kits can be
found here
Pattern is free with kit purchase, we will send you a code to nab the pattern on Ravelry.

If your part of this months Knit Crate subscription, you will want to get the 2nd kit as you'll already have the 2 skeins of Brushed Steel. If not, you'll want to order the top button which has a pale gray (not the Brushed Steel you can only get that at Knit Crate) and Luscious in the mix. This skein has Pixie Dust to make it even more fun. ENJOY your knitting!

Monday, October 1, 2018


Can't remember if we told ya'll about the bamboo we found. It was a special order, close out, so we are passing on the savings. You can find the colors here.
And we just did the below colors up as well... found out with this recent dyeing that we can get the original colors with this much depth to them. So if you wanted a saturate depths, come on back and get more. These will not be available forever as we purchased the last of it.

PM Me to order.

Off to ship all the Advent, Maleficent and custom orders which backed up while we were away. Have a great week.